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The most popular tricks are card tricks. Take a pack of cards and perform a miracle. Some of the masters whoes work you will find here are Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Roberto Giobbi and many many more. A pack of cards with its 52 pasteboards allows a shear infinite number of combinations and variations of card tricks. A philosophical question to ask would be if there are a finite number of card tricks possible or an infinite number. Looking at the amount of published card tricks it appears to be for all practical purposes infinite. Nevertheless the classic themes remain extremely popular and effective. It is hard to top a good ambitious card routine, card warp, oil and water, card to wallet (or other impossible locations), or torn and resored card etc. But occasionally we are blessed with the grace of a genius who gives us the gift of a completely new trick, concept or principle.

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    Derek Dingle's Last Notes by Rich Marotta & Simon Lovell    Lager Switch by Alexander de Cova    ABhyaas Change by Abhinav Bothra    TNT: card in sealed envelope by Alexander de Cova    The Work Volume 5: The Top Change by Ian Kendall    Card Sight: Give Two People Psychic Power by Devin Knight    The Bart Harding Secret by misdirects    T&R Holdout by David Walsh    The Work Volume 4: The Pass by Ian Kendall    Hammer Smashed Aces by David Devlin    Spelling Deck by Jozsef Kovacs    Moment's Notice 8 by Cameron Francis    Immortal by David Devlin    Words for Thoughts by Steve Sanders    Mark of the Devil: Six Slick Routines with a Marked Deck by Paul Voodini    Magic Tools of the Trade by Paul A. Lelekis    The Keeper Card Book by Tom Craven & Paul Gordon    Brain Scam by David Devlin    Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck Manual by Ted Lesley & Eric Mason & David Britland    Hungary for Cards by Aldo Colombini    Oiled and Watered: A Mystery in Ten Movements by Jon Racherbaumer    Wavey Train by David Devlin    The Second 16th Card Book: Volume 2 by Paul Gordon    The Second 16th Card Book: Volume 1 by Tom Craven & Paul Gordon    Aldo on Trost Volume 16 by Aldo Colombini    Collins's Card Conceits by Stanley Collins & Paul Gordon    Coloration by John Gelasi    Classic Card Tricks by Edward Victor    Card Tricks for Beginners by Wilfrid Jonson    Card Manipulations (Dover edition) by Jean Hugard    Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (Dover Edition) by Jean Hugard    Expert Card Technique (Dover Edition) by Jean Hugard & Frederick Braué    Self-Working Card Tricks by Karl Fulves    The Expert at the Card Table: The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation (Dover edition) by S. W. Erdnase    The Royal Road to Card Magic (Dover edition) by Jean Hugard & Frederick Braué    My Best Self-Working Card Tricks by Karl Fulves    One Red Hot Mother by David Devlin    The Complete Eye-Openers by Ralph W. Hull & Paul Gordon    Scarne on Card Tricks (Dover Edition) by John Scarne    The Black and Red Separation by Steve Pellegrino    Auto-Spell Deck by Devin Knight    Sleights and Subtleties 5 by Aldo Colombini    The Unplanned Card Book by Paul Gordon    Easy Lift: no get ready double lift by Devin Knight    Imago: The Empress Card Trick by Tony Binarelli & Flavio Desideri    K by Tony Binarelli    Mentalism with Cards by Paul Hallas    Coffee Break Mental Magic #3: Holmes and Moriarty by Paul Voodini    Esoteric Conspiracies: Cards by David Devlin    The Complete Dumbfounders with Cards by Eddie Joseph & Paul Gordon
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Derek Dingle's Last Notes by Rich Marotta & Simon Lovell
Derek Dingle's Last Notes

"Derek was a natural, surrounded by an aura of superb softness." - Jon Racherbaumer

"Derek Dingle was the single most talented sleight-of-hand artist with cards and coins that I've ever seen." - Richard Kaufman

TIME Magazine called
Rich Marotta &
Simon Lovell
14 Apr 2014 $14.95


Lager Switch by Alexander de Cova
Lager Switch

This has nothing to do with Lager Beer, but a lot with David Regal. REGAL read backwards is LAGER and that's where the name comes from. David's excellent "Clarity Box" that he marketed was the inspiration, in fact I actually use his box in this
Alexander de Cova 12 Apr 2014 $6.50


ABhyaas Change by Abhinav Bothra
ABhyaas Change

ABhyaas Change is a fast and stunning card color change that happens in a split second and a small shake. Often confused to be done using gimmicks, it is 100% IMPROMPTU and requires 100% SLEIGHT OF HAND. Taught here are four different ways of performing
Abhinav Bothra 12 Apr 2014 $5.95


TNT: card in sealed envelope by Alexander de Cova
TNT: card in sealed envelope

TNT is the ultimate card in envelope. A signed card appears in a sealed envelope that has been in full view all the time. So easy to execute, but completely baffling. Perfect for close-up, parlor and trade show magic. A real stunner that can be built
Alexander de Cova 8 Apr 2014 $20.00


The Work Volume 5: The Top Change by Ian Kendall
The Work Volume 5: The Top Change

This ebook covers three different handlings of the top change, as well as the book change, the Erdnase change and Marlo's Snap Change. 56 photographs and 13 video clips show the moves in the kind of detail that is to be expected from Ian's teaching.
Ian Kendall 5 Apr 2014 $15.00


