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With the right system you can learn to memorize and remember long lists of names, phone numbers or any other set of data you need to recall quickly and remember for a long time. These mnemonic systems are not just wonderful to help you in your daily lives, but are great techniques to perform unbelievable mental feats. A mnemonic system is great if you want to memorize a card stack (see Stacks: Memorized & Algorithmic), or a prompter list. The name that has dominated this field over many years is Dominic O'Brien.

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    Memory: a home study course in memory and concentration by Dr. Bruno Furst & Lotte Furst    Super Mentality by Robert A. Nelson    Memory of the Mind by Eddie Joseph    Mnemorphing by Nico Heinrich    Eidetic by Simon Caine    I've Got Your Number by Devin Knight    Learn to Recite and Write the Alphabet Upside Down and in Reverse by Devin Knight    Brain Control by S. W. Reilly    Two Person Code For One Person by Chris Wasshuber    Super Memory List: print and perform 1 by George Marchese    Day One by Scott Cram    The Amazing Memory Test by Luke Jermay    How To Remember Names and Faces: How to Develop a Good Memory by Robert H. Nutt    The Count's Count by Stefan Olschewski    The Instant Memory System by David Malek    Knight's Tour: With Free Choice of Start and End by Chris Wasshuber    Magazine Memory: The Secret Notebooks of Mr. Hyde Volume 2 by Timothy Hyde    Dental Floss for the Mind: A complete program for boosting your brain power by Michel Noir    The Amazing Magic Square and Master Memory Demonstration by Orville Wayne Meyer    20-20 Memory by Jack Dutton    The I.M.P. System by Pete Wilton    Mind Explosions by Bob Cassidy    Perpetual Calendar for your iPod/iPhone/PDA/cell-phone by Scott Cram    The Magic of Memory by Thomas Harrington    Train Your Brain and Entertain by Scott Cram    Zufall's Memory Trix by Bernard Zufall    Roth Memory Course by David M. Roth    How to Develop a Perfect Memory by Dominic O'Brien    On Mental Calculation by George Parker Bidder    Arithmetical Prodigies by E. W. Scripture

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Memory: a home study course in memory and concentration

Dr. Bruno Furst & Lotte Furst

Memory: a home study course in memory and concentration by Dr. Bruno Furst & Lotte FurstThis was one of the first comprehensive courses to develop ones memory. It is an excellent course and includes study questions to check your progress and comprehension of the system. Particularly interesting for magicians is an entire session on memorizing playing cards.
  • Session 1: Prelude to Memory Power
  • Session 2: Secrets of Remembering
  • Session 3: Number Exercises
  • Session 4: Recalling Facts and Fiction
  • Session 5: Remember that Face and Name
  • Session 6: Building Memory Chains
  • Session 7: Numbers Forever
  • Session 8: Be a Dynamo on Details
  • Session 9: Classification, Imagination
  • Session...
2017 / 6 / 10

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Super Mentality

Robert A. Nelson

Super Mentality by Robert A. NelsonNow you, too, can present an impromptu demonstration of super power memory. Do it any time, any place. A terrific publicity stunt!

From ten to 100 articles are called out by spectators and memorized by the performer, in their proper sequence. The performer can call out the items in sequence, forward, then backward. The performer gives the number of any item in the list. If a number is called out, the performer can also call out the item at that position. Five (or more) dollar bills are submitted, spectators calling aloud the serial numbers. The performer immediately memorizes the numbers,...

2017 / 4 / 28

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Memory of the Mind

Eddie Joseph

Memory of the Mind by Eddie JosephKey codes, card systems, and mnemotechnic marvels.
  • Introduction
  • Mnemotechnic Marvels
  • No. 1 - The Numbered Cards
  • No. 2 - The Cloak-Room Attendant
  • No. 3 - Seeing Through The Bag
  • No. 4 - Objects In The Dark
  • No. 5 - Locating The Page
  • No. 6 - Double Dealing
  • Identifying The Personality
  • Key Codes
    • My Card System
    • How To Prepare For A Series Of Astounding Tricks Through "My System"
    • Formula To Find Out Where Any Particular Card Lies In The Pack
    • The Card Fiend
  • Memory System

1st edition 1952, 23 pages.

2017 / 3 / 5

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Nico Heinrich

Mnemorphing by Nico HeinrichIn this little ebook I will explain to you a novel technique for memorizing lots of information. It is actually a very different mnemonic association method, which can be used alone or combined with other classic techniques.

The huge advantage of Mnemorphing is, that you link the information using the exact same pattern every time. You have to think less, which simplifies the whole process of association. Furthermore this technique is extremely easy to learn and to teach to others.

The basic idea of Mnemorphing came to me when I was only seven years old and it was released twice since...

