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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, techniques and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or study the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subcategories to find what you are looking for.

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Supplementary Magic


Supplementary Magic by Elbiquet
  • Preface
    • Section I: CARD TRICKS
      • Palming Cards - Improved Method
      • Naming a Card that has been removed from a Pack
      • Improved Method of finding a Card in a selected Position in the Pack
      • An invisible Flight of a Card
      • Rising Card without Apparatus
      • Card Photography
      • The Four Ace Trick - A New Method
      • Two Cards placed in Envelopes Made to Change Places
      • The "Foreman and Miners" Trick
      • Magical Disappearance of Three Cards
      • A New Card Frame
      • The Drawer Box ...
2017 / 6 / 3

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Kolossal Bundle

Unknown Mentalist

Kolossal Bundle by Unknown Mentalist
"I think they (the routines) are amazing and a triumph of mentalism advancement. I have seen nothing like it before. Will try some slight revision and put the word list in a show to test it." - Marc Salem

"I just finished to read, you are a mathematical genius ! This is a very different approach to this classic, maybe not for everyone but something nice to have in the wallet. Bravo!" - Luca Volpe

2017 / 6 / 3

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Spirit Rope Ties

S. W. Reilly

Spirit Rope Ties by S. W. ReillyIf you are a magician or psychic entertainer looking for something different and exciting to add to your act, then your search is over!

The Spirit Rope Tie, long a staple of bogus spirit séances, offers the clever performer a fantastic array of performance possibilities for injecting fun, humor or mystery into his or her show. Whether played "straight" as a recreation of a vintage spirit séance, or as a comedic effect that gets funnier with each repetition, any one of the rope ties described in the ebook is strong enough to be a reputation maker for you.

Reilly doesn't make the reader...

2017 / 6 / 3

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The Magic 36

William S. Houghton

The Magic 36 by William S. HoughtonThis ebook contains excellent variety for magicians and mentalists of all performing capabilities and experience levels. The effects and routines include apparatus tricks, mental stunts, spirit writing, predictions, magazine and book tests, thumb ties, and tricks with cards, silks, coins, cigarettes, billiard balls, sponge ball and a terrific rope routine.

Written in easily understandable language with all moves clearly explained. In all there are 36 effects described, each worthy of adding to your act. Here is what's included:

  • Publisher's Introduction
  • American Beauty Production
  • "Number...
2017 / 6 / 3

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Triple Success

Raphaël Czaja

Triple Success by Raphaël CzajaThis is also included in Knocked For Six.

You remove the two Jokers and three indifferent cards from the deck so the spectator can't choose them. You write three predictions on your business cards. Then, the spectator cuts to three cards. He chooses to place one of them between the Jokers, another one among the three indifferent cards whereas the last one is reversed into the deck. The predictions match all the spectator's cards and choices!

Excerpts from a few Magic Cafe reviews:

"This prediction will make the spectator think that you can predict the future. I tried this on my wife, and she was completely...
2017 / 6 / 2

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Hints and Tips

Larry Brodahl

Hints and Tips by Larry BrodahlHave you ever done the "Needle Through Balloon" and had the balloon pop prematurely? No more - not even if you use Dollar General Balloons!

Have you ever struggled to transport your act? Here's help. Do you want a more visible and deceptive shuffle to use with the sidwalk shuffle? Gotcha covered! In this free ebook, Larry Brodahl - the author of the Scripted! Series gives you:

  • a method to never again pop a balloon during the Needle through balloon
  • handling to make the what's next trick more deceptive
  • a way to easily transport your act
  • a method to storage quickly and safely cords, ropes,...
2017 / 6 / 2

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Florentin Hold-Out Instructions

Martin Breese

Florentin Hold-Out Instructions by Martin BreeseThese are the instructions, including several photos, of the Florentin Hold-Out Martin Breese sold.

1st edition 2010, 8 pages.

