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Edward Gallaway is S. W. Erdnase Last Update: 08/21/2015    Replies: 0
I know this will come as a shock to some, particularly those who hold on to the old rumor that it was an Andrews. However, this rumor cannot be substantiated. We have to trace this back from Vernon to Sprong to a Drake son who would have to get it from....
Looking for Books with Edward Gallaway Bookplate Last Update: 08/03/2015    Replies: 0
I am trying to assemble a list of books which have the Edward Gallaway bookplate, shown below, in them. If you have any information on books with this bookplate please email me at The books we have found so far are: The....
The Hunt for Erdnase: The Nickname Theory and the Connection to August Roterberg Last Update: 07/18/2015    Replies: 1
by Chris Wasshuber (This article is a work in progress. I will add and develop certain parts over the coming months.) The mystery around the authorship of The Expert at the Card Table and who S. W. Erdnase really was, has lead to many theories and....
Non-Evaporative Cheap Portable Air Conditioning Last Update: 04/21/2015    Replies: 0
I decided to combine some of the ideas I found online how to make a cheap non-evaporative air-conditioner. The basic idea is to blow air through ice or cold water to cool it down. The simplest solution is to fill a cooler with ice and have a fan blow air....
How to View DRM-PDF and DRM-EPUB on iPad, iPhone and Android Devices Last Update: 01/30/2015    Replies: 1
Finally there is an Adobe Digital Editons app available for iPad. Other apps that did work well in the past are the BlueFire Reader app and Txtr. Very important for all apps! If you want to transfer DRMed ebooks you MUST first sign up for an Adobe ID....
Bitcoin Mining: A Miners Tale Last Update: 01/03/2015    Replies: 0
I have been actively mining bitcoins since June 2014. I fell in traps, was scammed, insulted, lost money, made money, learned a lot and have now learned to wrestle the beast that is called 'bitcoin mining'. It is not an easy way to make money. It is also....
The Games I Play Last Update: 12/05/2014    Replies: 0
I have been using computers from the earliest days of home computers or personal computers, you know the days of the Sinclair ZX81, or the Commodore VC20, Apple IIe, etc. Actually my first real computer was an Apple IIe. Before that I programmed TI and....
A List of Al Mann Publications Last Update: 09/19/2014    Replies: 0
Al Mann was a prolific writer who published in excess of 100 manuscripts primarily on mentalism. All the Al Mann products we have for sale on can be found in the Al Mann category. Since we have already sold out of many of his manuscripts the....
Cups and Balls Last Update: 08/22/2014    Replies: 0
You could easily call The Cups & Balls the oldest trick in the book. It's a trick that dates back centuries and despite being "an old trick", it's just as mesmerizing today as it was hundreds of years ago. There's never been a time in magic history, as....
Triple Gozinta Boxes Last Update: 04/07/2014    Replies: 3
Go figure this one out. Three boxes, big, medium, small, stacked inside each other. So far so good. But hey, what is this? The small box is now large enough to hold the medium and big boxes? This is my rendition of Lubor Fiedler's ingenious Gozinta....
Magic Map Last Update: 10/29/2013    Replies: 0
I am sure many of you traveled to unfamiliar locations asking: "Where can I find here some magic shops, venues, and other magic sites of interest?" My answer to that question is the Magic Locator service. This is a custom Google map. Type an address into....
How To Make Your Own Playing Cards Last Update: 09/12/2013    Replies: 14
Introduction Cardboard Structure What You Will Need The Basic Process Printing Details Color Matching Coating Cards Cutting Options Aligning Print and Cut Designing Cards Ideas of what to print Card Boxes Other Card Making Related Tips....
Anverdi-type Haunted Card Box Last Update: 05/03/2013    Replies: 0
In the mid 90s I played around with incorporating electronics into magic. Anverdi had a great idea where a box would close just before a spectator selected card could be placed inside it. I didn't like the mechanics of his box, which was a box for two....
The Learned Pig Project: TLPP Last Update: 03/05/2013    Replies: 3
The Learned Pig Project was started in September 1999 by Marko from Panama. Marko's idea was essentially to mimic the Project Gutenberg for magicians. Project Gutenberg's purpose is to digitize public domain books. The Learned Pig Project's goal is to....
The Many Uses of The Shuber Plates Last Update: 03/03/2013    Replies: 0
The Shuber Plates are a flexible accessory to protect your playing cards. Two stainless steal plates together with a special rubber band secure your cards regardless of if you want to protect one card or more than a regular deck of cards. You can not....
Business Card Strategies Last Update: 01/02/2013    Replies: 3
Over the years I had a couple of pretty lame business cards. You know the kind that your employer issues to you or the ones you print out yourself after an hour of fiddling around with a graphics software. During the last years I did not have a business....
