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"Wow! I wouldn't have expected such a quick response in these difficult times. I'm really impressed with your great responsiveness and the exceptional quality of your service! Thank you so much for everything you do and for giving a second life online to some classic books that might otherwise have disappeared."  –  Greg Lennox

"Of all the people I've done business with so far you have been superb--the best. Organized. Efficient. Fair. Ethical."  –  Jon Racherbaumer

"Thanks Chris, is one of the best resources in the world of magic! It's an invaluable educational resource for every level student of the art."  –  Spinner

"Just a little note of appreciation for how well run Lybrary is. I discovered today that I already bought from you (but apparently never downloaded) a nice Colombini disk. I'm really glad you have the "You already own this" feature, without which I never would have discovered the disk."  –  Robert M. Gethner

"Mr. Wasshuber, Your website is immaculate! Thank you for providing such a wide variety of exceptional material. has helped broaden my spectrum of knowledge concerning the art of magic. You offer some real high quality resources, all at great prices! I appreciate the services you provide to those who want to find such suitable material. I've had a blast! Keep the good stuff coming."  –  Scott Martell

"Love your site! It's like an Alladins cave of magic. To me it's the single best resource out there. Keep up the great work."  –  David Leiper

"You may recall my recent compliments regarding your assistance with the Tarbell Course. Since then I have received my DVD of Roberto Giobbi's Card College 1 & 2, and I have to say I am blown away! This is basically the first book to e-book publication I have seen that comes even close to harnessing the possibilities offered by the medium."  –  Bob Arthur

"I have been more than satisfied concerning my dealings with Chris Wasshuber both as a customer and a purveyor of my books. He is honest and fair and operates a most reputable business. Chris has my highest recommendation as one of the most ethical individuals I have ever been connected with. Regards to all."  –  Larry Becker

"I keep telling people, you can always depend on!"  –  Chet Cox

"I think your online ebook store was an awesome idea of yours that has grown into an indispensible source of magic, mentalism and more."  –  Arnon Sincoff

"Good service man. I really appreciate your website a lot. Especially the affordale price and the classics you put out for instant download. I live in Shanghai, China (english teacher) and though we have magic shops here, sources in english are hard to come by. It's really appreciated that I can buy something for 15 dollars other than some lame single trick from other websites. Especially books with quality. Once again, thanks for the ebooks and hard work."  –  Matt Cummings

photo of Richard "Dikki" Ellis"I got my copy of "Tarbells Course in Magic" today. Oh my, how wonderful. I can't put it down. I do have the books but this is great. I just want the information and I don't care in what format. The search feature is the best. I have used it several times and will continue to use it more in the future."  –  Richard "Dikki" Ellis

"I just wanted to say that your new layout is great. Much better nagivagation and search than the previous site. Keep up the good work. I had an interesting experience of download vs. book. I tried to order "40 Years As A Gambler" from Amazon, after 7 weeks of one delay after another, I said F***k it, I'll get the download. Received your download within a minute and started reading the book in two! Is there a future for ebook downloads I think so."  –  Dylan Alliata

"I'm buyin' and downloadin'.
I'm lovin'it!
 –  Donald Molbert

"Yours is the best use of e-books I've ever seen."  –  Leon Higley

"I recently placed and received my first order with and wanted to tell you how delighted I am with your service. I ordered a CD containing Hugard & Braue's "Invisible Pass," Buckley's "Principles and Deceptions," and a copy of Erdnase. I had been searching for a hard copy of "The Invisible Pass," so I was thrilled to find an e-copy at a remarkably low price. The CD arrived within a couple of days! Terrific service on your part. After that, I downloaded a copy of Hugard & Braue's "Stripper Deck," another hard to find book that arrived on my computer in less than 30 seconds. Suffice to say I'm now a dedicated fan and customer. It's hard enough to find material for serious magicians, let alone an efficient and intelligent business catering to what must be a relatively small customer base. Again, many thanks for your genius in starting and maintaining I look forward to placing many more orders."  –  Vic Sussman

