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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, techniques and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or study the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subcategories to find what you are looking for.

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Openers and Closers 2

Paul A. Lelekis

Openers and Closers 2 by Paul A. LelekisThe Openers and the Closers of your magic shows are the most important aspect of magical entertainment...they dictate how your audiences will perceive you...then and later.

Many photographs and a video are included explaining every detail of Paul's excitingly magical routines!

Paul's "The not so invisible deck" routine is not what you think. It is his very special routine that he has used as his "closer" for over 20 years. The patter is hilarious...wait until you see the real secret behind this routine. All patter and many nuances of performance are included.

The introduction contains...

2017 / 6 / 25

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Effervescent Effects

Julius Hopkins

Effervescent Effects by Julius HopkinsHere's a book that belongs on every magician's digital shelf. Inside you'll find 48 effects, tips and suggestions for close-up and club performers.

One of our favorites is the "Ring and Balloon Problem," as we can see it being used to win bar bets. Especially if you use an engagement or wedding patter story with your spectator. "Dollar Discernment" is also exceptionally clever as a mental test. We believe entertainers will make great use of it for those situations where they are asked to perform and have no props with them. Good stuff.

Here's a look at what's included:

  • Preface
  • The...
2017 / 6 / 23

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Come A Little Closer ...

Peter Warlock

Come A Little Closer ... by Peter WarlockGoing down the list of contributors one will find very prominent names such as Elmsley, Walton and Avis. When this book originally appeared they were young and largely unknown. Enjoy some of their early contributions to the art of close-up magic.
  • Foreword
  • The Repeat Card In Hat (Tommy Vanderschmidt)
  • The Cut And Restored Cigarette (Arthur Holland)
  • Jet Transportation (Bobby Bernard)
  • Point Of Departure (Alex Elmsley)
  • Knifed (Roy Walton)
  • The Seance Card Trick (Ted Danson)
  • The Monte Cristo Ring (John Derris)
  • The Cards Of Pegasus (Jack Avis)

1st edition 1953, 37 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 30 pages....

2017 / 6 / 15

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TNT: Twelve New Tricks


TNT: Twelve New Tricks by FabianFabian, in the role as literary and technical editor of Abracadabra magazine, selected and edited these routines.
  • Publisher's Foreword
  • "The Conjurer Comes Forward" Or Making Money Out Of Magic (Ron Bishop)
  • Allez Oop!! (Jack Shepherd)
  • Glass Distinction (Robert W. Edmanson)
  • The Grand National (Syd the Sorcerer)
  • Picture Projection (Arthur Eydmann)
  • The Spanish Prince (John K. Bays)
  • The Mechanical Banner (Jack Le Dair)
  • Blown Egg (Syd the Sorcerer)
  • The Chinese Chain (A. G. Jacobs)
  • Cigarettes To Pocket (John K. Bays)
  • The Quick And The Dead (Peter A. McDonald)
  • Decks In Sympathy (Arnold...
2017 / 6 / 15

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Conjuring for Amateurs

Ellis Stanyon

Conjuring for Amateurs by Ellis Stanyon
    • The Dress
    • The Table
    • The Servante
    • Palming
    • Le Tourniquet
    • The Finger Palm
    • The Reverse Palm
    • To Change a Coin
    • Magical Production of a Coin
    • The Wandering Coin
    • A New Coin Fold
    • Coin and Candle
    • An Artful Conjurer
    • The Invisible Flight
    • Vanish for Duplicate
    • To Pass a Coin Through the Body
    • Swallowing Illusions
    • Coin and Lemons
    • The Pocket Vanish
    • Florin v. Sixpence
    • To Pass a Coin into an Ordinary Matchbox held by One of the Spectators
    • Coin,...
2017 / 6 / 11

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Supplementary Magic


Supplementary Magic by Elbiquet
  • Preface
    • Section I: CARD TRICKS
      • Palming Cards - Improved Method
      • Naming a Card that has been removed from a Pack
      • Improved Method of finding a Card in a selected Position in the Pack
      • An invisible Flight of a Card
      • Rising Card without Apparatus
      • Card Photography
      • The Four Ace Trick - A New Method
      • Two Cards placed in Envelopes Made to Change Places
      • The "Foreman and Miners" Trick
      • Magical Disappearance of Three Cards
      • A New Card Frame
      • The Drawer Box ...
2017 / 6 / 3

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The Magic 36

William S. Houghton

The Magic 36 by William S. HoughtonThis ebook contains excellent variety for magicians and mentalists of all performing capabilities and experience levels. The effects and routines include apparatus tricks, mental stunts, spirit writing, predictions, magazine and book tests, thumb ties, and tricks with cards, silks, coins, cigarettes, billiard balls, sponge ball and a terrific rope routine.

