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The Sphinx Volume 19

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by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 1920
Dr. James William Elliott Obit3
Magic Past And Present By George Schulte3
The World Of Magic4
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner4
- Philadelphia S.A.M. Walter B. Gibson4
- Chicago S.A.M. Dornfeld4
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Dusenbery5
- Varety Night At The Mysic Circle Laurence B. Hoyt5
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski5
- I.M.F. Indiana Magical Society Raymond F. Amuso6
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard6
- New York Notes And News Maurice Bliss6
- New York Notes And News Clinton Burgess7
- Magic News From Wheeling Paul R. Semple7
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians7
- Doings Of The Demons Club Of Baltimore Thos. C. Worthington8
- Seattle-Victoria Mystic Circle DeForrest8
- Chicago Conjuror's Club DeLawrence8
- London Notes Max Holden9
- N.C.A. Ladies Night9
A Production Box By Edward C. Conklin10
Why? By DeLawrence10
Magic A La Mode (Short Story) By Glenn Gilmore Gravatt11
Magic Vs. Spirituaism By Eugene Laurant11
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans12
The Tissue Balls By Andrew H. Berding12
Comments On The Turban Trick By George Schulte13
The Diminishing And Enlarging Cards By George DeLawrence13
Vanishing And Reappearing Clock By Edw, C. Conklin13
Charles Ray Motion Picture By Patrick Kearney14
The Mystic Skull By Walter B. Gibson14
Kellar & Trewey Picture15
The Traveling Baseball By Walter B. Gibson15
Amalgamation By C. Rosewll Glover15
Editorial Page16

NO. 2: APRIL 1920
Dr. C.W. Talbot Bio35
A Little Of This And A Little Of That By S. Lee Horowitz35
The Transposition By R. Shrimplin35
The World Of Magic36
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner36
- Activities Of The S.A.M. C. Fred Crosby37
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Dusenbery38
- Chicago S.A.M.38
- Philadelphia S.A.M. Walter B. Gibson38
- Centray City Society Of Magicians Walter L. Welch38
- Boston Mystic Circle - Ladies Night Laurence B. Hoyt39
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski39
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery40
- Society Of Buffalo Magicians J.P. Ornson40
- Toledo Magicians Club V.D. Barbour40
- Chicago Conjuror's Club Geo. DeLawrence40
- New York News And Notes Clinton Burgess41
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians41
- Chattanooga, Tenn William (Happy) Burns41
- Seattle-Victoria Mystic Circle DeForrest42
- New York Notes Maurice Bliss42
- Indiana Magical Fraternity Raymond F. Amuso43
- Show For David Warfield43
- Hope You Feel Better Sonny Cartoon43
- A Private Performance43
- English Notes Max Holden43
In The Dark Cavernous Depths Of One's Pocket By V.D. Barbour44
Fact Vs. Fiction By P. Ten Eyck45
Two Variations Of The Old Spelling-Bee By Thos. C.B. Tyler45
The Dyeing Handkerchief W.G. Flaig46
A Mystery Of Numbers By W.A. Flaig46
Where Do The Fish Come From? By V.D. Barbour46
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans50
The Magic Actor By George Schulte51
Editorial Page52
Wandering Paragraphs By George Schulte53

NO. 3: MAY 1920
Arthur Lloyd Bio67
An Impromptu Solid Through Solid By Raymond C. Scheetz67
New Dyeing Tube By T. A. Mitter67
The World Of Magic68
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner68
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Dusenbery68
- Chicago S.A.M. Homar H. Woulffe68
- Philadelphia Walter B. Gibson69
- Society Of Buffalo Magicians J.P. Ornson70
- Indiana Magical Fraternity Raymond F. Amuso70
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski71
- Toledo Magicians' Club V.D. Barbour71
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery71
- Los Angeles Society Of Magicians T.W. McGrath72
- Mystic Circle Of Boston- Impromptu Night Lawrence B. Hoyt72
- The Canton Magic Crafters Charles R. Brush72
- Chicago Conjuror's Club Geo. DeLawrence72
- Here And There H.S. Lynn73
- Minneapolis Mystic Circle-Mystery Reigned Supreme73
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians73
- Denver Mystic Circle-Birth Notice73
- Magic News From Wheeling, W.Va. Paul R. Semple74
- New York News And Notes Clinton Burgess74
- Magical Musings By Dornfeld75
- English Notes Max Holden75
- Houdini-How Does He Do It?76
- Professor Robert Spice Obit76
- A Little Of This And A Little Of That S. Leo Horowitz76
Uncle Feelix77
In Days Gone By By George Schulte77
A Column Of Conjuring Chatter By George Schulte77
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans78
Production Of Alarm Clock From A Hat By Spencer A Weart79
Editorial Page80
S.A.M Letter81
A Soliloqy By Clinton Burgess81
Sleights for The Twentieth Century Handkerchief Trick Spencer A. Weart81
Schultte Says81
The Flying Cards Spencer A. Weart82
A School Boy Trick Elaborated By H. Syril Dusenbery83
Baffles By Charles R. Brush83
Billox By Charles R. Brush83
Comedy Write-Ups By A. Rube Augustus Rapp84
Magical Alphabet By Burgess84
Magical Proverbs From Chicago By W. Dornfeld85
The Old-Timer Says85
My First Magical Performance Geo. DeLawrence85
How To Be Successful In America Cartoon86
Amalgamation By Omar Yama86
Magical Geometry By Edwardo86

