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The most popular tricks are card tricks. Take a pack of cards and perform a miracle. Some of the masters whoes work you will find here are Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Roberto Giobbi and many many more. A pack of cards with its 52 pasteboards allows a shear infinite number of combinations and variations of card tricks. A philosophical question to ask would be if there are a finite number of card tricks possible or an infinite number. Looking at the amount of published card tricks it appears to be for all practical purposes infinite. Nevertheless the classic themes remain extremely popular and effective. It is hard to top a good ambitious card routine, card warp, oil and water, card to wallet (or other impossible locations), or torn and resored card etc. But occasionally we are blessed with the grace of a genius who gives us the gift of a completely new trick, concept or principle.

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    Depth Delusion by David Walsh    Jazzy Transposition 2 by Jim Sisti    Quarks and Quirks by (Benny) Ben Harris    Exit 51 by (Benny) Ben Harris    A Case For Cards by Ken de Courcy    Impossible by Ronald Wood    The Cards Will Back You Up by Erivan Vazquez    Getting Ambitious With Color Monte by Steve Pellegrino    The Holy Dixie Cup by David Devlin    Deceptions by Daniel Madison    Behind My Back by Abhinav Bothra    Photographic Memory Experiment by Mike Kempner    Theta Waves by David Devlin    The Best 200 Tricks With A Svengali Deck by Jim McKeague    Sub Rosa 7 by Werner Miller    Ken on Kards: Card Magic for Non-Card-Men by Ken de Courcy    Extreme Pickpocketing by Mats G. Kjellstrom    The Real Work by Wesley James    Palming by Ian Kendall    OOPS 2 by Paul Hallas    Trapped by David Devlin    My Best Card Trick by Harry Baron    Count Down by Ken de Courcy    Paul Gordon Bundle 2 by Paul Gordon    Paul Gordon Bundle 1 by Paul Gordon    The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 3 by Mark Leveridge    The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 2 by Mark Leveridge    The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 1 by Mark Leveridge    Queens Quartet by Ronald Wood    Cards and Strangers by Ronald Wood    Trio by Peter Duffie    Triple Impact by Paul A. Lelekis    Knockout Tossed Out by Devin Knight    Direct Deceptions by Steve Reynolds    Find The Royal Flush by RaphaŰl Czaja    Monte's Double: A Three Card Monte Effect by Steve Sanders    Derek Dingle's Last Notes by Rich Marotta & Simon Lovell    Lager Switch by Alexander de Cova    ABhyaas Change by Abhinav Bothra    TNT: card in sealed envelope by Alexander de Cova    The Work Volume 5: The Top Change by Ian Kendall    Card Sight: Give Two People Psychic Power by Devin Knight    The Bart Harding Secret by misdirects    T&R Holdout by David Walsh    The Work Volume 4: The Pass by Ian Kendall    Hammer Smashed Aces by David Devlin    Spelling Deck by Jozsef Kovacs    Moment's Notice 8 by Cameron Francis    Immortal by David Devlin    Words for Thoughts by Steve Sanders
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Depth Delusion by David Walsh
Depth Delusion

While the move demonstrated does seem to look like a "Depth illusion", it is not. Hence "Delusion".

The original "Depth Illusion" or perhaps, "Tilt" move was invented by either Dai Vernon or Ed Marlo.

Either way, this move, Depth

David Walsh21 Jul 2014$2.00

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Jazzy Transposition 2 by Jim Sisti
Jazzy Transposition 2

Four Jokers mysteriously vanish from one place and reappear in another...

The cards certainly appear ordinary...but your audience will be rubbing its eyes as four bicycle-riding Kings disappear right off the faces of four Jokers one at a time and

Jim Sisti15 Jul 2014$9.95

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Quarks and Quirks by (Benny) Ben Harris
Quarks and Quirks

"Some of the most clever takes on the Torn and Restored Card in years, Ben Harris' Quarks & Quirks is an invigorating journey of topological twists and tears." - Richard Kaufman
A journey beyond the tear, inspired by the weird world of Quantum
(Benny) Ben Harris14 Jul 2014$20.00

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Exit 51 by (Benny) Ben Harris
Exit 51

"A beautifully realized moment of astonishment ... the new gimmick is very clever indeed!" - Paul Harris

"A stunning vanishing deck that takes an original idea by Paul Harris and sends it to the moon." - Richard Kaufman

The remarkable
(Benny) Ben Harris14 Jul 2014$15.00

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A Case For Cards by Ken de Courcy
A Case For Cards

In this short thesis I'm going to discuss a fairly well-known plot ... "The Card in the Card-case". If you think about it, there's more 'logic' in this effect than in, for example, "The Card in Matchbox"; the card-case is
Ken de Courcy13 Jul 2014$5.00

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Impossible by Ronald Wood

What is Impossible?

