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    Foot Notes by Benjamin Allmon    Hank: The Short Life and Long Country Road of Hank Williams by Mark Ribowsky    The Keys: They Don't Want You to Read This Book by DJ Khaled    "Knoxville's 'Merry-Go-Round,' Ciderville and . . . the East TN Country Music Scene" by Ruth White    Somebody to Love: 285 Tips, Tricks, and Recipes by Mark Langthorne & Matt Richards    Testimony: A Memoir by Robbie Robertson    Glenn Gould: A Life Off Tempo by Sandrine Revel    Bear: The Life and Times of Augustus Owsley Stanley III by Robert Greenfield    The Legend of George Jones: His Life and Death by Charlene Montgomery & Peanutt Montgomery    David Bowie: The Last Interview by David Bowie    Lennon on Lennon: Conversations with John Lennon by Jeff Burger & Jeff Burger    Smile, You're Traveling: Black Coffee Blues Part 3 by Henry Rollins    A New America: How Music Reshaped the Culture and Future of a Nation and Redefined My Life by Tommy Mottola    Not Dead Yet: The Memoir by Phil Collins    Beatles '66: The Revolutionary Year by Steve Turner    The Life and Songs of Stephen Foster: A Revealing Portrait of the Forgotten Man Behind "Swanee River," "Beautiful Dreamer," and by JoAnne O'Connell    Conversations with McCartney by Paul Du Noyer    All Is Given: A Memoir in Songs by Linda Neil    Swim Through the Darkness: My Search for Craig Smith and the Mystery of Maitreya Kali by Mike Stax    The Speed of Sound: Breaking the Barriers Between Music and Technology: A Memoir by Thomas Dolby    Playing to Win: The Definitive Biography of John Farnham by Jeff Apter    For Those Tears I Died: The Amazing Story About How One Song Brought Healing to Millions and Birthed Contemporary Christian Musi by Marsha Stevens-Pino    Walking with Legends: Barry Martyn's New Orleans Jazz Odyssey by Mick Burns    Walking with Legends: Barry Martyn's New Orleans Jazz Odyssey by Mick Burns    Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon by Peter Ames Carlin    Traveling Soul: The Life of Curtis Mayfield by Todd Mayfield & Travis Atria    Moscow Nights: The Van Cliburn Story-How One Man and His Piano Transformed the Cold War by Nigel Cliff    Michael Bloomfield: The Rise and Fall of an American Guitar Hero by Ed Ward & Billy Gibbons    THE ABC of 1-2-3: The True Story by Billy Ritchie    THE GREATEST BAND YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF: How 1-2-3 changed the Face of Music by Paul Revill    Experiencing Schumann: A Listener's Companion by Donald Sanders    Glinka by M. Montagu Nathan    The Roots of Rock, from Cardiff to Mississippi and Back by Peter Finch    Michael and Me: The Untold Story of Michael Jackson's Secret Romance by Shana Mangatal    I Saw Him Standing There by Mike Powell    The Vegas Player: Celebrities Sex Drugs Mafia by Jimmy Mulidore    A Season of Singing: Creating Feminist Jewish Music in the United States by Sarah M. Ross    David Braham: The American Offenbach by John Franceschina    Florence Foster Jenkins: The Life of the World's Worst Opera Singer by Darryl W. Bullock    Falling Up: The Days and Nights of Carlisle Floyd, The Authorized Biography by Thomas Holliday    Maurice Durufl by James E. Frazier    A Stray Cat Struts: My Life as a Rockabilly Rebel by Slim Jim Phantom    Confessions of a Marijuana Eater: A Songwriter's Memoir by Bobby Gosh    Sick On You: The Disastrous Story of The Hollywood Brats, the Greatest Band You've Never Heard Of by Andrew Matheson    Summary of Bare Bones: by Bobby Bones | Includes Analysis by . Instaread    A Cole Porter Companion by Don M. Randel    Never Say No To A Rock Star: In the Studio with Dylan, Sinatra, Jagger and More... by Glenn Berger    Giacomo Puccini and His World by Arman Schwartz    Singing In My Own Key: A Vocalist's Triumph Over Stroke by Valerie L. Giglio    83 Minutes: The Doctor, the Damage, and the Shocking Death of Michael Jackson by Matt Richards