NO. 4: JUNE 1920
Charles R. Brush Bio99
Self-Playing Saxaphone By T.A. Witter99
Uncle Feelix99
The World Of Magic100
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Dusenbery100
- Philadelphia S.A.M. Walter B. Gibson100
- Philadelphia Banquet Walter B. Gibson100
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski100
- Society Of Buffalo Magicians J.P. Ornson101
- R.I. Society Of Magicians N.C.A C. Foster Fenner102
- Toledo Magicians' Club V.D. Barbour102
- Chicago Conjurors' Club Geo. DeLawrence103
- Mystic Circle Of Boston L.B. Hoyt103
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians103
- Notes From Seattle M.W. Bowman103
- Canton Magic Crafters Charles R. Brush104
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery104
- Wizards' Club Of New York Maurice Bliss104
- New York News And Notes Clinton Burgess105
- Central City OF Magicians - Banquet Elmeer Eckam105
- Notes From Seattle M.W. Bowman105
- Mystery Night Ogden Council N.Y.C.106
- New York Notes Maurice Bliss106
- English Echos Max Holden106
- My First Magic Show C. Porter Norton107
The Faberland Card Frame By The Farberland Co.107
A Little Card Effect By Fred Brezin107
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans108
The Elle Jay Esse Card Frame Len J. Sewell109
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber109
- The Color Sprite109
The Touch Of Mephistopheles By Conrad B. Rheiner110
The Fourth Dimension By Charles R. Brush110
My First Magic Performance By Clinton Burgess110
As Others See Us-Magically By Dorny (W. Dornfeld)111
Editorial Page112
Apology Letter Maurice Bliss113
Horace Goldin's Program Clinton Burgess115
Tips And Puns For Magicians By Billy LeMot115
Stunts With Chalk By Sailor-Artist Christman115
Laurant & Co's Thrilling Experience116

NO. 5: JULY 1920
The Chameleon Cards Conrad B. Rheiner131
A New Thimble Vanish By Walter B. Gibson131
The World Of Magic132
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner132
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski133
- Philadelphia S.A.M. Walter B. Gibson133
- Mystic Circle Of Boston Lawrence B. Hoyt133
- New York News And Notes Clinton Burgess134
- Wizards' Club N.Y.C. Maurice Bliss135
- Canton Magic Crafters Charles R. Brush136
-Denver Mystic Circle Courtney M. Cauthorn136
- R.I. Society Of Magicians C. Foster Fenner136
- Chicago Conjuror's Club George DeLawrence137
- Glasgow Society Of Magicians De Vega137
- Demons Club Of Baltimore Robert W. Test138
- Chicago S.A.M. Earl Lockman138
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn Clarence T. Hubbard138
- Notes from Syracuse, N.Y. C.R.G.138
- Talkee-Talkee From China Edwin A Dean138
- English Echos Max Holden139
- Prestidigitatorial Peringrinations Dorny W. Dornfeld139
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans140
- Adventures Continued141
- Adventures Continued142
- Literature143
Uncle Feelix144
Patents On Magic James C. Wobinsmith144
The Sub Conscious Impression By Wesley R. Flaig145
Little Affairs By Horace Marchall145
Editorial Page146
Somebody Lied146
Editoral Page147
Did The Eagle Magician Lie Or Was It Mis-informed148
The Twentieth Century Billiard Ball Trick By Lionel T. scott148
Epor! An Illusion by Charles R. Brush148
The Twentieth Century Dice Trick By Lionel T. Scott149
A Cigarette Entry By Lionel T. Scott149
For Club And Close Workers By Edw. C. Conklin149
Magician Versus Conjurer By Dr. S. Wilkinson150
The Twentieth Century Card Trick By Lionel T. Scott151
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber151
- A Prohibition Production151
Blazing Cornucopoa By Edward C. Conklin152
Slightly Sleighted By Andrew H. Berding152
- Slightly Continued153

