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Marty Bergen

Marty Bergen

Born 1948 of Farmington, New York, Bridge teacher, writer and Bridge professional since 1976. Won tennis championships in high school and college.

Has had two regular columns in Master Pointers section of the ACBL Bridge Bulletin since 1976 and the Bridge Today since 1988. Author of several books.

Well-known for his development of new conventions and treatments, many of which are in common use. He also assisted with the development of Law of Total Tricks, support doubles and 1 Notrump semi-forcing. Bergen's aggressive preemptive bidding style prompted ACBL to pass the 5-5 rule in 1984.

WBF world master, placed ninth Rosenblum teams 1986, 1990. ACBL grand life master with 12,644 master points as of March 2001, won BAM Teams 1981, 1984; Blue Ribbon Pairs 1983, 1988; Men's Pairs, Life Master Men's Pairs 1983, 1988; Men's Pairs, Life Master Men's Pairs 1983; Spingold 1984, Reisinger Teams 1985, 1991; Life Master Pairs 1988. Some of his second places are GNOT 1979, 1991; Vanderbilt 1983, 1990; Spingold, GNOP 1984; Men's Pairs 1986. Has won more than 60 Regionals. Won Cavendish Invitational twice, has played in other international invitational tournaments.

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Pocket Posh Tips for Bridge Players

Downtown Bookworks & Marty Bergen

Pocket Posh Tips for Bridge Players by Downtown Bookworks & Marty BergenIn Pocket Posh Tips for Bridge Players ten-time national champion and WBF World Master Marty Bergen offers his essential tips for bridge players, as well as insights on the Law of Total Tricks, the Rule of 20, Bromad, and much more.
2013 / 2 / 10

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Marty Sez

Marty Bergen

Marty Sez by Marty BergenThis ebook includes 114 very practical tips on a variety of subjects with practical, easy to digest examples.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Getting Off On the Right Foot
  2. 2. Hand Evaluation
  3. 3. Opener’s Decisions
  4. 4. Responder’s Decisions
  5. 5. Notrump Bidding
  6. 6. All About Slam
  7. 7. Passed Hand Bidding
  8. 8. Preempts — We Do It
  9. 9. Preempts — They Do It
  10. 10. Competitive Auctions
  11. 11. I’ll Have a Double
  12. 12. Impressive Declarer Play
  13. 13. The Defense Never Rests
  14. Glossary
  15. Recommended Reading
2008 / 2 / 23

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Understanding 1NT Forcing

Marty Bergen

Understanding 1NT Forcing by Marty BergenRegardless of your system, 1NT is the likely response to an opening bid in a major. You can acquire the judgment needed to make the right rebids, raises and responses.
  1. Which hands should respond 1NT, and which hands should not.
  2. "6-4 bid more." But should opener rebid the 6, or show the 4?
  3. "It's not Impossible." Responder's Impossible 2 Rebid.
  4. When responder is a passed hand, what's different?
  5. How to cope with an opponent's overcall.
This electronic version has been enhanced with color and bookmarks to allow convenient browsing and reading.

1st edition 2002; 48 pages.
2007 / 10 / 6

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