"I have recently discovered the joys of purchasing with Lybrary. The collection is both wonderful and VERY useful - and the books are a fraction of a physically published book and are INSTANTLY available - perfect if you are a little impatient like myself :) I have consistanly enjoyed efficent and friendly service from Lybrary and even in the rare occasions I have experienced problems with Lybrary (only once mind you!) they have been resolved within 24 hours. I find shopping with lybrary a joy. It is rare to come across a more enjoyable and friendly service - and the products are great... I would recommend Lybrary to anyone with even the slightest interest in Magic - eBooks are a great resource. I would like to thank Lybrary for making such a wonderful service available and commend them on thier proffesionality and service. If you have any doubts about buying with Lybrary put them aside right now and take the plunge...You'll not look back!!!"  –  Jade Eaglemeare

"Thank you for your fast and excellent service!"  –  Florian Hardt

photo of Jeff Borden"Just downloaded “Our Magic”. Love it!!! I am a real supporter of this form of book sales and production. I have bought ebooks from you in the past and have always been extremely satisfied. Thank you. Please keep up this kind of work. I am happy to support you in your efforts with my purchases."  –  Jeff Borden

"your service is AMAZING!"  –  Charles Schneider

photo of Ray Haddad"I cannot recommend these books highly enough. For those on a budget, there's no faster or more economical way to build your library. Or is that Lybrary?"  –  Ray Haddad

"Thanks so much for the work you've put into this project. I am a growing blind magician and these resources in electronic format is invaluable to me. The html format is easily accessible through my talking computer and makes these resources available in a way that just isn't feasible through print."  –  Lannie Cox

"Chris, good news, one more very satisfied customer! Everything works perfectely now. I needed your personal instructions. Thank you again for the time you spent to help me."  –  Philippe Noel

"Thanks Chris, I didn't expect such a quick response ... 5 stars for customer service!"  –  Joseph Mitchell

"Just wanted to let you know I received the CD. Thanks so much. And also, thank you for the extra book! That was a great surprise and truly appreciated. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I am diving into the books right now!"  –  Sandy Weber

"I just wanted to let you know that the package arrived this morning and that I am delighted with it."  –  Scott Penrose

"By the way, I think your business concept for downloadable magic books is brilliant! I'm a professional performer and speaker and have spent tons on magic paraphernalia and books over the years, often receiving much less than my money's worth. Lybrary is definitely a true magic bargain. Keep up the good work."  –  Mark Zust

"I recently discovered your site and found myself intrigued. After several visits, I decided to take the plunge and try this ebook thing. I ordered Hugard's Expert Card Technique and was both astonished at the ease of the transaction as well as pleased that I now have this wonderfully volume sitting on a zip disk.
You are offering a great service -- an opportunity for many of us to compile a library that we might never obtain through standard means -- or have the space to house if we could.
It seems to me that you are also helping educate the magic community by placing in front of us material that might be unfamiliar because it is older, but that retains interest and value.
Thanks for your efforts, I expect to visit your site again."
 –  Larry Ekin

"Normally I hate ebooks. However, having purchased your excellent Card College Volume 1 on CD a lightbulb moment has changed my view for a very good reason. Being left handed I have to contend with books designed for those awkward so-and-sos who are right handed. But, due to magic of electronics, I have converted my CD for left handed use by mirroring the images/videos and changing all references of 'right' to 'left' and vice versa. Utopia!!! Anyway, I'm a convert. Thanks again for your excellent service. I'll be back for more texts soon."  –  Graham Nichols

"Very nicely executed. I will be having lot a fun with this new edition. Please keep me notified on the other volumes."  –  Will Tefft

"I received my CD of card college three days ago. It is just great."  –  Frederic Chaboud

"I bought 3 ebooks yesterday from you and they are outstanding. Thank you so much for making these great titles available to us."  –  Iain Moran

"[writing about "Card College 1"] Now here's a really good idea... To me, this is the perfect melding of old and new technology."  –  Michael Close - reviewer for Magic magazine

photo of Ken Pollock"[writing about "Card College 1"] Chris, I have read the first few chapters in some detail and browsed through the others. I am very impressed. The illustrations and explanations are superb but the added video clips provide a clarity of explanation that I have not seen before. For someone just learning basic skills or someone who wants to improve their exisiting skills, this is an excellent piece of work. ...I think you are making a significant contribution to the world of magic."  –  Ken Pollock

photo of [la=175 Stephen Minch]"Yes, the CD arrived yesterday. I've only had a chance to glance at its contents, but it looks as if you've done your usual excellent job. Thanks!"  –  Stephen Minch

"I'm extremely happy!"  –  Keith Haynie

"Let me just say again, Chris, that I am very impressed with your website and the service you offer."  –  Carl Gibson

