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The most popular tricks are card tricks. Take a pack of cards and perform a miracle. Some of the masters whoes work you will find here are Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Roberto Giobbi and many many more. A pack of cards with its 52 pasteboards allows a shear infinite number of combinations and variations of card tricks. A philosophical question to ask would be if there are a finite number of card tricks possible or an infinite number. Looking at the amount of published card tricks it appears to be for all practical purposes infinite. Nevertheless the classic themes remain extremely popular and effective. It is hard to top a good ambitious card routine, card warp, oil and water, card to wallet (or other impossible locations), or torn and resored card etc. But occasionally we are blessed with the grace of a genius who gives us the gift of a completely new trick, concept or principle.

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The Cerebral Approach: Book Two

Nick Conticello

The Cerebral Approach: Book Two by Nick ConticelloNovel Concepts with Key Cards. No sleight-of-hand is needed for any of these effects. Ideal for both magicians and mentalists.

Imagine taking a borrowed, shuffled, incomplete deck, mixing it a bit yourself, and offering it to a volunteer for a cut. The volunteer then cuts each half separately, chooses a card from one half, and buries it in the pack himself. Yet despite these difficult conditions, you are able to locate the selected card with absolute certainty. That is the premise of this ebook.

The Straddle Key concept is a breakthrough in key card theory. I have tested this material...

2017 / 6 / 25

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Kevin Parker

Cyclone by Kevin ParkerThey pick a card (no force), they return it to the deck, they shuffle - as much as they want. You pull out a written prediction (genuinely pre-written; no swami) and it tells them how many cards from the top of the deck their card will be after shuffling. They - or the performer - deals down to that number of cards and there it is, their card at the predicted location.

Note: The prediction may be off by one, two, three or possibly more places depending on how well you master this skill. You will also need a stripper deck even though you will not be using it to strip out any cards.

  • deck...
2017 / 6 / 23

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Stack Bundle

Unknown Mentalist

Stack Bundle by Unknown Mentalist
  • Bonus: Anatomic Stack

"You are unbelievably fantastic and ripe with GREAT ideas" - Marc Salem

"His passion for stacked decks is so big that also with this release he gives us demonstration of his ability to combine two well known principles in one! Making all easy and at the same time hiding the secrets even more. I wish him continued success!" - Luca Volpe

"I'm surprised that no one has thought of this before. Combining two different stacks will certainly fool those "in the know" about stacked decks. I hope others take your encouragement and try other combinations of different stacks to see...

2017 / 6 / 19

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Oil and Queens

Jon Racherbaumer

Oil and Queens by Jon RacherbaumerThe oil and water effect is a classic of card magic, some love it, some hate it. If one has ever seen Rene Lavand do it slow motion with one hand you probably love it. But there is only one Rene Lavand. Some say the effect of red and black cards separating is rather weak, until Roy Walton added a kicker in 1969 where half the cards change to Queens. Dave Bendix tweaked Walton’s handling. Bob Stencil and Terry LaGerold devised a narrative that logically excused the surprise appearance of the Queens. Jon Racherbaumer and Jeff Busby independently expanded the kicker to not only change half the...
2017 / 6 / 16

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Sleight Intended

J. G. Thompson Jr.

Sleight Intended by J. G. Thompson Jr.From the foreword:
For years the pattern has been the same. A newcomer to magic invariably turns first to cards as a vehicle for mystification. He spends hours upon hours mastering difficult sleights and then, to his dismay, learns of the existence of easier and more effective maneuvers hidden away in magical literature - moves about which he could have no knowledge, but which would have made his previous struggles unnecessary, or, at least, eased them. Gradually he discards the results of many arduous hours of practice and substitutes the newly discovered and simplified versions until,...
2017 / 6 / 15

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Sierpinski's Peek

Tom Phoenix

Sierpinski's Peek by Tom PhoenixImagine this:
  • You turn your back
  • They shuffle the deck
  • They select one card
  • They replace it reversed in the deck
  • They shuffle again
  • You turn to face them, put the cards in the box, and you read their mind.
The peek can be attained immediately, or after deck has been in the box for a couple minutes - it's up to you. You will need to make a gimmick.