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For the Music: The Vince Gill Story

Jo Sgammato

For the Music: The Vince Gill Story by Jo SgammatoTO LOVE MUSIC IS TO LOVE VINCE GILL

His pure tenor voice, amazing guitar playing, and superb songwriting skills have earned Vince Gill eleven Grammies and seventeen Country Music Association Awards--making him the biggest CMA winner of all time. But it's the man behind the music who inspires so much love and devotion from his fans and his peers. Humble, wholesome, funny, and kind, Vince Gill is a superstar with heart--and his numerous volunteer activities raise millions of dollars for charity every year.

From his childhood as the son of a banjo-playing judge in Oklahoma to his roots in Kentucky...

2009 / 1 / 8

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Before the Legend

Christopher Farley

Before the Legend by Christopher Farley

Bob Marley was a reggae superstar, a musical prophet who brought the sound of the Third World to the entire globe. Before the Legend: The Rise of Bob Marley goes beyond the myth of Marley to bring you the private side of a man few people ever really knew. Drawing from original interviews with the people closest to Marleyincluding his widow, Rita, his mother, Cedella, his bandmate and childhood friend, Bunny Wailer, his producer Chris Blackwell, and many others—Legend paints an entirely fresh picture of one of the most enduring musical artists of our times.

This is a portrait of an artist as a...

2009 / 3 / 28

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The Facts of Life

Willie Nelson

The Facts of Life by Willie NelsonIf you had to give America a voice, itÂ's been said more than once, that voice would be Willie NelsonÂ's. For more than fifty years, heÂ's taken the stuff of his life-the good and the bad-and made from it a body of work that has become a permanent part of our musical heritage and kept us company through the good and the bad of our own lives. Long before he became famous as a performer, Willie Nelson was known as a songwriter, keeping his young family afloat by writing songs-like Â"CrazyÂ"-that other people turned into hits. So itÂ's fitting, and cause for celebration, that he has finally...
2009 / 3 / 28

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The Protest Singer

Alec Wilkinson

The Protest Singer by Alec WilkinsonAlec Wilkinson began writing for The New Yorker in 1980. Before that, he was a policeman in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, and before that a rock-and-roll musician. He has published eight other books—two memoirs, two collections of essays, two biographical portraits, and two pieces of reporting. His honors include a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Lyndhurst Prize, and a Robert F. Kennedy Book Award. He lives with his wife and son in New York City.

2009 / 5 / 1

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Tori Amos: Piece by Piece

Tori Amos

Tori Amos: Piece by Piece by Tori AmosFrom her critically acclaimed 1992 debut, Little Earthquakes, to the recent hit, Scarlet's Walk, Tori Amos has been a formidable force in contemporary music, with one of the most dedicated fan bases in the industry. In Tori Amos: Piece by Piece, the singer herself takes readers beyond the mere facts, explaining the specifics of her creative process - how her songs go from ideas and melodies to recordings and passionately performed concert pieces. Written with acclaimed music journalist Ann Powers, Tori Amos: Piece by Piece is a firsthand account of the most intricate and intimate details of...
2009 / 5 / 2

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The Lennon Prophecy: A New Examination of the Death Clues of the Beatles

Joseph Niezgoda

The Lennon Prophecy: A New Examination of the Death Clues of the Beatles by Joseph NiezgodaOffering a new interpretation of the hidden messages and symbols that have ornamented Beatles mythology for years, this examination of the Beatles' recordings and album artwork theorizes that John Lennon's murder was eerily foretold. Following a fascinating and unique trail of sorcery, mysticism, numerology, backwards masking, anagrams, and literary and theological writings, the book posits that John Lennon sold his soul in order to achieve international fame and fortune and subsequently paid the ultimate price for his success.
2009 / 5 / 8

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Life on Planet Rock

Lonn Friend

Life on Planet Rock by Lonn Friend1

Welcome to My Jungle


--John Keats

I've never had trouble making friends. Probably has something to do with the name I was born with. The moniker has been both a curse and blessing. When I was growing up, kids would tease me. "What's up, Lonn Enemy?" Preschool sticks and stones, but I was born sensitive so it hurt nonetheless. When my professional train started rollin', however, that's when my name started to take on deeper significance.