"Excellent job! It looks great, and I love the formatting and the tools! You, sir, know exactly what you're doing here! ... Thank you very much, Chris. Doing business with you is absolutely a wonderful experience!"  –  Shane Causer

"Thanks a lot for coming back to me so quickly. Fortunately I received the CD-Rom in the post this morning! It is great! It's so good to be able to access all that information in such an easy to use format and for so little money. Keep up the good work and thanks again."  –  Andrew Davidson

"CD arrived today :-). Fantastic effort. How I am supposed to do any work now? I'll spend all my time reading :-)"  –  Mike Beer

"Just a note to say I enjoy my ebooks that I ordered from you last winter, and I also enjoy the Newsletter. Soon I'll have to place another order."  –  Patrick G. Davison

"I received my disk Magic Library 1 this morning. It is excellent."  –  Francis Talbot

"I look forward to getting more ebooks from you."  –  Areeb Malik

"I am extremely satisfied with the books, particularly the illustrations. Because of my work I spend long stretches of time travelling abroad so I am a great fan of e-books. Although I have an extensive magic library already, I anticipate augmenting it with your e-books and CD Roms, which are far more portable."  –  James Kapper

"What a cool service!"  –  Bret Parkhill

"I can't wait to get some of your other titles."  –  Rolando Santos

"This really turned out better than I had thought and takes the ability to practice and reference your magic library to whole new level."  –  Rolando Santos

"WOW --- what a great breakthrough! The entire Bobo classic in my hand and full, clear graphics... in fact they are some of the best I have seen for this kind of system."  –  Rolando Santos

photo of [la=133 David Malek]"The books on CD from not only met my expectations but exceeded them beyond what I had could have ever hoped for. Consider me a customer for life. I would without reservation recommend you to everyone in magic."  –  David Malek

"Thanks for getting back to me and taking care of the problem. I have to tell you I LOVE THIS BOOK! I was SO pleasantly surprised to see how well it transferred. Even more surprised when I saw it contained the illustrations and still was only 392 kb."  –  Daniel Denney

"I love the LYBRARY.COM idea."  –  Dr. Alan Lee

"I think you're providing a wonderful service for magic. I hope it's appreciated. I'll check in on the site periodically and order more."  –  Robin Robertson

"[talking about our Pocket Power ebook] I loved it!!!!! His discussions re misdirection are excellent. He is obviously an expert and has produced some excellent routines. Please keep up the good work."  –  Dr. Alan Lee

"Hi Chris, Well I got my disk. Awsome! Thank you."  –  Ed Andres

"I highly recomend this format to anyone with an interest in magic!"  –  Mike King

"WOW it is better than I anticipated. It is so pleasing to the eye, several of the E-books I purchased from you I have owned in printed form for a long time and I found things in this format that I did not know were in the printed format."  –  Mike King

"Thank you very much for all the newsletters. I am very happy with the CD you sent me some time ago and I'll put together a new order soon."  –  Mike Porstmann

"I can't believe how much much money I have saved by putting the books onto CD rather than buying them from a book shop. To be honest I couldn't spend that sort of money on books!"  –  Mark Ellis

"ALLRIGHT !!!! Gotta Tell ya - lybrary has been my HOME PAGE for months; just so I could know when Expert Card Technique was finished."  –  Dennis Mahoney

"From what I've seen, you've done a fantastic job! I have three books loaded on my palm, and now whenever I'm sitting in line at the drive thru of McDonalds, or in the school parking lot waiting on my kids, I can read a little Art of Magic or look up a card trick. I would love to see more titles. The layout and hyper links are fantastic. I find your product as functional as any palm application can be. I am thrilled to see you take on this venture and a little jealous."  –  Brian E. Kessel

"I was so impressed with the attention to detail on everything, even down to the CD cover with the title I provided on the front and both spines, and the book listed in order on the back. Most would have just burned a CD and put things in a blank jewel box."  –  Robin Robertson

"What a great service! Good price! Great speed! And a quick response to my initial query. e-business at it's best!!!"  –  Tom Robinson

"For what is worth your idea and efforts make my life on the road much easier. I have all my resources in one place they weigh next to nothing."  –  Rolando Santos

"I just bought three Palm format books from you. I can't believe it - EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE - on MY PALM."  –  Dennis Mahoney

"Wow - You guys move fast! I hope this generates business for you. You'll certainly get mine."  –  Mike Powers