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The most popular tricks are card tricks. Take a pack of cards and perform a miracle. Some of the masters whoes work you will find here are Dai Vernon, Tony Slydini, Roberto Giobbi and many many more. A pack of cards with its 52 pasteboards allows a shear infinite number of combinations and variations of card tricks. A philosophical question to ask would be if there are a finite number of card tricks possible or an infinite number. Looking at the amount of published card tricks it appears to be for all practical purposes infinite. Nevertheless the classic themes remain extremely popular and effective. It is hard to top a good ambitious card routine, card warp, oil and water, card to wallet (or other impossible locations), or torn and resored card etc. But occasionally we are blessed with the grace of a genius who gives us the gift of a completely new trick, concept or principle.

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Calling Cards

Calling Cards by Scott F. GuinnA feature show-stopping mentalism routine

You remove a deck of cards from its case. To preclude the possibility of any sleight-of-hand, you put it in a clear glass tumbler, holding it up for all to see, the face of the pack toward the audience. You begin moving cards, one at a time, from the back of the deck to the face, and seven audience members take turns saying, "Stop" wherever they choose. As each person stops you, the next card is dealt face down on the table. Everyone agrees that this procedure has been totally fair.

The glass (with the deck still in it) is set aside. You pick up...

Scott F. Guinn9 Feb 2016$10.00

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The Stack and System Maigret

The Stack and System Maigret by Danny Crauwels & Chris WasshuberThe problem with all existing memorized stack systems is that they use memorization systems not specifically designed for a memorized stack. Most memory systems are designed for the retention of LOTS of information for a relatively SHORT amount of time. When Dominic O'Brien memorizes 54 decks of cards (more than 2800 cards) with a particular journey system then he retains that information for a couple of hours max. After that he has forgotten the sequence. He has to, because around the corner waits another memory challenge where he has to memorize many other things. However, the magician ideally wants to remember...
Danny Crauwels &
Chris Wasshuber
4 Feb 2016$20.00

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Simple Yet Effective Tricks with Cards

Simple Yet Effective Tricks with Cards by Jerry MentzerA wonderful photo illustrated ebook on card tricks, many of them have been personal favorites of Mentzer's. Some have been in Mentzer's repertoire for years. And yet, as the title clearly states, all of them are really easy to do.


  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Card Tricks
    • Spectator Finds Your Card
    • Two Card Reverse
    • The Leaders
    • Comedy Five Of Clubs
    • Card Mix Up
    • Card In The Pocket - Version One
    • Card In The Pocket - Version Two
  • Chapter Two: Locators And Tricks With Locators
    • Bottom Card Locator
    • Top And Bottom Card Locator
    • Betcha
    • Think Stop
  • Chapter Three: Prearranged...
Jerry Mentzer4 Feb 2016$7.00

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Shuffle The Spectators

Shuffle The Spectators by A. K. DuttIf you already own Some Total 2.0 or if you buy it together with this one, you will get this ebook for just $4.

This routine is a blend of a card effect and a couple of simple coin moves, designing a game of choices that ends on a high note. In brief, three spectators freely select a number and a card, then they switch places, which means they will receive the number of somebody else, but their card still appears at that new number.

It can either be presented as card magic or as a mentalism effect, both close-up or on stage, depending on your performing taste or choice. Everything appears fair and square,...

A. K. Dutt4 Feb 2016$7.00

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Canned Dunbury

Canned Dunbury by Scott F. GuinnA comedy card on seat routine with a twist.

This one is an absolute killer! Scott's Comedy Card on Seat routine uses a different method from the well-known Chuck Fayne or gaffed chair routines. The audience participant joins you up front and sits in an ordinary chair. Then, while you look away, he selects and signs a card, replaces it anywhere he wants in the deck and thoroughly shuffles the deck before returning it to you. After some fun, and very amusing byplay, the card vanishes, followed by a kick-in-the-head moment that NOBODY sees coming, before it is revealed that he is SITTING on...

Scott F. Guinn1 Feb 2016$10.00

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The Emulators

The Emulators by Mark E. BeckEffect:

The spectator selects a card from the performer’s deck and does not reveal it to the performer until requested to do so. The performer then shows a packet of four Jokers to the spectator, displaying the faces and backs of all four cards. He then asks the spectator to wave his selected card over the Jokers he is holding in his hand. When the performer turns the packet face up and displays the cards, they are no longer Jokers! Instead, all four cards are now identical to the spectator’s selected card!

But that’s not all! When the performer squares the four cards back together,...