2017 / 1 / 1

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Simon Caine

Eidetic by Simon CaineEidetic is a collection of four easy to perform yet hard-hitting, commercial routines that will leave your audiences utterly convinced that you have a super human memory skills that you can even share with them!

LOCI Revisited // Originally released as a stand-alone manuscript, LOCI is as close to the real thing as it gets. A deck is openly shuffled by the audience and committed to memory by the performer. First, you spot a card moved in the deck by a participant, and can even put it back in the right place. Then, you are able to recall the random order of any random suit. Finally, an audience...

2016 / 7 / 25

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I've Got Your Number

Devin Knight

I've Got Your Number by Devin Knight
"This is another powerful idea from Devin. Now, it is unusual and not something you would be doing in a show. But, if you want to make an impact with a client, or future client, then this is something you can learn and put in your personal arsenal. I'm sure many workers will want to add it into their memory banks of things they can use to look like memory experts." - Greg Arce

"As a veteran performer of over 17 years as the house mentalist at Magic Island in Houston, TX, I had been using the old Paul Linder version sparingly because of the possibility of repeating the same number for two...

2015 / 10 / 20

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Learn to Recite and Write the Alphabet Upside Down and in Reverse

Devin Knight

Learn to Recite and Write the Alphabet Upside Down and in Reverse by Devin KnightProfessor Backwards made a name for himself doing these feats on all the talk shows including Ed Sullivan in 50s to 70s. You can do many of the same things and learn how to do them in less than one day. This is due to the special techniques and easy to learn mnemonics I have developed. No more forced memory. The techniques in this PDF will teach you how to do these feats in less than one day. Looks difficult to do, but is easy if you use my secret techniques. This is NOT the old Russian warrior technique, but something much easier and faster to learn. Magicians have been doing these feats since...
2015 / 10 / 5

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Brain Control

S. W. Reilly

Brain Control by S. W. ReillyBeing a mental expert brings you prestige, today more than ever. You will be able to memorize and deliver back fast, and with ease and poise, lists of objects, names, numbers, cities, states, lists of every kind. This kind of mental phenomena is marveled at by the world, but it's just a case of knowing the secret. This ebook teaches you quickly.
  • Preface
  • Visualization
  • Memory
  • Permanent Code Words
  • List In Story Form
  • Remembering New Words
  • How To Forget
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Exercise
  • Number Code
  • Recalling Numbers
  • Remembering Telephone Numbers
  • Miscellaneous Numbers
  • Remembering Birthdays ...
2015 / 9 / 4

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Two Person Code For One Person

Chris Wasshuber

Two Person Code For One Person by Chris WasshuberThis is a system to easily remember one or two cards, say two key cards, and not forget them during the performance of your routine. It is not an associative memory system.

Some card routines, particularly the recently published ones in Sunken Treasury by Nick Conticello require one to remember two key cards. In the heat of performing such an effect these can be forgotten, rendering the trick a failure. This system allows you to easily keep track of one or two or more cards that you want to remember.

There is very little to learn for this system. Reading this manuscript should be enough to put this system to work....

2015 / 2 / 19

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Super Memory List: print and perform 1

George Marchese

Super Memory List: print and perform 1 by George Marchese("Print and Perform" is a new magic series that will enable you to easily build yourself beautiful tricks just printing them.)


You, the memory-man, demonstrate to really have a super memory. You show to the audience a sheet of paper containing a list of 50 six-digit numbers. You declare that you have committed to memory the full list. The six digit numbers are identified by ciphers from 1 to 50. The identifying ciphers are scrambled to make it more difficult memorizing the associated six digit number. Three or more spectators, in turn, choose and announce one identifying figure...

2013 / 4 / 16

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Day One

Scott Cram

Day One by Scott CramThe classic "Day For Any Date" feat has been updated!

Day One is a new approach to appearing as a human calendar. You ask for the year and month of the spectator's birthday, and instantly create that month's calendar for them on the back of your business card.

Day One is designed to be simple to learn, as well as quick and impressive to perform.

The role of math and mnemonics has been greatly simplified and minimized, and you don't need any previous experience with other mnemonic systems. Entire centuries are covered with less than a third of the mnemonics required by other approaches....

2012 / 1 / 15

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The Amazing Memory Test

Luke Jermay

The Amazing Memory Test by Luke JermayFrom the introduction:

In ‘Step Three – Mental Systems’ of the seminal work Thirteen Steps To Mentalism written by the legendary Corinda, he clearly states the value he placed upon memory systems:

To the mentalist, Memory Systems are indispensable; they are part of his equipment and the means whereby he can be called upon to perform at any time – and give an impressive demonstration. They are the best type of equipment you can have, as there is nothing to carry and no apparatus to prepare. The skill lies in the training of the mind, in conditioning the mind to operate to maximum...

2010 / 4 / 13

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How To Remember Names and Faces: How to Develop a Good Memory

Robert H. Nutt

How To Remember Names and Faces: How to Develop a Good Memory by Robert H. NuttThis classic work on memory, first published in 1943, is really two books in one!

