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This category focuses entirely on card moves - from the basic cuts and shuffles to the bastard hard ones.

Literally hundreds if not thousands of card moves have been developed over time. You won't need to learn all of them, but any card man of name has in each basic move category (palm, control, false shuffle, false cut, false deal, glimpse, flourish, force, ...) one or two strong moves ready to use.

Once you have a solid grounding in the basic moves pretty much any card trick is accessible to you.

Practicing moves can have a zen like quality to it. Some achieve a naturalness similar to a musician, dancer or juggler. It looks effortless, but it can take thousands of hours of practice.

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    100% Forcing: The Classic Force and The Stanley Collins Force by Steven Youell    Super-Cuts by Jon Racherbaumer    Seconds, Centers and Bottoms by Edward Marlo    Basic Training by Ian Kendall    The Shank Shuffle by Edward Marlo    Change Volume 1 by MAG    The Second Deal: Advanced Concepts for the Card Table by T. Hayes    A Call To Palms by Wesley James    The Gambler's Palm Revisited by Daniel MacMillan    Shades' Bottom Deal by Shades    Mindboggler by Roger Crosthwaite    Andrus Card Control by Jerry Andrus    Sleightly Miraculous by Jerry Andrus    The Blind Faith Collection by Abhinav Bothra    Sandwich Pass by Raymonde Crow    Ninja Control by Klaud    Handbook of Card Sleights by Al Leech    Advantage Card Playing by F. R. Ritter    4 Ace Productions by Klaud    Bastard Hard Moves Made Easy by Ian Kendall    Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker by F. R. Ritter    A'twist by Aarsh Shah    Tops, Seconds and Bottoms by Ian Kendall    Xerox Spread by Peter Pellikaan    Dup Dup Count by Peter Pellikaan    2 As 4 Count by Peter Pellikaan    Ablest Change by Abhinav Bothra    Quick Deck Switch by Steve Pellegrino    Palming by Ian Kendall    Lager Switch by Alexander de Cova    ABhyaas Change by Abhinav Bothra    The Work Volume 5: The Top Change by Ian Kendall    The Work Volume 4: The Pass by Ian Kendall    Sleights and Subtleties 5 by Aldo Colombini    Easy Lift: no get ready double lift by Devin Knight    Fingertip Control: Revolutionary Card Technique - Chapter 3 by Edward Marlo    Foundations 1 by Roger Crosthwaite    Running Cut Force by Devin Knight    Kaps on Kards by Fred Kaps    Sleights and Subtleties 4 by Aldo Colombini    Card Tricks French Style by Jean Fare    Canadian Card Control by Tom Batchelor    Sleights and Subtleties 3 by Aldo Colombini    Sleights and Subtleties 2 by Aldo Colombini    Sleights and Subtleties 1 by Aldo Colombini    Miracle Card Changes by Edward Marlo    The Master Palm by Russell T. Barnhart    Two Second Deals by Russell T. Barnhart    Finessed Controls by Jon Racherbaumer    Centric Doubles by Jon Racherbaumer

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100% Forcing: The Classic Force and The Stanley Collins Force

Steven Youell

100% Forcing: The Classic Force and The Stanley Collins Force by Steven YouellLearn the details of these two important forces and several great routines from Steven Youell who has mastered these two moves. This ebook is photo illustrated and teaches you every nuance.
  • Starting Out
  • Learning the Timing
  • The Standard Advice
  • No Parrots
  • No Celebrations
  • Can the Classic Force Be 100%?
  • Eliminating the Fear
  • The Basic Mechanics of the Stanley Collins Force
  • Without a Table
  • Meshing the Mechanics with Words and Movements
  • The Classic Force Is Not a Trick
  • Applications for the Stanley Collins Force
    • Bill Simon's Business Card Prophecy Move
    • The Two Pile Force
  • Practical...
2017 / 3 / 10

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Jon Racherbaumer

Super-Cuts by Jon RacherbaumerThe methods explained in this manuscript involve cutting a deck to ostensibly change its order. They are semi-automatic because minimal dexterity is required. Otherwise they are subtle in seductive ways and all of them are completely or partially false.

The false cut triggering this manuscript is Jay Ose's False Cut that was auspiciously introduced to magicians by Harry Lorayne. This false cut eventually made its way into the repertoires of card specialists, but early on it was primarily meant to be easily and quickly performed after false shuffling. It was to the point, expressing a pleasing, sixbeat...