Mark E. Beck31 Jan 2016$10.00

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Predestination by Gerard ZittaThis effect is a variation of an effect called ACAT (Any Card At Any Time), extracted from CLUE ebook. It can be presented with playing cards, or special cards (like the Vernet PSImbol deck, or movies (like Directors's cut or Screen test), French postcards, etc.), or just with blank index cards or your own business cards (with drawings, symbols, words, numbers, etc. on the back). It is not a card trick, but rather a mystery or paradox.

It is hands-off, automatic, self-working, can be done over the phone or sight unseen, stand up, close up or stage (with jumbo cards). It is easy, practical, and...

Gerard Zitta29 Jan 2016$5.00

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Working Progress: tricks I do for money

Working Progress: tricks I do for money by John HoltWorking Progress is a short ebook of six tricks that I use when working for real, live human beings. They're all practical tricks that work in pretty much any performing environment you could possibly find yourself.

Inside you'll find a cool transposition that you'll love to perform, a chop cup routine which includes TWO fabulous endings that get round the awkward "putting the lemons back into your pocket" reset moment, a great use for the Phil deck that you can use for parlour performances or to open a set at a house party, plus there's a routine for the card to wallet that doesn't foreshadow...

John Holt29 Jan 2016$10.00

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A Thought Left Unsaid

A Thought Left Unsaid by Abhinav BothraA thought of card is conveyed to everyone (without writing down or uttering a single word) while the performer has his back towards the audience.

Once done, the performer turns back asks a couple of unrelated questions and hesitatingly pulls out a single card from a deck of playing cards. And that happens to be their thought of card.

  • No stooges or confederates
  • Borrowed deck
  • Angle proof (can be done surrounded)
  • Super easy to do

1st edition 2016, 6 pages.

Abhinav Bothra29 Jan 2016$5.00

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The NTE Principle

The NTE Principle by Ronald Levy & Devin KnightThe perfect trick for getting booked on radio shows!

"Very deceptive, very nice!" - Tom Craven
The NTE Principle is a self-working hands-off effect that can be done over a cell phone, in a room full of people or even over the radio for thousands of people at the same time. It's an amazing effect where people select a playing card, lose it into the deck and then the magician is able to locate the card without ever actually seeing the cards.

When Devin Knight was performing as a psychic, he did this trick over dozens of radio stations locating thousands of people's selected cards at the same...

Ronald Levy &
Devin Knight
26 Jan 2016$8.00

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Easy Card Magic

Easy Card Magic by Rob RoyThe title says it all.
  • Calendar Cards
  • Take A Card
  • The Kick Trick
  • The Magic Adding Cards
  • Mental Telepathy
  • Pick-Pocket
  • The Gabby Old Maid
  • Seven Keys
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Allah! Allah!
  • The Climbing Card
  • The Quivering Voice
  • The Flying Ace
  • The Four Of Eight Mystery
  • Coin On Card
  • Up She Goes
  • The Magic Spell
  • Card Concentration
  • In The Bag
  • The Royal Blush
  • The Escalator
  • The Turning Queens
  • Ghosts! Spooks!
  • Blow Hard!
  • The Turned-Up Bottom
  • The Magic Message
  • Vice-Versa
  • Come Seven
  • Hit The Deck
  • Hide And Seek
  • Relativity
  • To Sort The Pack Without Looking At The Cards
  • To Guess One Of Sixteen...
Rob Roy23 Jan 2016$3.00

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Connections by Tom PhoenixThis is a two phase mentalism/card magic effect, involving a couple transpositions; both begin in the mind, then manifest into the physical. It's a fun and fairly simple routine that packs a punch and will have your participants wondering.

The first phase is an in-the-hands transposition of two spectator signed cards, and the second phase is a mental transposition of thought and a physical transformation of material.

  • No duplicates
  • No gimmicks
  • No dual reality
  • This is 100% clean
Additional presentation ideas are included, as well as tips and subtleties to apply to the rest of your...
Tom Phoenix22 Jan 2016$13.00

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A Way With Cards

A Way With Cards by Al E. SmithIncluding covers, contents page and suchlike, A Way With Cards is a 65 page ebook overflowing with 28 individual card items and lots of waffle to cheer them on.

A well-shuffled mix of thoughts, ideas, opinions and similar to titillate the palate. Regular street-worn cardboardian craziness and nothing too convoluted or finger breaking. Plenty to shake the windows of the card resistant few, and a soothing blend for Cardonians.


  • Introdecktion
  • Predictional
  • The Twenty-Second Modulation
  • The Diskard Deceit
  • The Diskard Protocol
  • The Diskard Device
  • The Diskard Reversal
  • Forced...
Al E. Smith19 Jan 2016$24.00

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13mm of Si Stebbins

13mm of Si Stebbins by Unknown MentalistThis special introductory price will go up to $12 from 15th February, 2016.