The first part, The Mental Filing System, will teach you how to keep up to 100 things straight in your memory. This is taught in a clear, easy-to-understand manner, using many real-world examples of both the benefits of using the system, as well as the dangers of an untrained memory.

The author taught many of his memory courses in person, and this provides both value and a good knowledge of the questions you're likely to have.

The second part, How To Remember Names and Faces, deals in detail with the problem...

2010 / 3 / 6

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The Count's Count

Stefan Olschewski

The Count's Count by Stefan OlschewskiDo you have the perfect brain? Now you do!

Just take out a deck of cards and a pen. Let them shuffle the cards. Then have them call out random digits and proceed to write them on the backs of the cards until you have marked about 30 or 40 cards (or even the whole deck). Fan the cards in front of you for only 5-10 seconds to remember the sequence. Hand the cards to the spectator who called out the final number. You are ready to go:

At lightning speed, and blindfolded, you run through the numbers on the backs of the cards in the exact order they have been called out! Each time you are right,...

2009 / 12 / 5

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The Instant Memory System

David Malek

The Instant Memory System by David MalekStarting from the latest brain research and the latest insights of how our mind functions, combining those with years of professional experience and understanding of people, David Malek has distilled a recipe to memorization that is both simple to learn and effective to use.

Obviously David Malek has anchored his method in techniques known for a long time, but with his keen insight and understanding of the human mind, David has fashioned a truly practical method for those who think such memory systems are either way too hard to learn or not effective.

Developing memory fitness is a skill...

2009 / 6 / 4

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WAV (audio)

Knight's Tour: With Free Choice of Start and End

Chris Wasshuber

Knight's Tour: With Free Choice of Start and End by Chris Wasshuber
"I will sum up your Knight's Tour routine as follows, IT IS BRILLIANT!" - David Burmeister
In the late 1980s I developed a method for the Knight's Tour which allows a spectator a truly free choice for the starting square and ending square of opposite color (same color start and end is mathematically impossible).

This manuscript describes in detail this method. The method attempts to minimize memorization and teaches you a system to derive a proper complete tour on the spot. The method is so flexible that you can find several different tours for one pair of start and end points. Of course,...

2009 / 2 / 2

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Magazine Memory: The Secret Notebooks of Mr. Hyde Volume 2

Timothy Hyde

Magazine Memory: The Secret Notebooks of Mr. Hyde Volume 2 by Timothy HydeThe Magazine Memory effect is a highly entertaining, high energy, astounding feat of mental prowess that audiences love. It has been a feature effect for many high profile performers, yet little has been written about the effect until now.

Timothy Hyde has used the routine to close his show for many years. Performing on luxury cruise ships, corporate events and at theatre shows around the world he has explored the routine in great depth.

In the classic form of the effect, pages from a current issue magazine or newspaper are distributed into the audience. Audience members randomly call...

2009 / 2 / 2

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Dental Floss for the Mind: A complete program for boosting your brain power

Michel Noir

Dental Floss for the Mind: A complete program for boosting your brain power by Michel Noir

A dynamic program for improving memory and sharpening focus

Each year, Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on gym memberships, exercise equipment, and workout videos, all in the name of physical fitness. But what are they doing for their minds? In Dental Floss for the Mind, a leading cognitive scientist and a neurologist team up to offer you a complete program for improving memory and stimulating your mind.

This interactive guide features:

  • More than 100 creative and engaging exercises of increasing difficulty to stimulate cognitive skills
  • Targeted exercises for improving the five key...
2009 / 1 / 8

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The Amazing Magic Square and Master Memory Demonstration

Orville Wayne Meyer

The Amazing Magic Square and Master Memory Demonstration by Orville Wayne MeyerOrville Meyer, probably most famous for developing the bullet catch for Ted Annemann, demonstrates here his skill to routine amazing effects.

The stunt of forming a sixteen cell magic square that will add up to a number suggested by a spectator is a spectacular mathematical feat. Memorizing and repeating a list of objects named by members of the audience is an interesting and impressive mental demonstration. When you combine the formation of the sixteen cell magic square with the memorized list of objects, you really have something!

But we do not stop there! In this version, the double-barreled feat...

2008 / 12 / 23

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20-20 Memory

Jack Dutton

20-20 Memory by Jack DuttonIf you perform any type of Giant memory routine (or intend to add one to your repertoire) 20-20 Memory is the software to help you polish your performance. In the past it has been difficult to effectively practice memory routines under realistic conditions; Jack developed this software to overcome that problem. 20-20 Memory becomes your audience. The software selects a number of random items, offers you a specific amount of time in which to memorize them, and then allows you to test yourself as many times as you wish. You are in control of the number of items used and can also adjust the pace...
2008 / 9 / 11

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