2017 / 2 / 14

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Seconds, Centers and Bottoms

Edward Marlo

Seconds, Centers and Bottoms by Edward MarloWatch the master as he goes through advanced dealing and pass techniques, as only Eddie could. Exclusive, historical footage is now available in a digital format for the first time for serious card workers everywhere. A great line from Marlo is: "The center deal is a glorified bottom deal - that is all it is."
  • Take versus Strike Seconds
  • One Hand and Extended Push-Off Seconds
  • Easy and No Touch Theory Seconds
  • Natural Second
  • On the Inward Take
  • Multiple Minus Bottom
  • Marlo on the Center Deal
  • Inner Corner Take Bottom
  • On the Bottom Deal Count
  • Havana Deals
  • Inward and Outward Deals
  • Straddle...
2017 / 1 / 25

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MP4 (video)

Basic Training

Ian Kendall

Basic Training by Ian KendallBetween 2009 and 2011 a very special column appeared in M-U-M, the in house magazine for the Society of American Magicians. Conceived to be an introduction to sleight of hand aimed at beginners, the thirty six lessons ended up being one of the most detailed courses in conjuring to date. The topics covered included all aspects of magic; cards and coins, balls, ropes and cups, stand up and close up, interspersed with real world performance hints and tips from someone who has spent time in the trenches.

This e-book version contains all thirty six Basic Training columns, plus two extra lessons...

2016 / 12 / 22

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The Shank Shuffle

Edward Marlo

The Shank Shuffle by Edward MarloHere is a deceptive, all purpose false shuffle that every card man will be able to do. Marlo's detailed steps of instruction brings this revolutionary technique into sharp focus and also gives you some very magical effects using it. Students of card magic will find this provocative, controversial treatise an important addition to Riffle Shuffle arcana. Newcomers will be introduced to the skills and workings of front-rank card magic.
  • Foreword
  • Commentary
  • The Shank Shuffle
  • Marlo's Variations Of The Shank Shuffle
  • The Work
  • To Keep An Alternated Red-Black Set-Up
  • The Shank Shuffle With Block...
2016 / 12 / 19

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Change Volume 1


Change Volume 1 by MAGYou will learn four color changes. This is pure sleight of hand, no gimmicks.
  • Pum Change
  • Funk Change
  • Hop Change
  • Wall Change

1st edition 2016, length 19min

2016 / 10 / 7

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MP4 (video)

The Second Deal: Advanced Concepts for the Card Table

T. Hayes

The Second Deal: Advanced Concepts for the Card Table by T. HayesThis ebook takes an academic look at the second deal and its use at the card table, specifically in the game of Texas Hold’em poker. This is achieved by first examining the mathematical rules of the second deal. These rules are then applied to the basic structure of Texas Hold’em and the use of the move is advanced by also considering poker strategy. In addition to this, the probabilities of dealing target cards, when using a binary marking system, are derived. The use of the second deal in conjunction with stacking techniques is also considered, with a focus on the block transfer. Whilst...
2016 / 10 / 1

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A Call To Palms

Wesley James

A Call To Palms by Wesley JamesWhen Wesley James publishes a new book, you know you've got to have it, especially when it focuses on the single most powerful weapon in the arsenal of card magic, Palming. Whether you've always wanted to Palm cards, only Palm occasionally or are experienced and looking for exciting new applications, this volume will fill you with joy. If you're a novice, it will make developing Palming skill easier than ever. If you already Palm frequently, you'll think you've found heaven.

Dr. James has packed these 245+ pages, a masterwork on Palming, a gold mine for those experienced in card technique....

2016 / 8 / 14

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The Gambler's Palm Revisited

Daniel MacMillan

The Gambler's Palm Revisited by Daniel MacMillanThis is the second edition of Daniel MacMillan's book The Gambler's Palm Revisited. The first edition was published in 1977. Daniel subsequently published several items in various publications by Ken Simmons. In 1999, Ken Simmons published the second edition of The Gambler's Palm Revisited. This second edition included the full text of the original. Plus, Ken included the other items that Daniel included in Ken's publications. In 1982, Ken arranged a meeting between Ken, Daniel, and Ed Marlo. As a result, Ed published three items related to the material in Daniel's book. These items were also included...
2016 / 6 / 28

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Shades' Bottom Deal


Shades' Bottom Deal by Shades
"The DVD does a very good job of explaining the Bottom Deal and Shade executes the deals very well. The advice he offers is solid. I would say that anyone who wants to learn a good practical Bottom Deal - or anyone who wishes to explore it further - would benefit greatly from this DVD." - Peter Duffie
Any serious exponent of the pasteboards would consider this the ultimate move in card artistry achievement. The bottom deal is one of the most difficult sleights to master and opens a world of possibilities to advanced practitioners of card mechanics.

This download DVD provides an in-depth thesis on...

2016 / 5 / 15

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MP4 (video)


Roger Crosthwaite

Mindboggler by Roger CrosthwaiteThis is Roger Crosthwaite's method of working the Classic Force and Contrapuntal Switch.