2017 / 6 / 1

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Crazy Stunts for Comedy Occasions

Harlan Tarbell

Crazy Stunts for Comedy Occasions by Harlan TarbellA collection of skits for minstrel or vaudeville acts.
  • Introduction
  • Eating the Goldfish
  • A Powerful Blow
  • Buttoning Up the Vest
  • The Human Fire Department
  • The Missing Finger
  • An Up-to-Date Shell Game
  • One Among the Many
  • At Both Ends of a Rope
  • A Unique Plank Carrier
  • The Bologna Phone
  • The Onion Detector
  • Hl-KI, the Wonder Horse
  • Safety First
  • Mind Reading de Luxe
  • The Lie Detector
  • Keep Back the Squirrels
  • A Comedy Chalk Talk
  • A Proved Salary
  • The Chameleon Socks
  • The Busy Waiter 75 Such Is Life
  • The Chinese Paddles
  • The Traveling Coins
  • A Hypnotic Vanishing
  • An Unexpected...
2017 / 5 / 30

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Divide and Conquer

Tom Phoenix

Divide and Conquer by Tom PhoenixThis is a series of methods for taking a spectator-shuffled deck and sorting it into piles of red and black - while blindfolded.

And one of the methods (as shown in the demo) gives you the ability to identify the suit and value of each card of a borrowed, shuffled deck, requiring no memorization.

There are six methods in total, three of which use "special" decks (can still be used for your other card magic), and the other two use borrowed decks. All of them can be done blindfolded.

1st edition 2017, length 29 min

2017 / 5 / 29

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It Must Be Mindreading

George B. Anderson

It Must Be Mindreading by George B. AndersonThis is one of George Anderson's most outstanding publication. All one-man effects. No confederates or assistants. No cumbersome or heavy gimmicks. Balance between close-up and platform material. Only two card effects, both for close-up. Tested material routined by a showman. Everything practical for today's working conditions.
  • The First Prediction: A practical discussion of the mental act.
  • No Questions Written: A new concept of question answering that qualifies as sensational.
  • "Easy Money" Mindreading: With a 2 cent gimmick that's worth $10.00.
  • Playing Card Mindreading: A specialized...
2017 / 5 / 29

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Watch This One!

J. B. Bobo

Watch This One! by J. B. BoboThis ebook features a variety of strong and easy to perform tricks. Of course, as the author of Modern Coin Magic Bobo includes a solid section on coin tricks, but he also teaches routines with cards, thimbles, rope, and there is also a detailed section on sleeving. Bobo was a master of it.
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: New Card Technique
    • Multiple Card Control
    • Bottom Up
    • Bottom Peek
    • Top Peek
    • U Peek, I Peek
    • Color Change
    • The Ebling Crimp
  • Chapter II: Keys And Tricks Therewith
    • A New Key Card
    • The Isolated Key
    • Stop Card Trick
    • Found
    • Bobo Locatrix
    • In His Hands
    • Telepathic Miracle
    • Two Backward...
2017 / 5 / 28

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Nite Club Illusions and Illusionettes

Percy Abbott

Nite Club Illusions and Illusionettes by Percy Abbott
  • Abbott's Chinese Chopper
  • The Chinese Straight Jacket
  • Cutting A Woman In Half
  • Walking Through A Ribbon
  • Spikes Through The Wrist
  • The Girl With The Pincushion Head
  • The Doni Rose Miniature Doll House
  • Abbott's Rod Through Girl
  • The Hindu Basket Trick
  • Nite-Club Girl Vanish
  • The Sword Box
  • The Cane Cabinet
  • Sword Cabinet Illusion
  • The Golem Illusion
  • Modernistic Amputation

PDF 31 pages

2017 / 5 / 28

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Stealth Working Card Tricks

Al E. Smith

Stealth Working Card Tricks by Al E. SmithA stealthy count-up uncovers the not-at-all secret fact that, including covers, contents page and similar paraphernalia, Stealth Working Card Tricks is a 71 page ebook twinkling with bit-size chunks of card-flavoured conjuriana, dripping with dollops of amiable waffle to cheer them on.

