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    Interviewed by God: A Journey to Freedom by Beth Banning    The Giant Oak Speaks Wisdom: Listen With Your Ears and Heart by Marti Eicholz    Tips to Find Happiness: Creating a Harmonious Home for Your Spouse, Your Children, and Yourself by Ryuho Okawa    Love, Nurture, and Forgive: A Handbook to Add a New Richness to Your Life by Ryuho Okawa    The Golden Laws: History Through the Eyes of the Eternal Buddha by Ryuho Okawa    Seven Sisters: Spiritual Messages from Aboriginal Australia by Laine Cunningham    What We're Afraid to Ask: 365 Days of Healing for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse by Sherri L. Board & Jon M. Fleetwood & Anna M. Jones    Let Your Spirit Guides Speak: A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy by Debra Landwehr Engle    Find Strength in Your Struggle: Discover The Miracle in You by Dr. H. Jean Wright II    The Call Of The Day by Jodi Hershey    The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu & Douglas Carlton Abrams    The Life Triumphant: Mastering the Heart and Mind by James Allen    Arm in Arm with the Holy Spirit by Patrick Day    The Greatest Thing Ever Known: With Linked Table of Contents by Ralph Waldo Trine    Reflections: Grimoire of a Modern Witch by Maria 'Peacock' Barrett    The Changed Life: With Linked Table of Contents by Henry Drummond    Natural Law in the Spiritual World: With Linked Table of Contents by Henry Drummond    Adventures of Benjamin The Bus: Hitchhikers Guide to Spiritual Mastery by Regina Petterson    Men and Systems: With Linked Table of Contents by James Allen    The Mastery of Destiny by James Allen    The Mental Equivalent: The Secret of Demonstration by Emmet Fox    Fasting Your Way to Glory: Revised Edition by Stella Okoronkwo    Harnessing Heaven: How One Reluctant Wall-Streeter Tapped the Power of the Hereafter by Clifford Michaels    A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted by Will Bowen    Overcoming the PITS of Health: A Guide to Achieving Wholeness in Every Area of Your Life by Jennifer Desmond RN    The Battle Is Not Yours: The Fight to a Better Life by Tyeasia Kiah    Chasing Your Dreams: Bound for Success by Dov Weaver    Splendor of the Saints: How They Dazzle the World and Shape History by Aloysius Roche    Neale Donald Walsch on Abundance and Right Livelihood by Neale Donald Walsch    Summary of Tears to Triumph: by Marianne Williamson | Includes Analysis by . Instaread    Love, Care and Share: An Inspirational Message by Tom Herstad    Get Out of Mind Jail: Create Your New Life With Purpose by Nicholas Barrett    God is in the Little Things: Messages from the Animals by Patricia Brooks    Pearls on the Path by Swami Nityananda    Soul Over Matter: Ancient and Modern Wisdom and Practical Techniques to Create Unlimited Abundance by Zhi Gang Sha & Adam Markel    The Soul Mender: Arise and Shine by Elizabeth Ebudola James    The Wonder of You by Burt Harding    Manual for the Soul: A Beginner's Guide: Awaken to Your Enlightenment in Millennium 2.1 by Jordan K. Finneseth    In Your Dreams by Zoran Paunovich    Embraced by the Divine: The Emerging Woman's Gateway to Power, Passion and Purpose by Michelle Mayur    God's Pen: My Story from Guilt to Grace to Peace by Jennifer Hoerl    Becoming Amish: A family's search for faith, community and purpose by Jeff Smith    Mushrooms on the Moor by Frank Boreham    20/20 You: How to Achieve the Perfect Vision to Your Success by Rico Griffiths-Taitte    Soul Regression Therapy - Past Life Regression and Between Life Regression, Healing Current Life Wounds and Trauma by Lorna Jackson & John Jackson    God Is In The Little Things: Messages from the Golden Angels by Patricia Brooks    A Renunciate Order for the New Age by Swami Kriyananda    The Human Experience is the Dance of Heaven and Earth: A Call Home to Peace by Dhyana Stanley    Flourishing Together: Guide to Appreciative Inquiry Coaching by Miriam Subirana    from the top down: truth by David Thomas Phare & None None None & None None None

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A Walk in my Stilettos: 111 Affirmations to Help You Heal

A Walk in my Stilettos: 111 Affirmations to Help You Heal by Makini Smith

Affirmations (meaning a statement said with confidence about a perceived truth) have helped thousands of people make significant changes in their lives. But they don't always work for everyone. You must believe in the words you are saying. Feel the power behind them and let them marinate into your subconscious. We repeatedly tell ourselves things everyday and don??t even realize. What lies are you currently telling yourself about YOU? These unwholesome statements can stay with us in the conscious or unconscious mind, which we then reinforce throughout our lives.

To “affirm” something, by...