Written in easily understandable language with all moves clearly explained. In all there are 36 effects described, each worthy of adding to your act. Here is what's included:

  • Publisher's Introduction
  • American Beauty Production
  • "Number...
2017 / 6 / 3

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Hints and Tips

Larry Brodahl

Hints and Tips by Larry BrodahlHave you ever done the "Needle Through Balloon" and had the balloon pop prematurely? No more - not even if you use Dollar General Balloons!

Have you ever struggled to transport your act? Here's help. Do you want a more visible and deceptive shuffle to use with the sidwalk shuffle? Gotcha covered! In this free ebook, Larry Brodahl - the author of the Scripted! Series gives you:

  • a method to never again pop a balloon during the Needle through balloon
  • handling to make the what's next trick more deceptive
  • a way to easily transport your act
  • a method to storage quickly and safely cords, ropes,...
2017 / 6 / 2

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Watch This One!

J. B. Bobo

Watch This One! by J. B. BoboThis ebook features a variety of strong and easy to perform tricks. Of course, as the author of Modern Coin Magic Bobo includes a solid section on coin tricks, but he also teaches routines with cards, thimbles, rope, and there is also a detailed section on sleeving. Bobo was a master of it.
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: New Card Technique
    • Multiple Card Control
    • Bottom Up
    • Bottom Peek
    • Top Peek
    • U Peek, I Peek
    • Color Change
    • The Ebling Crimp
  • Chapter II: Keys And Tricks Therewith
    • A New Key Card
    • The Isolated Key
    • Stop Card Trick
    • Found
    • Bobo Locatrix
    • In His Hands
    • Telepathic Miracle
    • Two Backward...
2017 / 5 / 28

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37 Effective After Dinner Tricks

Arthur P. Felsman

37 Effective After Dinner Tricks by Arthur P. FelsmanDinner's over, so now what? Entertain your guests, that's what! Here's a clever collection of after-dinner magic to entertain friends, business associates, and even total strangers.

Written by a famous Chicago magic dealer, the effects run the gamut from close-up miracles to routines for club and platform. You'll find entertaining matrix effects, cut and restored mysteries, mindreading experiments, and much more. Includes a very nice two-person mental act that could be the hit of your next corporate show, banquet, or awards dinner.

Some of these effects were sold individually by magic...

2017 / 5 / 28

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Sleightly Close-Up

Wolfgang Riebe

Sleightly Close-Up by Wolfgang RiebeClose-up magic tricks for everyone - from cards to general close-up

This ebook is filled with various commercial close-up tricks and routines that have been tried, tested and performed for live audiences over many years. These are practical and commercial effects that will appeal to the working magician whose focus is on captivating and entertaining his audience.

You will find a mix of old and new items, original tricks, twists on old routines and ideas to tweak those close-up effects gathering dust in your cupboard.

For the card magicians, you will find sensational routines, such as...

2017 / 5 / 27

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The Miracle Model

Jason Messina

The Miracle Model by Jason MessinaThe Miracle Model has been in the works for nearly a decade. In that time, it has circulated privately among a few select magicians who have used the principles to create miracles. With the ideas in this ebook you will learn how to create experiences people will talk about for years to come.

This is a different approach to performing magic, inspired by the work of Ormond McGill. This exclusive digital book comes with accompanying audiobook (MP3).

What is The Miracle Model?

The Miracle Model is a framework that can be applied to magic to amplify its impact and turn tricks into awe-inspiring miracles....

2017 / 5 / 21

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Grant in the Tarbell Magic Course

Ulysses Frederick Grant

Grant in the Tarbell Magic Course by Ulysses Frederick GrantU. F. Grant contributed some of his best material to the Tarbell Course in magic. Most of this material is unique to the Tarbell Course and does not appear elsewhere. Before Grant died, he compiled a manuscript containing all of the material he contributed. It ranges from close up to stage illusions. A lot of magicians don't have the original Tarbell Course, so here is your chance to get all of the tricks he created and contributed in one place. Fully illustrated and one of the best buys in magic. This is stuff you will use and do and as Harlan Tarbell said, some of the best magic in his course.

One of the best tricks that Grant created was Ghost...

