A Single Electron Device and Circuit Simulator

SIMON is a sophisticated multipurpose simulator for single-electron devices and circuits. It features a graphical circuit editor embedded in a graphical user interface as well as the simulation of co-tunnel events and a single step interactive analyses mode. It supports energy dependent density of states and is able to calculate stability plots.

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Suggested reading: If you want to learn about the details of SIMON and much more about single-electronics in general, circuits, theory, simulation techniques, ..., then I suggest to read my book which appeared in the prestigious Springer series 'Computational Microelectronics' edited by Prof. Siegfried Selberherr:
Computational Single-Electronics
Christoph Wasshuber
Springer Verlag; ISBN: 321183558X; (July 2001)

  1. Introduction
    1. Single-Electronics Made Easy
    2. A Historical Look Back
  2. Theory
    1. Orthodox Single-Electron Theory
    2. Time and Space Correlations
    3. Master Equation of Electron Transport
    4. Extensions to the Orthodox Theory
  3. Simulation Methods and Numerical Algorithms
    1. Monte Carlo Method
    2. Solution of the Master Equation
    3. Coupling with SPICE
    4. Free Energy
    5. Tunnel Transmission Coefficient
    6. Energy Levels
    7. Evaluation Schemes for Cotunneling
    8. Rate Calculation Including Electromagnetic Environment
    9. Numerical Integration of Tunnel Rates
    10. Time Dependent Node Voltages and Node Charges
    11. Stability Diagram and Stable States
    12. Capacitance Calculations
  4. Circuits and Applications
    1. Fundamental Circuits
    2. Metrology Applications
    3. Memory
    4. Logic
    5. Interfacing to CMOS
    6. Exotic Circuits
    7. Evolutionary Circuit Design
  5. Random Background Charges
    1. The Good Side of High Charge Sensitivity
    2. Solutions on the Material Level
    3. Solutions on the Device Level
    4. Solutions on the Circuit and System Level
  6. Manufacturing Methods and Material Systems
    1. Shadow Evaporation
    2. Step-Edge Cutoff
    3. Nanoimprint
    4. Planar Quantum Dots
    5. Scanning Probe Microscopy
    6. Granular Films
    7. Self-Assembled Structures
    8. Outlook
  7. Appendixes
    1. Fermi's Golden Rule
    2. Capacitance and Resistance Extraction from Measured Data
    3. Analytic Solutions of the Cotunneling Rate
    4. Algorithms from Number Theory
    5. Convex Hull of Point Set
    6. Analytic Capacitance Calculation
  8. References
  9. Subject Index

Versions and Prices:

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SIMON 2.0 - EDUCATIONAL Linux/PC OR Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT)
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SIMON 2.0 - COMMERCIAL Linux/PC OR Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT)
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SIMON 1.1 free of charge Unix

In this version several features are missing and limited support is available. Nevertheless, it is one way to check out some of the features of SIMON. If you want to obtain SIMON 1.1, please go to Institute of Microelectronics and fill out the license agreement form. After your completely filled out license agreement is received, the password to retrieve SIMON 1.1 via ftp is sent to you by regular mail.

Ordering SIMON:

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