1st edition 2017, length 18 min

2017 / 6 / 14

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Tom Phoenix

Rebirth by Tom PhoenixRebirth is a fast, fiery Torn and Restored effect, which leaves them with an impossible souvenir, and a cool story to tell their friends. It also looks great on video. The gimmick is very easy to make, and there is no ditching involved.

1st edition 2017, length 18 min

2017 / 6 / 14

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Card Tricks: a practical treatise on conjuring with cards

Ellis Stanyon

Card Tricks: a practical treatise on conjuring with cards by Ellis StanyonThis is a classic on card magic covering sleights, routines, special cards, and apparatus. It is very likely that already S.W. Erdnase read this book.
    • The Pass
    • To Force a Card
    • The Change
    • To Palm a Card
    • The False Shuffle
    • To Slip a Card
    • The Ruffle
    • To Throw a Card
    • To Spring the Cards from One Hand to the Other
    • The Cards Passing up the Sleeve
    • The Card and Cigarette
    • To Pass a Card Through a Handkerchief
    • To Pass any Number of Cards along the Sleeve, and Produce them from the Breast Pocket ...
2017 / 6 / 11

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Effects with Cards 2

Arthur Buckley

Effects with Cards 2 by Arthur BuckleyThis is the second of Arthur Buckley's problems: The Burglar
  • Effect, Brief Presentation and Patter
  • Sleights Necessary to Perform the Burglar (crimp, two-handed pass, Down's change, a secret removal, riffle shift)
  • Details for Learning Sleights
  • Rehearse Problem

1st edition 1921, 10 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 9 pages.

2017 / 6 / 10

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Packet Racket II

David Devlin

Packet Racket II by David DevlinEvery now and then a sequel is made that out does the original such as The Godfather part II, Superman II, The Empire Strikes Back, The Terminator II, The Dark Knight, and Aliens to name a few. Well, such is the case here with David Devlin's Packet Racket II. If you like packet tricks (David loves them) then you will love this eBook! All six of the tricks use standard packet sleights, and only one of them uses gaffed cards. (You can find the first volume here Packet Racket).

Triumphant Travelers: What do you get when you combine Open Travelers with Triumph? You get Triumphant Travels. This one is impromptu. ...

2017 / 6 / 4

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Triple Success

Raphaël Czaja

Triple Success by Raphaël CzajaThis is also included in Knocked For Six.

You remove the two Jokers and three indifferent cards from the deck so the spectator can't choose them. You write three predictions on your business cards. Then, the spectator cuts to three cards. He chooses to place one of them between the Jokers, another one among the three indifferent cards whereas the last one is reversed into the deck. The predictions match all the spectator's cards and choices!

Excerpts from a few Magic Cafe reviews:

"This prediction will make the spectator think that you can predict the future. I tried this on my wife, and she was completely...
2017 / 6 / 2

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Divide and Conquer

Tom Phoenix

Divide and Conquer by Tom PhoenixThis is a series of methods for taking a spectator-shuffled deck and sorting it into piles of red and black - while blindfolded.

And one of the methods (as shown in the demo) gives you the ability to identify the suit and value of each card of a borrowed, shuffled deck, requiring no memorization.

There are six methods in total, three of which use "special" decks (can still be used for your other card magic), and the other two use borrowed decks. All of them can be done blindfolded.

1st edition 2017, length 29 min

2017 / 5 / 29

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Stealth Working Card Tricks

Al E. Smith

Stealth Working Card Tricks by Al E. SmithA stealthy count-up uncovers the not-at-all secret fact that, including covers, contents page and similar paraphernalia, Stealth Working Card Tricks is a 71 page ebook twinkling with bit-size chunks of card-flavoured conjuriana, dripping with dollops of amiable waffle to cheer them on.

Nothing complicated, general card handling ability is the main requirement. Roughly translated, Stealth Working Card Tricks is a gentle confection of ideas, envelope nudging principles and deceptions, suppositions and similar. An ebook of card tricks, really.

