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Coins, Chips & Buttons

If you have seen a David Roth, Michael Rubinstein or Shigeo Futagawa perform with coins, you know what kind of miracles are possible with these shiny objects. You will find in this category must read classics like Bobo's Modern Coin Magic as well as the latest hot effects by Daniel Garcia or Michael Wild.

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    Latex by Nefesch    Roly-Poly by Devin Knight    The Coin Board Book by Dan EVILDAN Terelmes    Coin and Money Magic by Eddie Joseph    Absolute and Ultimate Coin'cidence by Unknown Mentalist    Flip and Tell by Alexander George    Coin'cidence by Unknown Mentalist    None of the Above: one coin routine by Scott F. Guinn    Three-Piece Combo by Scott F. Guinn    Double Matrix by Paul A. Lelekis    Convergence: coin assembly by Roberto Giobbi    Five Dollar Trix by Jerry Andrus    The Miser's Miracle by Jerry Andrus    Tricks with a Folding Coin by Frances Marshall    Coin Magnetrix by Frederick L. Kraft & Arthur Kraft    Anywhere Coins by Pablo Amirá    50 Kute Koin Tricks by Percy Abbott    Wild Fly by Klaud    Visual Karate Coin by Tony Chapparo    Painted Coins by Klaud    Magneticoins by Frederick L. Kraft & Arthur Kraft    NP Technique by Deepak Mishra    Fred Miser by Raymonde Crow    Brother Can You Spare a Dime by Ray Noble    Vaniss: five coin vanishes by Deepak Mishra    Stop Fooling Us! by Wesley James    Heads, I Win. Tails, You Lose! by David Devlin    Modern Coin Magic (Dover Edition) by J. B. Bobo    Self-Working Coin Magic: 92 Foolproof Tricks by Karl Fulves    Ken Brooke's Okito Box Routine by Aldo Colombini    Ping Pong Routine by Aldo Colombini    Coin Games by Gerard Zitta    Mixing It Up by John Gelasi    Silver, Copper, Brass Routines by Peter Eldin    Coinman's Packet by Nick Trost    The Ramsay Legend by Andrew Galloway    Quick Tac by Ravi Mayar    It's Easier Than You Think Volume 1 by Geoffrey Buckingham    Moments: close-up magic with cards and coins by Peter D. Harrison    Coin Ditcher Gimmick: for vanishing coins by Mark Stone    Goldfinger: Stand Up Coin Mysteries by John McLachlan    Coin Rattle Gimmick 2.0 by Mark Stone    The Money Project by Stephen Ablett    Cards and Coins Parade by Cameron Francis & Aldo Colombini    Revolutionary Coin Technique by Giacomo Bertini    Cosmar Coin Gimmick by Mark Stone    Eastern Moves: Video Vol. 2 by Radek Makar    Eastern Moves: Video Vol. 1 by Radek Makar    EZ Wild by MS    Only 3Fly by MS

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Latex by Nefesch
"The most visual balloon trick I've ever seen" - Dan Hauss

"BIG THUMBS up on this. It's clever, it's easy and people are amazed by it." - Zombie Magic (themagiccafe)

You borrow a coin from a spectator. You ask the spectator to sign the coin, on both sides, to verify that it is their signed coin that you are using. You show the spectator a balloon and ask them to place their signed coin inside the balloon. You then inflate and tie off the balloon. For effect, you can shake the balloon to verify that the signed coin is still inside. You then proceed to do the impossible; you start to pull...
Nefesch15 May 2016$20.00

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Roly-Poly by Devin KnightRoly-Poly is one of the most commercial close-up tricks you can do, it is quick and easy to do. It's perfect when you have less than a minute to impress someone. I used this effect in my strolling restaurant gig for over seven years. This often got better response than some of my other effects. Kids love to watch this, and it always generates smiles and laughter. This was taught during my 2010 lecture tour and was well received by the magicians in attendance.

The effect is that you show an ungimmicked quarter (any quarter size coin can be used in foreign countries). You start rubbing the...

Devin Knight6 May 2016$2.00

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The Coin Board Book

The Coin Board Book by Dan EVILDAN TerelmesYou've probably seen one. Perhaps you've even owned one. Then you gave it a try, gave up, and put it in your drawer of unused magic stuff.

Well, it's time to break out your coin panel board. EVILDAN has taken the board and breathed new life into it. You will learn about different types of boards currently available, which ones work better than others, and how they work.

Then you'll learn some classic moves followed by new moves, ideas, routines and ideas for routines. This ebook will inspire you to create your own moves and own routines.

What was once a throwaway pitch item may soon...