1st edition 1982, 1st digital edition 2016, 7 pages.

2016 / 2 / 21

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Andrus Card Control

Jerry Andrus

Andrus Card Control by Jerry AndrusThis is Jerry Andrus' most important publication.

This ebook includes volume 1 and 2 of the printed version. The more than 1000 illustrations from volume 2 have been inserted close to where they are referenced in the text, making this ebook a lot easier to study than the original printed version where text and illustrations are separated.

Jerry Andrus was an incredible creative and inquisitive man. He could converse just as easily on questions surrounding quantum mechanics as he could on magic and optical illusions. He looked at a deck of cards very differently than most of us. This allowed...

2015 / 12 / 9

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Sleightly Miraculous

Jerry Andrus

Sleightly Miraculous by Jerry AndrusA treatise on the Panoramic Shift.

The Panoramic Shift grew out of Jerry's Delayed Center Steal and Up The Sleeve described in Andrus Deals You In.

  • The Panoramic Shift
  • The Side Delivery Palm
  • The Side Delivery Turn-Over
  • Side Delivery Palm from the Top

1st edition 1961; 1st digital edition 2015, 12 pages.

2015 / 10 / 12

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The Blind Faith Collection

Abhinav Bothra

The Blind Faith Collection by Abhinav BothraFour exquisite moves.
  • Ambience Control + a two card transposition version
  • Layer Change
  • Topsy Force
  • Turvy Control

1st edition 2015

2015 / 8 / 21

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Sandwich Pass

Raymonde Crow

Sandwich Pass by Raymonde CrowThe one-card middle pass is a versatile, although relatively unknown and underused sleight. Raymonde Crow teaches this powerful move, plus several unique variations of what he calls the Sandwich Pass, which will enable you to instantly control a card to second-from-the-bottom, to create a sandwich effect, and to move a card into gambler's cop.

In addition, Raymonde teaches two of his go-to card effects for the Sandwich Pass, the Comedy Sandwich and The Prince and the Pauper, from his book As the Crow Flies, available here at These powerful effects require no setup or gaffs, and can be done with...

2015 / 3 / 29

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Ninja Control


Ninja Control by KlaudWith the Ninja Control, you will be able to control a card from the middle of the face up spread to the top. Multiple applications, including the "Ninja Transpo", an impromptu ungimmicked transposition of 2 cards.

1st edition 2015, length 3 min 44 seconds.

2015 / 3 / 10

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Handbook of Card Sleights

Al Leech

Handbook of Card Sleights by Al LeechA must for all card men. Handy reference ebook for all card sleights. The best possible way to learn card magic, explained in good, clear terms by an expert. Sleights are modern, broken down to their simplest factors, useful and practical. The ideal ebook for the beginner in card work. You can't tackle advanced card work until you have the basics. This ebook will help you. Illustrated. Highly recommended.
  • Controls
  • The Crimp
  • Passes
  • The Palm
  • The Replacement
  • Changes
  • Forcing
  • False Counts
  • False Shuffles
  • Cuts
  • Reverses
  • Additions
  • The Color Change
  • From The Center
  • The Multiple Shift ...
2015 / 2 / 15

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Advantage Card Playing

F. R. Ritter

Advantage Card Playing by F. R. RitterThis was the advertisement booklet for Ritter's book Advantage Card Playing and Draw Poker. It describes the motivation of the book and shows some excerpts including four illustrations.

1st edition 1905, 9 pages; digital edition colorized.

2015 / 1 / 10

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4 Ace Productions


4 Ace Productions by KlaudLearn four easy and practical ways to reveal 4 Aces.
  • Instant Production
  • My Lucky Card
  • Ace Stop
  • Expert Cardician
Completely impromptu, no gimmicks.

1st edition 2014, length 6 min 40 seconds.

2015 / 1 / 1

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Bastard Hard Moves Made Easy

Ian Kendall

Bastard Hard Moves Made Easy by Ian KendallThe classic (and classicly named) VideoCD is now available as a download. Ian Kendall takes some of the more intimidating moves with cards (and a screwdriver) and breaks them down into easy to learn steps. Ian obtained permission from Lennart Green, Paul Harris and Paul Chosse to teach their moves on the video. The moves covered are:
  1. Top Shot - Lennart Green's amazing flying card move.
  2. Instant Replay - Paul Harris' amazing flying card move.
  3. The Cascade Control - A handling for Charlie Miller's card control.
  4. The Faro Shuffle
  5. The One Hand Faro Shuffle
  6. The Tabled Faro Shuffle
  7. Blockhead - a cautionary tale of how...
2014 / 12 / 9

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MP4 (video)

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