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Whether or not you believe what is written in the Bible, it cannot be argued that no other book has had the same impact on the world. With a history that covers more than 4000 years and written by 40 different authors over a period of 1500 years, it stands alone as an historical text. Our English word Bible, from the Latin biblia and the Greek biblios, simply means book. From the second century A.D., the Christian church has used the term Bible to refer to the sixty-six books that they hold to be Scripture.

The Bible also gives a purpose for history. History is not merely a series of unrelated events. The Bible tells us the beginning and shows a progression to an end, and promises that the world in which we live, with all its corruption, will one day be made into a new world without sin.

The Bible served as a basis for modern scientific pursuits. Modern science was born in the seventeenth century because of a belief in an unchanging God of order, purpose, and consistency; the God portrayed in the Bible.

Now here's the picture: 1,600 years,60 generations, 40-plus authors, different walks of life, different places, different times, different moods, different continents, three languages, writing on hundreds of controversial subjects and yet when they are brought together, there is absolute harmony from beginning to end...There is no other book in history to even compare to the uniqueness of this continuity.

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