Card Sight: Give Two People Psychic Power by Devin Knight
Card Sight: Give Two People Psychic Power

#12 In Devin Knight's Psychic Sight Series

Here is a different approach to the classic Out Of This World effect. It does away with stacked decks and having to change the color of the indicator card in the middle of the deal. The participants can shuffle

Devin Knight 3 Apr 2014 $15.00


The Bart Harding Secret by misdirects
The Bart Harding Secret

If you are a fan of magic involving memorized decks or algorithmic stacks, you may wish to check out the following manuscript, called The Bart Harding Secret. As many of you may know, Darwin Ortiz published a method of transforming a deck from New
misdirects 31 Mar 2014 $8.00


T&R Holdout by David Walsh
T&R Holdout

JC Wagner's Torn and Restored Card is an excellent effect for table hopping. However, it has two major problems: multiple performance and pocket management.

Around 15 years ago David devised a holdout, dealing with the issues, that allowed him

David Walsh 30 Mar 2014 $25.00


The Work Volume 4: The Pass by Ian Kendall
The Work Volume 4: The Pass

Following on from Michael Close's ground breaking series of eBooks, Ian has taken over The Work with volume 4 - The Pass. This eBook combines the detailed, structured writing for which Ian has become known with clear photographs and sixteen video
Ian Kendall 29 Mar 2014 $15.00


Hammer Smashed Aces by David Devlin
Hammer Smashed Aces

This effect has nothing to do with hammers or smashing things. It does have to do with the aces, however. The title came about because David was listening to Cannibal Corpse while He was playing around with this routine, and the song that was on was, "Hammer
David Devlin 29 Mar 2014 $10.00


Spelling Deck by Jozsef Kovacs
Spelling Deck

Six tricks with an easy to make deck of cards.

An ACAAN-variation. The magician introduces two decks of cards: one has a blue back, the other red. The blue deck is shuffled and tabled. The red deck is numbered from 1 to 52 on the back of the

Jozsef Kovacs 20 Mar 2014 $15.00


Moment's Notice 8 by Cameron Francis
Moment's Notice 8

"Another super-commercial, high-impact collection from the fertile mind of Cameron Francis. This is the perfect finale to the extremely well thought-out 'Moment's Notice' series. Highly recommended." - D. Ulin, Los Angeles, CA

"Six devilishly

Cameron Francis 16 Mar 2014 $12.00


Immortal by David Devlin

Have you ever wanted to take a deck of cards, and make your spectators truly believe that you are perhaps the greatest card sharp ever? David Devlin loves gambling routines, especially Poker deals. This just might be one of the most mind-numbing Poker
David Devlin 16 Mar 2014 $10.00


Words for Thoughts by Steve Sanders
Words for Thoughts

Seven great effects in one eBook, all based around James Ward's Wordsmith Deck - a pack of some fifty cards consisting of fifty different words.

Voyage and Return
Three spectators put their chosen word into an envelope, the envelopes are mixed

Steve Sanders 9 Mar 2014 $10.00


Mark of the Devil: Six Slick Routines with a Marked Deck by Paul Voodini
Mark of the Devil: Six Slick Routines with a Marked Deck

This manuscript features six routines from Paul Voodini, all utilizing a marked deck. As well as fully explaining the routines, Paul also discusses many subtleties that allow the performer to use a marked deck with confidence and the 'tricks of the trade'
Paul Voodini 8 Mar 2014 $6.50


Magic Tools of the Trade by Paul A. Lelekis
Magic Tools of the Trade

Become a real sleight of hand expert! PLUS 12 excellent tricks and a bonus effect!

Paul Lelekis has written an incredible ebook that every performer must have to make him or her the very best performer possible. This is not just a treatise of sleights

Paul A. Lelekis 2 Mar 2014 $10.00


The Keeper Card Book by Tom Craven & Paul Gordon
The Keeper Card Book

This ebook is all about John Quine's startlingly good "keeper" concept. The Keeper is a Straddle Faro that shuffles the entire deck but retains the second from top card in situ. But, that's just the tip of the iceberg...

This ebook is a reprint

Tom Craven &
Paul Gordon
2 Mar 2014 $10.00


Brain Scam by David Devlin
Brain Scam

Move over, "Three Card Monte"! There is a new BAD ASS kid in town. His name is, "Brain Scam", and He takes no prisoners!

David Devlin has created a fool-proof scam that seems so fair and so honest; suckers cannot wait to plunk down their cash and

David Devlin 2 Mar 2014 $10.00


Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck Manual by Ted Lesley & Eric Mason & David Britland
Ted Lesley's Working Performer's Marked Deck Manual

"I must congratulate you on producing the most readable 'Reader' deck I have ever seen." - Billy McComb

"A bold yet deceptive marking system that reveals the cards as fast as you can glance at them. An absolute boon to the professional

Ted Lesley &
Eric Mason &
David Britland
15 Feb 2014 $10.00


Hungary for Cards by Aldo Colombini
Hungary for Cards

The creator of these effects, Jozsef Kovacs, is a Hungarian magician who became interested in magic at the age of four. He was living in a small village but only when he moved to Budapest he was able to find a magic store and the possibility to find
Aldo Colombini 13 Feb 2014 $10.00


Displaying 1 to 20 (of 1494 products) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next >>] 

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