NO. 6: AUGUST 1920
Walter B. Gibson Bio167
My First Performance By Walter B. Gibson167
The Forseeing Card Ivanhoe Trudel167
The World Of Magic168
- S.A.M.168
- San Francisco Flashes H. Syril Dusenbery168
- Detroit S.A.M. W.H. Domzalski168
- Dorny's Doings169
- Conjurers'Club Of Boston - The Mystic Circle L.B. Hoyt170
- Chicago Conjurers Club Geo. DeLawerence179
- Denver Mystic Circle Courtney M. Cauthorn170
- Magic News from Wheeling, W.Va. Paul R. Semple170
- Glasgow Society Of Magicians De Vega171
- English Echoes Max Holden171
- R.I. Society Of Magicians N.C.A. C, Foster Fenner172
- N.C.A Convention172
- Canton Magic Crafters Charles R. Brush173
- Metropolitan Magic (N.Y.) Clinton Burgess174
- Metro Continued175
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans176
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber177
- Crystal Firebowl177
The Four Aces By Walter B. Gibson178
For Cup And Ball Work By Charles R. Brush178
An Original Ball Pass By Charles R. Brush178
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt180
A Trained Animal For Magicians By V.D. Barbour180
A Little By Play With A Billiard Ball By Charles R. Brush180
Simplicity Rising Cards By Wm. Larsen, Jr.181
Coins A La Carte By Ovette181
Editorial Page182
- Concerning Magical Magazines182
Editorial Page183
A Tale Of Tomorrow By Walter B. Gibson184
The Dividing Knife By Geo. DeLawrence185
De Vega's Changing Easle185
Secrets Of Glasgow Society Of Magicians186
- A Weird Wick-ed Wangle By Dacre186
- The Vernon Torn And Restored Card Effect By Harry Vernon187
The Cone, Ribbon And Thimble Transposition By The Farberlands187

Clinton Burgess Bio203
How To Treat 'Em Poem203
The World Of Magic204
- S.A.M.204
- Philadelphia S.A.M. Walter B. Gibson204
- Detroit S.A.M. W.H. Domzalski204
- New York's Newest Theater205
- Chicago Notes Geo. DeLawrence205
- Metropolitan Magic N.Y. Clinton Burgess205
- Mahatma Club N.C.A. Walter B. Gibson205
- English Echos Max Holden205
- Philosophical Foolishness Dorny207
Eezy Production Of Thimbles By Charles R. Brush208
Selb-Mith By Charles R. Brush208
The Mystic Thumb By W.A. Flaig209
The Educated Fingers Wesley A. Flaig209
A Novel Sleight With Cups And Balls William Larsen, Jr.209
Mind Reading Deck Cards Simplified Edward C. Conklin210
Great For Osteopathy210
Manipulative Magic By Walter B. Gibson210
- Match Box Manipulation211
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans212
- Adventures Continued213
The Obedient Candle Trick By Walter H. Mack214
The Bewitched Walking Stick By Charles Trickey215
A Thimble Thought Charles R. Brush215
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt216
- A Paper Tearing Effect By Dr. E.G. Ervin216
- The Elusive Stud By Len J. Sewell216
- Three Card Monte Variation By H. Syril Dusenbery217
- A Card Mystery By Frederick F. Furman217
- Kansas City's Youngest Amateur Magician Picture217
- The Art Of Magic By T.J. Crawford217
Editorial Page218
Editorial Page219
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber220
- Flags Mysterious220
Practical Lessons For Beginners By Frank Holmes221
The Ball Of Wool And Flag Trick By Mons. Picitt221