The Cube 3D Printer: an independent review Last Update: 10/26/2012    Replies: 2
I bought a Cube 3D printer a few weeks ago and have printed with it almost every day. (If you want to see one of the projects I did see my article on Cy Endfield's Chess Set.) Here is my take on the printer, the good and the bad. I am in no way affiliated....
Cy Endfield's Chess Set Last Update: 10/22/2012    Replies: 2
Cy Endfield was a film director, magician and inventor. Among his many achievements he created a unique chess set which he patented in 1974 in the US (3,806,128). This chess set, which allows one to interlock all back row pieces into a tube for easy storage,....
Ebook Reading Devices:
Sony Reader, Kindle, Nook, Que, iPad, iLiad, ...
Last Update: 09/14/2011    Replies: 8
Which Ebook Reader Should It Be? Sony Reader PRS-505 Sony Reader PRS-300 Sony Reader PRS-600 Sony Reader PRS-700BC Amazon Kindle Amazon Kindle 2 Amazon Kindle DX Nook Que Txtr Reader JetBook XO2 iLiad iRex 1000 Cybook Mentor Rocket-eBook,....
Popular Playing Cards Last Update: 07/15/2011    Replies: 0
When I started to seriously get into magic, which was in the late 80s, the most popular deck of cards was the Bicycle 808 deck either in its red or blue back variety. And most magic gaffs were produced with a Bicycle back, too. Occasionally you saw a Tally....
Magic Knowledge Base - Help Last Update: 10/29/2010    Replies: 0
Anybody who subscribes to our magic newsletter and has a customer account has access to our Magic Knowledge Base, a full text search engine indexing thousands of magic books, magazines and other items. If you are trying to locate an elusive....
Jason England's 17 Card Books to Study Last Update: 09/17/2010    Replies: 4
In September 2010 Theory 11 released a short video clip where Jason England introduced 17 books on card magic any serious card magician should read. It was titled "An instructional download on the things you can't download" (my emphasis). Well, I respect....
Play Chess Against the Computer Last Update: 04/08/2010    Replies: 0
If you feel like playing a game of chess - and in order to improve your level you need to play as much as possible - then you can do that immediately below against the computer. The controls are very easy: Simply click and drag to move a piece. Pressing....
The Thirty-Nine Steps to Mentalism Last Update: 10/19/2009    Replies: 0
This is an excerpt from Bob Cassidy's exceptional Fundamentals ebook. Many consider this ebook the best Bob has ever written. It lists Bob's 39 most important magic books to study to achieve mastery in mentalism. The unique feature of this list is that....
Quick Change, Costume Change Last Update: 07/17/2009    Replies: 0
Recently I have become interested in the art of quick costume changes. I am listing here all the resources I could find. If you have others, please email me or comment below. The information listed here was shared by Dennis Schick, Sam Weiss, Thorsten....
Twisting the Aces Last Update: 07/11/2009    Replies: 0
"Twisting the Aces" is one of those rare blockbuster card effects which are easy to do and have a very strong visual effect. It was developed by Dai Vernon and uses the Elmsley Count as its primary move. An exceptional trick like this spawns a lot of variations.....
John Carney's Recommended Reading List Last Update: 05/15/2009    Replies: 0
In John Carney's The Book of Secrets he shares a list of 36 books he can highly recommend - books he would bring to the proverbial desert island. Many of these books are out-of-print. Luckily a good number of them, 12 to be precise, are available as ebooks....
Magic Square Effects Last Update: 03/30/2009    Replies: 0
by Chris Wasshuber I have been interested in magic squares longer than I have been interested in magic. And I have been interested in magic for a long time. It was actually a close cousin of the magic square, the magic matrix as described by Martin....
Story Deck Effects Last Update: 12/30/2008    Replies: 0
by Chris Wasshuber A 'story deck effect' is an entertaining story of some kind which is told with the help of a deck of cards (full deck or partial deck). At certain moments in the story the performer displays a card or a set of cards to illustrate....
Torn & Restored Newspaper Last Update: 09/13/2008    Replies: 0
The Torn & Restored Newspaper is a classic effect in magic. Some performers have built their reputation on this trick alone. The other day a customer asked me if I have any explanation that he could download as ebook. Yes, I do have several great explanations....
Largest Origami? Last Update: 09/08/2008    Replies: 0
On October 19th 1994 I created a giant origami model using a square sheet of paper measuring 6.36 meters on each side. Total weight was 5.45 kg. I made the fold inside the largest paper factory in Austria, Leykam Muerzthaler. I used the entire width of....
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