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Max Maven's Inquisition

#1 April 2004

Q: When he first moved to Las Vegas, where did Lance Burton perform?
A: The Tropicanashow answer
Q: When he started his own show, it was at what casino?
A: The Haciendashow answer
Q: Now where is he? (April 2004)
A: The Monte Caroshow answer
Q: In magic, what is the chemical Zinc Stearate commonly used for?
A: "Fannig Powder," to prepare cards for manipulationshow answer
Q: Who invented the Split Fan?
A: According to Dai Vernon, it was "Ardo the Frog Man." answer
Q: Whose signature trick is the "Floating Violin?"
A: Norm Nielsenshow answer
Q: Which of the following did not attend the Chavez school: A. Norm Nielsen B. John Thompson C. Channing Pollock D. Don Alan
A: B. John Thompsonshow answer
Q: The Great Tomsoni’s so-called encore trick is entitled “The Babushkas of___ ”?
A: Warsawshow answer
Q: To produce the babushkas, which does Tomsoni use: A. Massal Tube B. Phantom Tube C. Genii Tube D. Inner Tube
A: C. Genii Tubeshow answer
Q: In the official billing, what is the name of Tomsoni’s assistant?
A: Companyshow answer
Q: Which country did John Daniel’s assistant come from?
A: Germany (today you know her as Irene Larsen).show answer
Q: What European magician took his name from the black snake in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book?
A: Kalanagshow answer
Q: What was his signature magic word or phrase?
A: “Sim-Sala-Bim” (although in the gameshow at the World Magic Seminar, the guess was “Sieg Heil”).show answer
Q: Who did he cop it from?
A: Assuming you mean “Sim-Sala-Bim,” the answer is answer

Max Maven's Inquisition column ran from April 2004 until June 2009, 63 columns in total, in Genii magazine.