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1920
Herman L. Weber (Namreh)239
Jungle Baggage239
Improved Finger Through Hat By Chung Ling Soo239
His Pocket Empty239
The World Of Magic240
- S.A.M.240
- Golden Gate S.A.M. H. Syril Dusenbery241
- Golden Gate Ladies Night241
- Chicago S.A.M. Earl A. Lockman241
- Notes From Chillicothe, Ohio241
- Pot Pourri Of Magical News Dorney241
- Magicians' Club Of Boston Lawrence B. Hoyt242
- Wizard's Wanderings From Wheeling W. Va. Paul R. Semple243
- Chicago Notes George De Lawrence243
- R.I. Society Of Magicians N.C.A. C. Foster Fenner243
- Petitions To Theaters244
- Goodwin Benefit N.C.A.245
- Chicago Notes246
- Magical Notes From Wayne Wizard Land Wayne246
- Postcript From Allentown, Pa. Herman L. Weber246
- The Denver Mystic Circle247
- San Francisco Flashes H. Syril Dusenbery247
- Company Of Magicians Is Nearly Ready247
- Buffalo Society Of Magicians Chas. C. Arras247
- Doings Of The Demons Club Of Baltimore R.W.Test248
- English Echos Max Holden248
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland248
Uncle Feelix249
An Original Vanish For Rabbit By Owen Clark249
Manipulative Magic By Walter B. Gibson250
- Billiard Ball Moves250
The Mysterious Lemon Trick By Alexander251
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber252
- The Wind-Up252
A Neat Color Change By W.A. Flaig252
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt253
- An Improptu Effect With Cards By Geo. DeLawrence253
- More Matches By Dr. E.G. Ervin253
Emergency Multiplying Money Tray By Frederick F. Furman253
Variations Of The Patriotic Billiard Balls By Charles R. Bruch253
A Koin Kink by Charles R. Brush253
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans254
- Adventures Continued255
Editorial Page256
Adventures Continued257
Adventures Continued258
A Color Change Without Apparatus By Dr. E.G. Ervin259
Why The Man Is In The Moon By Charles R. Brush259
A Chalky Effect By Louis Freeman259
Some Magicians I Have Seen W.H.B. Mason260
A Few Hints For The Club Worker By George De Lawrence260
Practical Lessons For Beginners By Frank Holmes261

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1920
John William Sargent Obit283
Now (Poem) By John William Sargent283
Rheiner's Twentieth Century Handkerchief Trick By Conrad B. Rheiner283
The World Of Magic284
- S.A.M. Richard Van Dien284
- Chicago S.A.M. Earl A. Lockman284
- Philadelphia S.A.M. Walter B. Gibson285
- Cincinnati Amateur Contest Geo W. Stock285
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians285
- Demons Club Of Baltimore Magicians Robert W.Test285
- Magician's Club Of Boston Edward F. Welch286
- Brush & Filipinos Route286
- Chicago Notes George DeLawrence286
- Rocky Mountain Notes Charles Neil Smith286
- N.C.A. C.J.H.286
- Toledo Magicians' Club V.D. Barbour287
- Los Angeles Society Of Magicians T.W. McGrath287
- Indiana Magical Fraternity Raymond F. Amuso288
- Wizard's Wanderings From Wheeling, W.Va. Paul R. Semple288
- Buffalo Notes J.P. Ornson289
- Metropolitan Magic News N.Y. Clinton Burgess289
- Tony Goes Show-Shopping Dorny289
- Mahatma Club N.C.A. Walter B. Gibson290
- Capitol City Notes Carl H. Guder290
- English Echos Max Holden290
- Whispers From Winnipeg Wizards Don Marjis291
- Glasgow Society Of Magicians De Vega291
Chameleon Paper By Magnus Seacombe291
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans292
- Adventures Continued293
Manipulative Magic By Walter B. Gibson294
- Manipulative Continued295
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt296
- Advice To Amatures H. Syril Dusenbery296
- How To Keep Your Apparatus Clean296
- Other Magical Tips297
- A Combination Sleight-Of-Hand Act For An Evening's Entertainment By E.V. Klein297
Editorial Page298
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber300
- A Modern Candy Jar300
A Changing Hat William Larsen, Jr.301
Watchful Queen By W.A. Flaig301
A Hypnotis Trick By LeVal301
A New Twentieth Century Trick Wm. Larsen, Jr.301
Jewel Puzzle By Magnus Seacombe302
The Mysterious Decanter, Egg And Bird By Magnus Seacombe302
A Deceptive Sleight By Thomas A. Silliman302
Uncle Feelix302