Dan EVILDAN Terelmes3 Apr 2016$15.00

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Coin and Money Magic

Coin and Money Magic by Eddie JosephThis must be the most "overlooked" coin magic book ever published. The material, by Eddie Joseph, is unusual and original. There are items for both close-up and stage work; sleights, flourishes and routines. In this illustrated volume you will discover thirty coin vanishes; twelve coin changes; forty-five new moves, tips and gimmicks; ten combination moves utilizing coins and matches and thirty-seven close-up tricks and routines. This material, available nowhere else, is a potential "goldmine" for the coin worker!
  • Introduction
  • PART ONE: Thirty New Ways of Vanishing a Coin
    • The Wrist Vanish ...
Eddie Joseph22 Mar 2016$9.95

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Absolute and Ultimate Coin'cidence

Absolute and Ultimate Coin'cidence by Unknown MentalistThis is a 2 ebook bundle consisting of Absolute Coin'cidence and Ultimate Coin'cidence. If you already own Coin'cidence or purchase along with this, you can get this 2 ebook bundle for half price.

You need to have Coin'cidence to understand the contents of this release.

The tremendous response to the innovative Coin'cidence principle and routines has pushed it to the very top of the hotlist. Now this 2 ebook bundle contains 20 killer routines with the Coin'cidence principle. Also there are 3 bonus ideas for you to develop on.

Absolute Coin'cidence

This ebook contains 9 amazing routines with different themes...

Unknown Mentalist28 Feb 2016$18.00

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Flip and Tell

Flip and Tell by Alexander GeorgeAn impromptu piece of close-up mentalism that uses no gimmicks in which you demonstrate clairvoyance (or mind-reading), then your participant does - and then you finally show that you had predicted everything!

The effect: You and your participant each have a collection of coins before you on a table. You and she take turns secretly flipping over your own coins until she is completely satisfied that neither of you could possibly know the heads-tails orientation of the other’s coins. You now cover a coin of yours and she covers one of hers. Yet you are able to tell the orientation of her...

Alexander George29 Jan 2016$6.00

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Coin'cidence by Unknown MentalistThe owners of this ebook can get Absolute and Ultimate Coin'cidence for half price.

This is a routine which defies categorization. It is inexplicably weird and amazingly powerful.

It can be performed with your own coins or borrowed coins. With your own business cards or borrowed business cards. It can be performed with real coins or even with imaginary coins.

The performer makes a prediction on the back of his business card and keeps it face down in full view right before commencing the routine. A participant is asked to make a free choice from among 5 coins, real or imaginary. After the participant lands on a coin,...

Unknown Mentalist26 Jan 2016$18.00

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None of the Above: one coin routine

None of the Above: one coin routine by Scott F. GuinnNone of the Above is Scott F. Guinn's anytime, anywhere coin routine that uses just one coin and nothing else; no extra coins, no tricky coins, no gimmicks, no secret utility devices. It includes the complete, commercial con man/hustler-themed storyline that will hook your audiences and reel them in. Like all of Scott's books, the writing is thorough, understandable, and conversational, accompanied by clear and helpful photographs.

From the introduction:

I first published it in 1999 in Great Scott! It's (Coin) Magic! Since then, the routine has evolved from a quickie vanish to a full-fledged,...
Scott F. Guinn19 Jan 2016$10.00

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Three-Piece Combo

Three-Piece Combo by Scott F. Guinn#4 in Scott F. Guinn's "Sit-Down Coin Magic" Series, Three-Piece Combo is a coin routine that really packs a punch. This professionally routined, multi-phase coin routine flows from one sequence to the next in a magical ride building up to a knockout climax!


From a coin purse clasp (no bag attached) three silver coins are visually extracted. One of these changes into a Chinese coin with a hole in the center.

The two silver coins travel, one at a time, to magically join the Chinese coin in your closed fist. Next, all three coins are seen and heard to be placed in your closed...

Scott F. Guinn7 Jan 2016$10.00

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Double Matrix

Double Matrix by Paul A. LelekisThis e-book presents two amazing Matrix routines plus a bonus..."Coins Thru Table" with a cool subtlety!

Color photographs explain the moves.

These two coin/card matrix effects are designed to play one after the other for an amazing routine. The first 2-Card Matrix uses four coins and only two cards with some funny patter. All four 4 coins gather to the "leader" card. This routine is real "eye-candy". You are now set to move seamlessly into the second 4-Card Matrix.

This second matrix routine is a reverse matrix that uses 4 cards and 4 coins - they all gather to the leader and then...

Paul A. Lelekis27 Dec 2015$7.00

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Convergence: coin assembly

Convergence: coin assembly by Roberto GiobbiLive from the European Close-up Magic Symposium 2012. This routine is taken from Giobbi's professional repertoire. It is his revised and expanded interpretation of a coin assembly created by the famous Japanese magician Shigeo Takagi (from the book Amazing Miracles of Shigeo Takagi, published by Richard Kaufman). Here Roberto has devised a presentation that makes everything more magical. A true act of magic. This is artistic Close-up Magic at its finest.
  • Performance duration: 7,30 minutes
  • Explanation duration: 12 minutes
Roberto Giobbi14 Dec 2015$9.95

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Five Dollar Trix

Five Dollar Trix by Jerry AndrusFive coin tricks, a move and coin holders, by Jerry Andrus:
  • Double Dollars
  • Ball and Coin Routine
  • Multiplying Dollars
  • Three Coins Across
  • A Coin Move
  • Dollar Bill Delusion
  • Coin Holders

1st edition 1973, PDF 26 pages.