This is a secret method in plain sight. Maybe this can also be called as Si Stebbins Easy Memory System.

A simple method to use Si Stebbins +3 stack as a Memorized Deck. Given a card position you will know the card identity or vice versa, very easily. Once you learn this you are bound to get the "why didn't I think of this myself" feeling. There is also a novel but easy suit sequencing method which makes the suit order more random instead of the red/black alternating look of chased, shocked etc.

A cool routine...

Unknown Mentalist19 Jan 2016$6.00

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The Universal Card

The Universal Card by Jon RacherbaumerThis ebook explores variations on the Universal Card theme, is part of the Yod series. Universal Card is a classic card plot in which a single card (like the joker) transforms to one at a time to match each of the selected cards. Originally posed by Karl Fulves in his Pallbearers Review, where he used the term "Universal Card", a name that caught on.
  • The Hypnotic Card
  • Marlo's Favorite Universal
  • Universal Solutions
  • Universal IV
  • Tout's Universal
  • The Chameleon Card
  • Universal Combine
  • Hypno-Versal Way
  • Cervon's Universals
  • More Universals
  • Not Quite Ambiguous Universal
  • Full-Circle Universal
  • Open-Faced...
Jon Racherbaumer17 Jan 2016$6.00

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Double Decker

Double Decker by Paul A. LelekisTwo superb card routines that you will be proud to perform! PLUS...a four page INTRODUCTION about HOW to bring your spectators in your "magical universe", making the magic about THEM by using 3 examples - This Intro is a MUST READ! The INTRODUCTION is worth twice the price.

Paul has provided two videos, explaining Paul's famous underground sleight, The Simplex Bottom Reversal showing 4 different ways to use this valuable sleight.

1) JOKER SANDWICH SURPRISE - This is one of the best "openers" you could imagine. Place the Jokers out on the table - (they can be inspected) and then begin a...

Paul A. Lelekis16 Jan 2016$7.00

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The MIQa Box

The MIQa Box by Tom PhoenixTwo Deck Switches for the workers.

This is the evolution of the MIQa Box 3.0, including the previous two versions. This box allows you to easily switch one deck for another, under the guise of starting to put the deck away or putting the box off to the side. It's a very natural movement, without the discrepancies of other devices.

There are two versions included. Both of them work very well, so you choose which one you like better.

[Don't forget to download the PDF that goes along with this video from your digital shelf.]

1st edition 2016, length 36 min.

Tom Phoenix11 Jan 2016$14.95

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Card Ideas

Card Ideas by Matt du HeaumeFive Impromptu card tricks with a regular deck. No hard sleights, no gaffs and no setups!

The Magic Number: A close-up version of the classic 'Six Card Repeat', with a killer ending they won't see coming.

Gone Figured: A super simple handling of a classic Larry Jennings effect. From a genuinely shuffled deck, a spectator locates a four-of-a-kind without the slightest idea how they did it.

Cheap Suit: The Four aces identify the suit of card chosen by process of elimination. The selection itself makes a surprising appearance. A great quickie for when someone hands you a deck.

PAC-MAAN: A prediction...

Matt du Heaume10 Jan 2016$7.00

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The Cosmic Connection / The Cosmic Deck

The Cosmic Connection / The Cosmic Deck by Alec PendleEffect:

You show two packs of cards. One red and one blue backed. You ask a spectator to touch one of the packs. The pack is offered to the spectator and she is asked to put the pack of cards in a pocket. Taking the pack of cards with the blue backs you fan them face and back to show that the cards are normal. You shuffle the cards, cut and complete the cut. The cards are spread face down on the table and you ask a spectator to run his fingers backwards and forwards across the cards...using his hand rather like a pendulum. At any moment he chooses you ask him to touch the back of one of the...

Alec Pendle9 Jan 2016$7.00

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Safe Bet: card in wallet

Safe Bet: card in wallet by Pablo AmiráSafe Bet is not only a "named card in wallet" that you WILL use, but is a mini course in communicational skills for mystery performers. Imagine using a simple procedure, in which your participant will feel that his choices were 100% free, still you are able to predict his final decision.
  • Normal wallet
  • No multiple cards
  • Packs flat, plays huge
"You have done a good job of clearly explaining the "flow" of the eq*****e." - Luke Jermay

"This is a very well written routine and what I like most is the coreorgraphy Pablo has created around the equ****e. Well done my friend!" - Luca Volpe

1st edition 2016,...

Pablo Amirá5 Jan 2016$12.00

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