Impossible is a tried and tested workable effect that will stun your audience! (Especially if one of them asks you 'that' IMPOSSIBLE question!) "Can we shuffle the cards? Can we just cut to and look at a card? Can YOU find

Ronald Wood1 Jul 2014$5.00

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The Cards Will Back You Up by Erivan Vazquez
The Cards Will Back You Up

With this trick you will be able to read your spectator's mind and also to see through the cards just as if you had X-Ray eyes.
  • You never know the spectator's card
  • You never look at the faces of the cards after the selection has been made
  • Self-working
  • Works
Erivan Vazquez29 Jun 2014$7.00

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Getting Ambitious With Color Monte by Steve Pellegrino
Getting Ambitious With Color Monte

Jim Temple's classic packet effect many of us learned early on is still an amazing routine and has been part of Steve Pellegrino's working close-up repertoire for 30 years.

The classic Color Monte shines over other packet monte routines in several

Steve Pellegrino29 Jun 2014$7.95

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The Holy Dixie Cup by David Devlin
The Holy Dixie Cup

A deck is borrowed. It is thoroughly shuffled by a spectator. The performer has any spectator think of any number between one and fifty-two, but not to reveal it to anyone until asked by the performer. Nothing is written down. The number is simply thought
David Devlin29 Jun 2014$8.00

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Deceptions by Daniel Madison

You get here 35 effects of close-up deceptions with a deck of playing cards. In this ebook, Daniel teaches the most powerful effects from his personal repertoire. New introduction and personal insights have been added to effect descriptions.


Daniel Madison24 Jun 2014$50.00

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Behind My Back by Abhinav Bothra
Behind My Back

Another version to the classic Card Calling Trick but this one is on steroids.

The spectator selects 4 cards while the performer is facing away. After selection, the performer turns his back toward the spectator. The spectator shuffles the 4 cards

Abhinav Bothra23 Jun 2014$4.95

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Photographic Memory Experiment by Mike Kempner
Photographic Memory Experiment

Have you ever wanted to hypnotize someone to have a photographic memory? Now, you can create this illusion using a fantastic principle applied in an innovative way. This effect uses only a deck of playing cards (which can be borrowed, no set-up required
Mike Kempner22 Jun 2014$4.00

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Theta Waves by David Devlin
Theta Waves

Nick Trost's "Eight Card Brainwave" is a classic and killer effect. That effect was the starting point for David when "Theta Waves" was in an embryonic state. What David has done is created an "Eight Card Brainwave" effect that is totally examinable.
David Devlin20 Jun 2014$8.00

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The Best 200 Tricks With A Svengali Deck by Jim McKeague
The Best 200 Tricks With A Svengali Deck

This exclusive book has now been republished as an ebook. Encyclopaedic in scope, with notes on making, handling, pitching, and performing in a variety of situations.


  • Handling the Svengali Deck
  • Pitching the Svengali Deck
  • About the
Jim McKeague18 Jun 2014$10.00

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Sub Rosa 7 by Werner Miller
Sub Rosa 7

More new math-based and self-working magic tricks from Werner Miller.
  • Two Questions
  • Under/Down Sandwich
  • Tag Team
  • Lie + Truth = ?
  • 1 + 3 = 4
  • Take Five
  • A Nest of Predictions
  • Viale
  • As the Saying Goes
  • Echo
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Determined
Werner Miller16 Jun 2014$12.00

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Ken on Kards: Card Magic for Non-Card-Men by Ken de Courcy
Ken on Kards: Card Magic for Non-Card-Men

The title of this little booklet is self-explanatory. In the pages of this lecture Ken gives advice on how to create a card act. He begins explaining his twists on classic card moves as the pass, card changes and force. Then he gives a brief description
Ken de Courcy16 Jun 2014$5.00

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Extreme Pickpocketing by Mats G. Kjellstrom
Extreme Pickpocketing

Pluck a selected card from within a shuffled deck inside a closed card box in the spectators jacket pocket! In less of a second!

Detailed Effect:

The spectator selects a card and shows it to the audience and memorizes it, the spectator puts it

Mats G. Kjellstrom16 Jun 2014$8.00

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The Real Work by Wesley James
The Real Work

Many magic books come and go but when Wesley James releases a new book, serious students of magic pay attention. This is his first all new book since 2007 and it shows the same consideration for detail and exceptional technique he always delivers. In addition,
Wesley James8 Jun 2014$60.00

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Palming by Ian Kendall

Palming - This video pack contains three video lessons on palming cards - the two handed top card palm, the one handed top card palm and the Gambler's cop. 27 minutes in total, these lessons will have you palming cards with confidence in a relatively
Ian Kendall8 Jun 2014$10.00

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OOPS 2 by Paul Hallas

OOPS 2 contains ten strong card effects, for the most part familiar plots with economy of move construction and/or great presentations. They are:

Buddah's Card to Wallet - An enlightened look at a familiar card plot with a pathway item described

Paul Hallas5 Jun 2014$12.00

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