Jerry Andrus2 Dec 2015$5.00

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The Miser's Miracle

The Miser's Miracle by Jerry AndrusEFFECT: The performer shuffles a deck of cards and fans them out, explaining that he will use the two cards wherever the spectator says, "Stop." At the spectators indication the performer stops and removes the two cards at that point. Both hands and both cards are shown on both sides and without further manipulation the two cards are placed together face to face, and a silver dollar is seen to slowly emerge from between them.

After rolling up his sleeves and again showing his hands empty, the performer picks up the deck from the table and shuffles it again. The cards are fanned out, and again...

Jerry Andrus1 Nov 2015$4.00

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Tricks with a Folding Coin

Tricks with a Folding Coin by Frances MarshallThis is new, revised, and enlarged edition of an old favorite. Almost everybody owns a folding coin - and there are now excellent new ones on the market. Now everybody can learn what to do with the trick.
  • About The Coin
  • The Famous Coin In The Bottle
  • A Great Pocket Trick
  • Thru The Card
  • The Half Dollar In The Wand
  • Thru The Hand
  • Wrapped In A Dollar
  • Production
  • In A Cigar
  • Silk Threads
  • The Handkerchief Pedestal And Coin
  • Thru The Hat
  • Fake Back Palming
  • Thru The Cloth
  • Coin Trick With A Top Hat
  • In The Handkerchief
  • The Wand Shell
  • "Half A Dollar"
  • Thru The Knee
  • Ball Of Wool
  • Before We...
Frances Marshall5 Sep 2015$9.95

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Coin Magnetrix

Coin Magnetrix by Frederick L. Kraft & Arthur KraftThis is number three of the Paul Diamond "Gems of Magic Book" series.

A sequel to Magneticoins, introducing more of the authors' novel creations, adaptations and presentations in the new and fascinating field of magnetic numismatic legerdemain.

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Phanto-Matic Card
  • Clipped
  • Midas' Magic Mint
  • Ectoplasmic Nickels
  • Magneti-Coin Monte
  • Follow The Arrow
  • Spectral Spectacle
  • Coin Teleportation
  • Copper-Ation Superlative
  • Handy Dandy
  • Exalted Coin
  • Okito Ultissimo
  • Numis-Magic Brain
  • Coin Flight
  • Capricious Coins
  • Glossary
  • Reference Tables

1st edition 1973, PDF 66 pages....

Frederick L. Kraft &
Arthur Kraft
4 Sep 2015$10.00

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Anywhere Coins

Anywhere Coins by Pablo AmiráAnywhere Coins is an entertaining mentalism routine using some coins and a mysterious prediction.

Your participant, from his pocket takes 2 coins which you use for a game of "which coin?". After some rounds, you show the written prediction that exactly announces the specific type of coins and also the result of the game!

  • No ambiguity/equivocal procedure
  • No switch, only one prediction that you can give away
  • 100% foolproof
This ebook teaches you the psychology of "Anywhere Mentalism" (no previous preparation, borrowed items, always ready) and also a nice technique called the "Duh Force"...
Pablo Amirá20 Aug 2015$12.00

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50 Kute Koin Tricks

50 Kute Koin Tricks by Percy AbbottThis manuscript describes fifty close-up tricks, gags and stunts with coins - none of which require sleights. Many new ideas are employed - including new dodges that open up a new field. Every magician should be able to perform one or two coin tricks. Choose from the many in this manuscript.

PDF 6 pages

Percy Abbott12 Aug 2015$4.00

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Wild Fly

Wild Fly by KlaudWild Fly is a working routine that merges to neo-classics of coin magic, the Wild Coin and 3 Fly. A stand up, no table required handling that resets instantly and creates wonderful moments of magic.

1st edition 2015, length 5 min 34 s.

Klaud19 Jul 2015$9.00

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Visual Karate Coin

Visual Karate Coin by Tony ChapparoPunch a hole through a Quarter with your index finger. This is a visual and impossible penetration of a finger through a coin. The PDF and video will teach you how to make the gimmicks. You will need to have a drill and vice to make them.

1st edition 2015

Tony Chapparo12 Jul 2015$7.00

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Painted Coins

Painted Coins by KlaudPainted Coins is a routine in which you will produce coins, let them do the impossible and vanish in a magical and fantastic manner.

Featuring the "Tenkai Backfire", an extra moment for the classic "Tenkai Pennies" that creates an amazing moment of strange magic. They can hear the 2 coins in your hand, still you can show them each one in different hands.

  • Only 2 coins, no gimmicks
  • Practical for the real world

1st edition 2015, length 6 min 30 seconds.

Klaud8 May 2015$5.00

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