Running a rock magazine, I was everybody's friend. Friend to artist. Friend to executive. Friend...

2009 / 5 / 10

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Cat Power

Elizabeth Goodman

Cat Power by Elizabeth GoodmanHow Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, Survived Herself–and Became the Indie Rock Queen. Chan MarshallÂ's stark lyrics, minimal arrangements,and wounded, smoky vocals, were an instant indie hit in the nineties–but her mental instability nearly derailed her career. How this sensitive but headstrong Georgian daughter of an unstable mother and a relatively unknown musician father–managed to make it big, burn out, and rise up again to become not only the darling of the indie music scene but also a fashion and Hollywood icon is the fabric of this irresistible story. Covering her musical beginnings...
2009 / 6 / 26

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The Toughest Show on Earth

Joseph Volpe

The Toughest Show on Earth by Joseph VolpeThe Toughest Show on Earth is the ultimate behind-the-scenes chronicle of the divas and the dramas of New YorkÂ's Metropolitan Opera House, by the remarkable man who rose from apprentice carpenter to general manager.

Joseph Volpe gives us an anecdote-filled tour of more than four decades at the Met, an institution full of vast egos and complicated politics. With stunning candor, he writes about the general managers he worked under, his embattled rise to the top, the maneuverings of the blue-chip board, and his masterful approach to making a family of such artist-stars as Luciano Pavarotti,...

2009 / 7 / 26

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I, Doll

Arthur "Killer" Kane

I, Doll by Arthur "Killer" KaneWhen the New York Dolls' bassist died suddenly at age 55 in 2004, he left behind not only their timeless music-and many thousands of fans and friends-but a memoir of the Dolls' early years. This distinctive and extroverted voice of an undisciplined showman is presented with an introduction and epilogue by his widow, Barbara. This up close and personal perspective of the band's early days and late nights-including an instance where he locks himself out of the studio in full drag while tripping on LSD-chronicles the glorious, glamorous era of high times, high drama, and low comedy that captures...
2009 / 8 / 1

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Washed by Blood

Brian Welch

Washed by Blood by Brian WelchAn Out-of-Control Rock Star. An Inescapable Addiction to Drugs. A Miraculous Redemption through Jesus Christ. You think you've heard this story before but you haven't. Washed by Blood is a look at the dramatic saving power of Jesus Christ unlike any otherâ€Â"one that shows how God looks out for all of us, even those who seem farthest away from his grace. Brian "Head" Welch was a rock star who thought he had it all. He was the lead guitarist in Korn, one of the biggest and most controversial rock bands on the planet. He lived in a mansion, had millions of dollars in the bank, and legions...
2009 / 8 / 11

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Robkaay Journals (Vol I) My Glorious Nightmare

Rob Kaay

Robkaay Journals (Vol I) My Glorious Nightmare by Rob KaayFor the first time, delve inside the head of a professional Australian touring musician signed to a major American record label. Read about what it's really like, on a day-by-day basis, to live a life of music and creation, love and sex, drugs and alcohol, depression and confidence.
2009 / 8 / 28

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Celebrating Michael Jackson Looking Back at the King of Pop

Anelda Ballard

Celebrating Michael Jackson Looking Back at the King of Pop by Anelda BallardThis book was written in hopes that it would keep Michael Jackson's memory alive. I wanted to give his fans the opportunity to take a moment to look back at Michael's life and reminisce about the positive times only. You will not read about any negative things in this book. You can turn on the TV, read the newspaper, a magazine or go on the internet for that. We will go back to his childhood and go up until his untimely death on June 25, 2009. He passed way at the young age of 50 and it broke our hearts. I pray that something read or something seen will enlighten or touch your heart. We will...
2009 / 8 / 31