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1920
M. Felician Trewey Bio319
The Art Of Treweyism By C. Gaultier319
A Word To The Wise By Walter B. Gibson319
The World Of Magic320
- S.A.M.320
- Detroit S.A.M. W.H. Domzalski320
- Capital City Notes Crl H. Guder321
- Necromantic Notes From New Orleans By George Schulte321
- Some Crafty Notes From Canton, O. Shrimplin321
- Spokane News E.V. Klein321
- Chicago Notes Geo. De Lawrence322
- Minneapolis Mystic Circle's Biggest Show Henry C. Biorklund322
- R.I. Society Of Magicans N.C.A. C.F. Fenner322
- Toledo Magicians' Club V.D. Barbour323
- Wizards' Club Of New York City Maurice Bliss323
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn Clarence T. Hubbard324
- Denver Mystic Circle Courtney Cauthorn324
- Magical Meanderings Dorny324
- English Echos Max Holden324
- Order Of The Magi W. Leyland325
- Glasgow Society Of Magicians De Vega325
Playing The Clubs Russell326
Comedy Writeups By A. Rube By Augustus Rapp326
Magician's Catechism By Augustus Rapp327
Another Book Effect By Wm. Larsen, Jr.327
The Obedient Queens By Conrad B. Rheiner327
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L.Weber328
- The Town Fire Bell328
Name A Number By Wesley A. Flaig328
The Devil's Cut By Michael C. Lowney328
Uncle Feelix329
A Color Change With Cups And Balls By Wm. Larsen, Jr.329
The Flush Trick By Conrad B. Rheiner329
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt330
- A Billiard Ball Series By T.C. Bonney330
- Location Of Cards By Geo. De Lawrence330
The Premeditated Selection By H. Syril Dusenbery331
Noshel Wand And Envelopes By Charles R. Brush331
Multiplying Silks By R.F. McKinney331
A Magical Playlet By Charles R. Brush331
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans332
- Adventures Continued333
The Subtle Pass By Wesley A. Flaig334
Manipulative Magic By Walter B. Gibson334
A Magical Transposition By William Larsen. Jr.335
Illustration For Mysterious Decanter, Egg And Bird Page 302335
The Mystery Of The Mongols By Wm. Larsen, Jr.336
A Tennis Racket Mystery By Wm. Larsen, Jr.336
A Clever Coin Change By The Farberlands336
A Deceptive Candle Holder By Augustus Rapp337
Another Touch Of Mephistophles By Conrad B. Rheiner337
Magnus Cabinet Mystery By Magnus Seacombe337
Editorial Page338
Practical Suggestions For The Use Of The Envelope Prepared Card By V.D. Barbour339
Production Extraordinary By Wm. Larsen, Jr.340
De Vaga's Programs for Magicians340
A 1950 Puzzle For The Card Player By LeVal340
Another Stunt For The Chalk Talker By Harry C. Bjorklund341
The Mystic Box By John Sardo342
Something To Think About Film Stills342
A Box Escape By Wm. Larsen, Jr.343
The Call Of The Magical Library (Poem) By Harold P. White343
A Pleasant Visit To The Home Of Dr. T.S. Blakesley By Arthur C. Spratt343
The Invisible Garden By Wm. Larden, Jr.344
A Simple Billiard Ball Box By Wm. Larsen, Jr.344
Fong Kink Yen-A Production Mystery By Wm. Larsen, Jr.344