  • Introdecktion
  • Oddment-ality
  • Why Stealth
  • Stealth...
2017 / 5 / 28

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Inner Secrets of Crooked Card Players

S. Victor Innis

Inner Secrets of Crooked Card Players by S. Victor InnisThis very rare, and highly sought after, gambling book from 1915 is finally available. This book was the first to publish the fact that eight out-faro shuffles brings the deck back in its original order.
  • Preface
  • Stacking Or Running Up Cards
  • Controlling Four Aces And Four Kings By Stacking And Bottom Dealing
  • Stacking Cards With The Faro Riffle
  • Combination Cold Deck And Faro Riffle
  • False Cuts
  • Marked Cards
  • Controlling Cards In The Draw
  • The Tip
  • Telling Hole Cards In Stud Poker
  • The Draw Out In Stud Poker
  • Edge Work For The Draw Out In Stud
  • The Spread
  • Second Dealing
  • Cold Decking ...
2017 / 5 / 24

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Double Eidetic Change

Brick Tilley

Double Eidetic Change by Brick TilleyAn advancement on Ed Marlo's iconic card change. See video below. You can only perform this at a table with an assistant.

1st edition 2017, 4 pages.

2017 / 5 / 21

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Edward Marlo

Estimation by Edward MarloRevolutionary Card Technique No. 13. An ebook on an intriguing aspect of card magic. Both mechanical and natural estimation.
  • Estimation
  • Mechanical Estimation
    • First Method: The Comparison Method
    • Second Method: The Automatic Gauge Method
    • Third Method: The Nail Gauge
    • Fourth Method: Marlo's Favorite
    • Fifth Method: The Faro Check
  • Mechanical Estimation Effects
    • The Magic Card
    • "Think I'll Stop Here"
    • "Chosen Card Count Down"
    • The Tipoff
    • Reversed Card Out
  • Natural Estimation
    • Side Riffle Estimation
    • Pull Down Estimation
    • Back End Riffle Estimation
    • The Cut Estimate
    • Visual Retention...
2017 / 5 / 20

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Synergistic Poker

Steve Reynolds

Synergistic Poker by Steve ReynoldsForeword/Afterword by Jon Racherbaumer. Drawings by Tony Dunn.

Four cheating demonstrations are artfully interconnected (Synergized) to make a hard-hitting poker demonstration.

Playing Heavy, Push-Through Poker, Sharper-er's Image, Paris Slant Goes to Vegas

Intermediate card handling coupled with key subtleties create a balanced method and hard-hitting routine.

Jack Carpenter: "This mini card act is superb. Fantastic combination of gambling themed effects that will floor anybody. Just about everything that a layman could imagine that a "Super Card Cheat" could accomplish happens in this routine(s)!"...
2017 / 5 / 20

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Two Controls

Steve Reynolds

Two Controls by Steve ReynoldsIn this ebook Steve teaches two easy and direct card controls.

If you can hold a deck of cards and push a card square, you have all the skill needed--along with Steve's usual detailed teaching, you'll have a real fooling control for both laymen and magicians.

Included is an over-the-shoulder teach-in video in which every fine point is discussed and demonstrated for solid understanding.

1st edition 2017, 5 pages + video.

2017 / 5 / 20

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Warp Factor

Reg Coppicus

Warp Factor by Reg CoppicusIdeas and Routines for Card Warp.
  • Foreword
  • Notes
  • Routines
    • Witch Hunt
    • Physics Class
    • Batman Unmasked
    • Card Warp - 'David Blaine style'
    • Beat the Challenge
    • Spirit Contact
  • Ideas
  • Resources

1st edition 2017, 12 pages.

2017 / 5 / 20

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My Favorite Easy Mental Card Magic

George B. Anderson

My Favorite Easy Mental Card Magic by George B. Anderson
  • Subliminal Parapsychology
  • Mental Elimination
  • The Great Lottery
  • Mental Count Formula
  • A Quickie
  • Fortune Telling By Cards
  • A Human Lie Detector
  • Hi, There, Princess!
  • No Carbon Impression
  • The Unaware Confederates
  • Reading Cards Behind Your Back
  • Think Of A Card
  • A Playing Card Book Test
  • Enough Of A Good Thing

1st edition 1980, 24 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 20 pages.

2017 / 5 / 14

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