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Hand Me My Travelin' Shoes: In Search of Blind Willie McTell

Michael Gray

Hand Me My Travelin' Shoes: In Search of Blind Willie McTell by Michael GrayEvoking the turbulent past of the subject's time and place, this odyssey to rural Georgia peels back the many layers of Blind Willie McTell's compelling, occasionally shocking, but ultimately uplifting story. Portraying him as one of the most gifted artists of his generation, this account uncovers the secrets of McTell's ancestry, the hardships he suffered-including being blind from birth-and the successes he enjoyed. Traveling throughout the South and beyond, this personal and moving journey unearths a lost world of black music, exploring why he drifted in and out of the public eye, how he...
2009 / 9 / 20

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Marc Spitz

Bowie by Marc Spitz1.

There's an alien in the window of the house next door to the one where David Bowie was born at 40 Stansfield Road in Brixton, a southern borough of London. It peers out, gray skinned, with black, oval-shaped eyes and a tennis-racket-sized skull, the same kind of inflatable spacemen for sale in the gas station gift shops that one stops at while driving through Roswell, New Mexico. X-Files/E.T.-faced aliens. It might not be there now, should you decide to make a new pilgrimage, but it was there when I traveled to Brixton, as if to say, "Welcome, biographer!"

Whoever lives in the virtually identical...

2009 / 10 / 19

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A Fine Romance

David Lehman

A Fine Romance by David Lehman"Digressive, nostalgic and deeply moving, Lehman achieves a fine, lasting tribute to the American songbook."
--Publishers Weekly

"David Lehman's A Fine Romance wittily explores the enormous contribution of Jewish writers and composers to the American musical scene. Lehman finds Jewish influence, or what he calls 'a plaintive undertow,' even in such unlikely upbeat anthems as Gershwin's 'Love Walked In.' His love-struck history is itself a major entertainment."
-- John Ashbery, author of Three Poems

"David Lehman's A Fine Romance is a spirited account and reminiscence of a time when Jewish plaintiveness...

2009 / 10 / 24

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Riders on the Storm

John Densmore

Riders on the Storm by John Densmore
2009 / 12 / 8

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Someone Out There Is Listening: The Life of Eddie Hazell, Jazz Guitar-Vocalist

Ed Petkus

Someone Out There Is Listening: The Life of Eddie Hazell, Jazz Guitar-Vocalist by Ed PetkusSomeone Out There is Listening tells the story of Eddie Hazell, a jazz guitar player and vocalist with a unique style unmatched in the last half century. Hazell had a combination of good looks, skills, and style. He was a '50s guy - heady, hopeful,
2010 / 1 / 22

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The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard

Peter Benjaminson

The Lost Supreme: The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard by Peter BenjaminsonIn the months before she died, Florence Ballard, the spunky teenager who founded the most successful female vocal group in history-the Supremes-told her own side of the story. Recorded on tape, Flo shed light on all areas of her life, including the surprising identity of the man who raped her prior to entering the music business, the details of her love-hate relationship with Motown Records czar Berry Gordy, her drinking problem and pleas for help, a never-ending desire to be the Supremes' lead singer, and her attempts to get her life back on track after being brutally expelled from the group....
2010 / 2 / 20

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The Third Circle

Amanda Quick

The Third Circle by Amanda QuickNew York Times, bestselling author Amanda Quick's new Arcane Society novel reveals the passionate, and paranormal, secrets of proper Victorian London. Called "supremely addictive" by Booklist, the Arcane Society novels, written under both the Amanda Quick and Jayne Ann Krentz names, have pulled readers into a saga filled with steamy romance, drama, and dark intrigue. Her newest novel promises to mesmerize as well. Leona Hewitt, disguised in men's formal evening clothes, has secretly made her way into Lord Delbridge's private museum to retrieve a relic stolen from her family. But someone else...
2010 / 2 / 22

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