Nothing complicated, general card handling ability is the main requirement. Roughly translated, Stealth Working Card Tricks is a gentle confection of ideas, envelope nudging principles and deceptions, suppositions and similar. An ebook of card tricks, really.

  • Introdecktion
  • Oddment-ality
  • Why Stealth
  • Stealth...
2017 / 5 / 28

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37 Effective After Dinner Tricks

Arthur P. Felsman

37 Effective After Dinner Tricks by Arthur P. FelsmanDinner's over, so now what? Entertain your guests, that's what! Here's a clever collection of after-dinner magic to entertain friends, business associates, and even total strangers.

Written by a famous Chicago magic dealer, the effects run the gamut from close-up miracles to routines for club and platform. You'll find entertaining matrix effects, cut and restored mysteries, mindreading experiments, and much more. Includes a very nice two-person mental act that could be the hit of your next corporate show, banquet, or awards dinner.

Some of these effects were sold individually by magic...

2017 / 5 / 28

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How to Make a Ghost Walk

Joseph Dunninger

How to Make a Ghost Walk by Joseph DunningerConduct your very own full-light, semi-dark or full darkness spirit séance!

Dunninger, the world-famous mentalist and psychic debunker, presents this revealing book on how to present séances that are every bit as exciting - and use the same methods - as the ones that psychics charge their suckers big money to see.

Your audience will believe that you can commune with the spirits, perform test condition séance experiments including rope ties, spirit manifestations, revealing questions from departed loved ones, spirit cabinet effects, automatic writing, spirit voices, the fingertip aura,...

2017 / 5 / 28

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Mind Spark 1: Propless Sign Divination

Unknown Mentalist

Mind Spark 1: Propless Sign Divination by Unknown MentalistThis is a completely propless method for zodiac sign divination. You do not even need a pen and a paper. And the participant is not required to write or speak anything at all. The entire process takes less than a minute. To top it all, it is very easy to learn and perform.

The simplicity of the principle is, at the same time, its true power and also its true disguise. This is a really cool method to have in your arsenal and can be performed impromptu anytime, anywhere to anyone. No Progressive Anagrams. No Branching Anagrams. No Math. No Dual Reality. No Reframes. No Verbal Jugglery. No Stooges....

2017 / 5 / 28

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Sleightly Close-Up

Wolfgang Riebe

Sleightly Close-Up by Wolfgang RiebeClose-up magic tricks for everyone - from cards to general close-up

This ebook is filled with various commercial close-up tricks and routines that have been tried, tested and performed for live audiences over many years. These are practical and commercial effects that will appeal to the working magician whose focus is on captivating and entertaining his audience.

You will find a mix of old and new items, original tricks, twists on old routines and ideas to tweak those close-up effects gathering dust in your cupboard.

For the card magicians, you will find sensational routines, such as...

2017 / 5 / 27

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Totally Awe-Sum Close-Up

Scott Creasey

Totally Awe-Sum Close-Up by Scott CreaseyInspired by Greg Arce's stage routine 'Awe-Sum Total' which in turn was inspired by Larry Becker's 'Sum total. Scott has taken Greg's original (with his permission) and adapted it for close-up table hopping without losing the impact of the original.

Five, five digit numbers are displayed to the audience as a prediction. These numbers remain in full view throughout the routine and are not switched. The audience generates a random six-digit number in the hundreds of thousands, no forcing. The five prediction numbers are added together by an audience member using the calculator on his phone. The total matches...

2017 / 5 / 27

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MP4 (video)

The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz: all 5 Volumes

Basil Horwitz

The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz: all 5 Volumes by Basil Horwitz
2017 / 5 / 27

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Al Koran's Original Flying Ring Instructions

Al Koran

Al Koran's Original Flying Ring Instructions by Al KoranThese are the instructions Martin Breese supplied with the Flying Ring trick. This routine can also be found in Al Koran’s Professional Presentation book.

1st edition 2009, 3 pages.

2017 / 5 / 25

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