2017 / 5 / 20

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Openers and Closers

Paul A. Lelekis

Openers and Closers by Paul A. Lelekis"Out of my, 44 books of magic, I am probably most proud of this one...powerful magic that can be used for Openers and Closers! Every detail worked out with pictures, 3 videos, history, and many underground sleights! This is a gold mine!" - Paul A. Lelekis

The ESP effect SHOCK! alone, is worth 10X the price of this e-book. However...all of these effects are priceless. All patter, psychology, history, nuances, and underground sleights are explained in detail.

1) OPENERS - essay of what they are, how they work, how to use them, transitioning, and why they work. ...and then four powerful...

2017 / 5 / 14

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Just Like Magic

Lee Snyder

Just Like Magic by Lee Snyder87 Tricks, routines, ideas, developments and bits that will help you get the most out of the magic you now own. Lee Snyder is a "thinking magician" and you can easily apply the magical thoughts he has come up with.
  • Lee-gerdemain
  • Portable Hole Made Portable
  • The Disappearing Cane
  • Business Card Business
  • A Rainbow Fantasy
  • Training Your Balloon Dog
  • The Memory Stick
  • Yogurt of the Yogi
  • The Weaving of the Rings
  • Balancing the Budget
  • Star Trick
  • Instant Rabbit
  • Pest Control
  • Magic Greeting Card
  • Balloon Transplant
  • Balloon Bazooka
  • Cold Cuts
  • Handcuffs
  • Tatooed
  • Simple Manipulative Routine ...
2017 / 5 / 14

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Simple Ideas Huge Impact

Yu Sheng Chiam

Simple Ideas Huge Impact by Yu Sheng ChiamWelcome to Simple Ideas Huge Impact, a collection of 6 close up magic effects utilizing everyday objects. All of these effects are simple to do and they require very little setup. Here are the effects:

King Split: A stunning two card production utilizing a double backed card. It can be used as great opener to any sandwich routine.

Simple Biddle: A simplified version of the classic Biddle trick with no Biddle Count.

Solvent Coin: A stunning way to change a drawing on a coin utilising a gimmick that most magicians are familiar with. No special ink.

Popcoin: A simple way to make a coin...

2017 / 5 / 7

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Pocket Mysteries 2

Gerard Zitta

Pocket Mysteries 2 by Gerard Zitta
"Zitta has done it again. He has completed a new work that is outstanding, practical, and mostly Impromptu. I don't know how he does it, ideas, brilliant ones, flow like water. Get this. And if you don't have them, get all his work. They bring me and the audience wonderment, joy, and workable thoughts. 5 out of 5" - Marc Salem
This ebook is a follow-up to Pocket Mysteries 1 (2012). It is a compendium of some other magic and mentalism effects that are strong, and universal enough to be kept in your pockets all the time (especially "Big bet" and "Crossword" ...). There are practical and commercial ideas, principles...
2017 / 4 / 27

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Baker's Bonanza

Hugh Miller

Baker's Bonanza by Hugh MillerA wonderful ebook on the magic of Roy Baker, inventor of the PATEO force.
  • Preface
  • Section 1: General Magic
    • Baker’s Beakers
    • Bisected Balloon
    • Air-Lite
    • Flap-Doodle Bag
    • Super Silks
    • Electro-Van
    • T and R Gag
  • Section 2: Card Magic
    • The Last of the Last Cards
    • Name Your Card
    • Star Location
    • Fantastic Aces
    • Ah-Bee Card in Envelope
    • Crazy Speller
    • Forceful Revelation
    • Blindfold Discovery
    • Psycho Card
    • Drunk Card
  • Section 3: Close up Magic
    • Bewildering Matches
    • Three Trees
    • Hat-Tissue!
    • Going Through the Rye
    • Ring Off
    • Shooting Star
    • Spoon on Nose
    • Coins Across
  • Section 4: Mentalism ...
2017 / 4 / 26

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The Berland Book of Routines

Samuel Berland

The Berland Book of Routines by Samuel BerlandTake your magic to the next level by incorporating one or more of Berland's beautifully choreographed routines into your act. This is magic that makes audiences, booking agents, and club owners sit up and take notice.

Not just one or two, but eight separate routines, using items already owned by most magicians. The performances are well-thought out, clearly described, and with 147 illustrations, easy for most any performer to understand and put to use. Just look at what's included:

  • A Word to My Friends in Magic
  • Routine Impromptu
  • Astrological Forecast
  • Liquor Finish for Cups and Balls ...
2017 / 4 / 2

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Nico Heinrich Bundle

Nico Heinrich

Nico Heinrich Bundle by Nico Heinrich
2017 / 4 / 2

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