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A Date With Fate
by David Devlin


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A Date With Fate by David Devlin

Effect: The performer displays a 12-month wall calendar. Each of the 366 days (Leap Year has been accounted for) has a single playing card assigned to it. No two days in each month has the same card assigned to it. So, for example, a month with 31 days in it contains 31 different cards. It is also pointed out that no one card appears more than once on any particular date. So the card that is assigned to the 15th of January is not found on the 15th of any other month.

A spectator is asked to call out any date that comes to mind. Suppose the date in June 5th. Now, another spectator is asked to select a card from a shuffled deck. This spectator shows the selected card freely. It is, say, the Three of Spades. The spectator holding the calendar now opens up the calendar to June and is asked to call out the card that is assigned to the 5th. It is, of course, the Three of Spades!

1st edition 2014, 5 pages.
word count: 1523 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text

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