NO. 11: JANUARY 1921
Harry Rouclere Bio363
Special Tables By Augustus Rapp363
Mary Hornmann In Memorium363
The World Of Magic364
- Chicago S.A.M. Earl. A. Lockman364
- Cincinnati Notes Geo. W. Stock364
- S.S. Henry Co. Route364
- Arthur D. Gans Route364
- Notes For The Sphinx William A. Russell364
- Notes From Newark, N.J. James McKnight364
- Indiana Magical Fraternity Raymond F. Amuso365
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians Harry A. Weitzel365
- Philadelphia S.A.M. Walter B. Gibson365
- Demon's Club Of Baltimore Magicians Robert W. Test365
- Capitol City Notes Carl H. Guder366
- A Crafty Affair Shrimplin366
- Wizard's Wanderings From Wheeling, W.Va. Paul R. Semple366
- Pholly from Philly Boob McNutt366
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard367
- Ramblings Of LeMont And Ione367
- Happy New Year Dorny367
- N.C.A. Entertainment368
- N.C.A. Meeting F.O.B.369
- Order Of The Magi W. Leyland369
- New Zealand Society Of Magicians Edward Axford369
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans370
A Pretty Production By Charles R. Brush371
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber372
- Chalkee Talkee372
What The Young Lady Across The Street Said By Charles R. Brush372
Amateur Department Arthur C. Spratt373
-The Multiplying Billiard Balls By Walter B. Gibson373
A Novelty Experiment By E.V. Klein373
Card Trick373
Manipulative Magic By Walter B. Gibson374
Playing The Cards By Russell375
In Which A Chosen Word Is Found Written In Blood On A Card Within A Nest Of Envelopes By V.D. Barbour376
Dope By LeMont376
Passe Passe Die And Ball By William Larsen, Jr.377
Jingle Jottings By George Schulte377
The Card And Ribbon Sleight By Len J. Sewell377
The Basket Of Blooms By Len J. Sewell378
Ideas For The Dove Pan By Amuso378
Collected Magic Percy Naldrett379
Comedy Write-Ups By A. Rube Augustus Rapp379
My First Performance By Conrad B. Rheiner379
Suggestion By The Farberlands380
Vaudeville Patter Question By D.J. Lustig380
Vaudeville Mind Reading380
The Missing Mystifier By Charles T. Jordan381
Editorial Page384
Hilliar's Big Show385
Anent A Card Fizzle By Ed Conklin386
S.A.M. Richard Van Dien386
- The Evening's Entertainment386
T. Nelson Downs Sick Charles S. Weller387

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1921
J.P. Ornson Bio407
Is That All For Naught? Yes! By Charles R. Brush407
Trewey Note Kellar497
The Talking Head That Answers Questions By S.O.Paul407
The World Of Magic408
- S.A.M. Richard Van Dien408
- Golden Gate S.A.M. F. Vignola408
- Detroit S.A.M. V.H. Seewald409
- Chicago Notes George DeLawrence409
- Magic Scandals Of January Dorny410
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians Harry A. Weitzel410
- Omaha Magical Organized Floyd E. Brown410
- Demons's Club Of Baltimore Robert W. Test411
- Minneapolis Mystic Circle Gene C. Hines411
- Toledo Magicians' Club V.D. Barbour411
- Captol City Comments Carl H. Guder411
- Wizard's Wandering From Wheeling, W.Va. Paul R. Semple412
- Notes From Newark, N.J. James McKnight412
- President's Smoke Social J.R. Buck412
- A Smart Move412
- Whispers From Winnipeg Wizards Don Marjis413
- The Unseen World At Allentown, Pa. Herman L. Weber413
- Open Letter To The Sphinx Floyd413
A Too Capable Maid413
To Make a Hole In Glass413
Adventures In Magic By Henry R. Evans414
The Great Box Trick By H.R. Evans415
Music For Magic Clinton Burgess415
Namreh's Necromantic Novelties By Herman L. Weber416
- The Handkerchief Box416
Magnus Floating Ball417
Magnus Floating Ball Of Paper417
Manipulative Magic Walter B. Gibson418
Can You Beat It? (Poem) C.M. Forbes419
Magic Of Old In The Light Of Today By Charles W. Morris419
Ostaguzulum By William J. Hilliar420
A Novel Coin Change By William Larsen, Jr.420
Uncle Feelix412
Comedy Writeups By A. Rube Augustus Rapp421
The Missing Mystifier Concluded422
In Which A Chosen Word Appears On A Card In Examined Envelope By V.D. Barbour423
Red, White And Blue By Raymond F. Amuso423
A Bottle Fountain By G.G. MacKenzie424
That Needle Trick By Charles R. Brush424
That Young Lady Across The Street As A Magicienne by Charles R. Brush424
Have It Your Way By Charles R. Brush425
Editorial Page426
Ye Magician Says- By George Schulte427
De Vega's Programs For Magicians428
- The Multiplying Billiard Balls By Dr. T.C. Bonney428
The Obedient Ball By Richard F. McKinney428
By The Way428
For The Amateur By T.J. Crawford428
Passe, Passe, Cards By George West428
Letter to Dr. Wilson Louis C. Haley432

word count: 475767 which is equivalent to 1903 standard pages of text
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Magic > Magazines & Comics > Sphinx

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