Makini Smith20 Feb 2016$7.22

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Searching for Happiness: How Generosity, Faith, and Other Spiritual Habits Can Lead to a Full Life

Searching for Happiness: How Generosity, Faith, and Other Spiritual Habits Can Lead to a Full Life by Martin Thielen

The key to happiness is being rich, successful, and beautiful…right? Martin Thielen, best-selling author of What's the Least I Can Believe and Still Be a Christian?, insists that this is far from the truth. Happiness, Thielen argues, does not come from external factors like getting a job promotion or finally reaching your goal weight. Rather, happiness is an inside job.

In brief, easy-to-read chapters, Thielen offers ten traits of happy and fulfilled people. Using psychological research, personal anecdotes, and Scripture, Thielen begins the path to contentment by showing how life circumstances??"including...

Martin Thielen18 Feb 2016$12.00

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Journey to the Soul: Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling

Journey to the Soul: Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling by Diane Dandeneau

Journey to the Soul ??" Connecting to the Truth of Who You Are Through Journaling, will help you open the door to your Divine Connection, and discover who you truly are. Diane Dandeneau shares examples from her personal journey with her Journals with God that both teaches the deepest truth from the Divine and teaches and inspires the reader to know how they too can have their own personal relationship with God.

Diane Dandeneau18 Feb 2016$5.99

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On the Other Side of Love: A woman's unconventional journey towards wisdom

On the Other Side of Love: A woman's unconventional journey towards wisdom by Muriel MaufroyWhen life has lost all meaning, what do you do?
Muriel Maufroy14 Feb 2016$8.99

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Living Tao: Timeless Principles for Everyday Enlightenment

Living Tao: Timeless Principles for Everyday Enlightenment by Ilchi LeeTao has been built into the foundation of East Asian culture for millennia, and many books have been written to explain it. But Tao cannot fully be explained in words; it can only felt and experienced. Tao is something you live, day by day, moment by moment. It's the omnipresent oneness beyond ephemeral phenomena that expresses itself in everything. New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee, an enlightened Tao master from South Korea, has laid out a path to living Tao everyday. Along this path, he guides you to an understanding of the meaning of birth, death, and everything in between, building...
Ilchi Lee11 Feb 2016$10.95

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Awake: Find Your Peace

Awake: Find Your Peace by Laiton Parnsalu

This book brings forth insight to the reasoning of our existence and raises controversial issues regarding our economic societies from philosophical and spiritual points of view. We as humanity are slowly falling into chaos, and we need spiritual light to help guide us to a better world.

Many of us are oblivious to our conscious awareness and place here in the world, as we continue to keep our minds occupied by society. Let us recognize the universe from a spiritual perspective as we reflect on the beauty that lies within our own conscious existence. The recognition of your spiritual consciousness...

Laiton Parnsalu9 Feb 2016$1.99

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Too Simple for Words: Reflections on Non-Duality

Too Simple for Words: Reflections on Non-Duality by Graham StewReflections on the theme of Non-Duality and the heart of Eastern wisdom.
Graham Stew25 Jan 2016$3.99

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Rising from the Ashes of Loss: My Voyage Through Grief

Rising from the Ashes of Loss: My Voyage Through Grief by Pierre MilotFollow the author into the depths of his deep grief as he descend into darkness after the loss of his sick wife and back up again through his successful rise from the ashes of loss.
Pierre Milot24 Jan 2016$7.99

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Five Fold Cycle: Method of Healing Personal Hurt

Five Fold Cycle: Method of Healing Personal Hurt by Kenneth L. FabbiReceiving the Lord's Healing is simple: you just need to open to Him, cleanse life's issues and ask for His healing! This book outlines a Method of Healing Personal Hurt entitled "The Five Fold Cycle". It is simple and can be used to aid in the healing of memories, healing of emotions, healing of self-image, and healing of relationships. It is a method of fine-tuning healing prayer to better utilize the Lord's pruning and cleansing. Scripture describes the Lord's pruning & cleansing in this manner: "I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinegrower. He removes every branch in me that bears...
Kenneth L. Fabbi23 Jan 2016$2.99

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I Break for Butterflies - Finding Divinity in All That Is

I Break for Butterflies - Finding Divinity in All That Is by Judith M. Campbell

I Brake for Butterflies ? Finding Divinity in All That Is, by Judith M. Campbell, invites the reader to experience a new level of consciousness??"the Divine.

The author teaches us how to find meaning in life by acknowledging the divinity we all have within us and by understanding that it is this that connects us to each other and to a higher power. Everything in creation, she says, is connected. In this place of spiritual connectedness, inertia and depression are replaced by excitement.

Mrs. Campbell describes for us the “dark night of the soul” and suggests ways to deal with it: practicing...

Judith M. Campbell16 Jan 2016$10.00

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Pearls from the Mind Awake

Pearls from the Mind Awake by David HoffmeisterThese short writings from David Hoffmeister guide the mind into a deep and deliberate rest. "There is an experience that brings an end to all uncertainty and an end to all questions. The experience is Love. The experience of Love is Divinely Inspired and changelessly Eternal. Love does not come and go, or arise and fall like the sun, nor does it shine brightly only to fade and disappear for a time. Love is not personal or specific. It is impossible to Love something specific, for Love is Whole and knows no parts. Love is without an opposite, being Everything God creates forever. Divine Mind...
David Hoffmeister15 Jan 2016$4.99

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Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus

Quantum Forgiveness: Physics, Meet Jesus by David HoffmeisterTake forgiveness as taught by Jesus 2,000 years ago, the science of the material universe as understood by Quantum Physics, and movie-watching as a spiritual tool. Combine that with the clarity of mystic David Hoffmeister, a world-renowned teacher of A Course in Miracles, and you have an insightful and original book for Awakening to permanent Peace.
David Hoffmeister15 Jan 2016$7.99

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Fresh Morning Breaths

Fresh Morning Breaths by Dony HiaMy life is better today than I had ever hoped for when I was younger. My first steps on this journey were not easy. We were poor, and there was terrible abuse. Yet inside there was a strong spirit pulling me forward. For me, it took many years walking this journey to find the peace and joy I feel today. Hopefully Fresh Morning Breaths can shorten this journey for others. Dony Hia??s journey shows we are never too old to heal past traumas. Fresh Morning Breaths is a contemplative and spiritual journey, not a religious journey. Dogma is someone else??s path; spirituality is our own for each of...
Dony Hia15 Jan 2016$23.99

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Spiritual Graffiti

Spiritual Graffiti by Jeff BrownIn this entrancing collection, author Jeff Brown shares more of his profound quotes and musings with us. Words written on walls- in his home, in back-alleys, on Facebook- come vibrantly to life in this poignant offering. Building on the popularity of his first two quotes books- Love it Forward and Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground- Brown takes it to the next level in this collection, cutting straight to the heart of the matter with wisdoms that both energize and uplift. This book is alive! In a style uniquely his own, Brown invites readers in the direction of their own transformation. They...
Jeff Brown13 Jan 2016$16.99

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A Life Of Commas: A Soldier's Story

A Life Of Commas: A Soldier's Story by R. Brady JohnsonIn A Life of Commas, Mr. Johnson takes readers along on his roller coaster ride through fear and struggle, triumph and joy, leaving us inspired by his positivity, persistence, and faith.
R. Brady Johnson5 Jan 2016$2.99

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If You Need Healing Do These Things

If You Need Healing Do These Things by Oral RobertsOne of the first books ever written by Oral Roberts, If You Need Healing, Do These Things was originally published in 1947 shortly after Roberts began his healing ministry. As a young man dying from tuberculosis, who experienced the healing power of God for himself, Roberts wrote a book that still speaks profoundly to all people who are sick or hurting in some area of their life.

Can God heal? Will He heal me? If You Need Healing, Do These Things answers those questions...and more. Written by someone who knows what it is like to lose all hope and to walk the very steps you may be walking right...

Oral Roberts2 Jan 2016$5.99

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Soothe Your Soul

Soothe Your Soul by Ivor GreenThe author has come to some conclusions about the interaction of our Spiritual and human entities that he shares in Soothe Your Soul. The author describes the challenges of everyday life that are combining to keep us out of touch with the power of the Spirit within us all. He goes on to outline how we can identify and overcome those challenges and unlock the pathway to our true self - our Spiritual Being. This book seeks to add to the experience of those seeking answers and endeavoring to be more in touch with their Spirituality.
Ivor Green24 Dec 2015$3.99

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Sacred Joy: Remembering Who You Really Are

Sacred Joy: Remembering Who You Really Are by Paul Rafael

None of us came here on earth to suffer, struggle and fight with Life. Yet so many of us do. The human experience is often trying, challenging and rough but we still carry on. Why? Who is struggling?

What if it was never really about the “why” but more about the “Who”? Who is asking? Who are we really? This book does not pretend to answer these queries. It simply wishes to help one remember that maybe in the asking lies already the answer. Through the intimate sharing of his inner transformation, Paul Rafael offers guidance on how to remember that embodied spirituality is an everlasting...

Paul Rafael23 Dec 2015$21.00

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Invitation to Happiness: 7 Inspirations from Your Inner Angel

Invitation to Happiness: 7 Inspirations from Your Inner Angel by Ryuho OkawaThis book is a personal invitation to a more joy-filled, inspired life. The pages inside offer practical tools for creating new habits for a more carefree, grounded, spiritual life. Through 7 inspirations, you'll be guided to the angel within you and find all the tools you need to live more confidently, peacefully, and authentically.
Ryuho Okawa22 Dec 2015$9.99

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Compassion is the Key to Everything: Find Your Own Path

Compassion is the Key to Everything: Find Your Own Path by Alexandra Chauran

Transform the way you interact with the world around you using Compassion is the Key to Everything, a practical, nondenominational book on discovering and exemplifying your own idea of what it means to be a compassionate person. Alexandra Chauran provides a guide to creating your personal code of ethics and integrating compassion into your life and community. 

Explore your life's purpose, nurture a peaceful existence, and strengthen your relationships with this book's guidance on finding your own path. And unlike other books or spiritual programs that espouse specific diets or purchasing choices, ...

Alexandra Chauran16 Dec 2015$15.99

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