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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, sleights, techniques, principles and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or Erdnase, learn the best card tricks and methods from 'The Professor' Dai Vernon, or Roberto Giobbi, or study the classics as well as the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subtopics to find what you are looking for.

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Ken Muller
Glass Act: Magic Beyond Series by Ken Muller

This can easily be the strongest coin effect you ever perform. Coin to glass? No, much more than that in impact and impossibility. Can be an opener, closer, or blend in with other coin effects.

The simple story - the one observers will tell afterward.

On the table you have a bar glass and three coins selected by audience members. Empty hands gesture everyone closer. Now find a glass at the fingertips of the left hand and three coins on the right fingers. A shake and a clink is heard as a coin arrives in the glass. That coin is poured out and two coins placed on the table. The left fingers...

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Bruce Elliott
Classic Secrets of Magic by Bruce Elliott

Anyone who has seen a magician perform has almost certainly seen one or more of the tricks explained in this book. For these are great tricks of the magic profession, tricks that have proved perennially spectacular in performances on the stage, on television, or in private audiences.

The author explains first the basic scheme of each trick, then discusses the possibilities for variation and expansion as developed by a number of famous magicians. Each of the classic tricks included here is methodically described in detail and illustrated in line drawings; none of them involves expensive...

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Frank Garcia
Frank Garcia's Sponge Balls by Frank Garcia

The sponge ball routine, in the hands of a capable performer, is one of the most astounding feats one can do, as the magic happens in the hands of a spectator. Garcia's routines are among the best of the best. Illustrated by Harvan with 17 drawings to show you how to master the routines and moves.

The booklet includes The First Routine, Lesson in Misdirection with the Magic Count, Garcia's Krazee Sponges, Perfect Sponge Vanish, Basic Routine for Beginners, Color Change Routine, Square and Cube Routine, plus suggestions by a working pro.

Here's your chance to add new moves, ideas and...

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Jack Chanin
Encyclopedia of Sleeving by Jack Chanin

Excerpt from the foreword by Paul Rosini:

His book on the 3-Shell Game is a classic - but his new one on sleeving is superb. You may benefit from the many years that it has taken Jack to compile and simplify the different tricks in the art of sleeving. It is unbelievable how clean you can do a trick with his new methods, if used moderately.

Sleeving to me is one of my most valuable assets. As you well know, practical magic is what counts, and I have always found it my magical exploits that sleeving has been very practical. In fact, many well known magicians at conventions have passed...

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Ken de Courcy
A Card Exits by Ken de Courcy

This is Ken's take on R.M. Jamison's 'Yogi Tells' effect from The Phoenix. Someone thinks of one of four cards of the same value of different suits. After two brief shuffles, you spell "Y-O-G-I" three times discarding the card on the last letter, and the card that remains is the one the spectator chose. In Ken's version the spectator thought of card magically flys into the pocket of the performer.

1st edition 1984, 8 pages; PDF 9 pages.

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Mark Leveridge
Commercial Sponge Ball Routine by Mark Leveridge

This is the exact routine as used by Mark Leveridge in his commercial close-up work and also to open all his children's shows. No new concepts, no 'flashy' moves, just a thoroughly professional and entertaining routine that has proved its value over countless performances.

There are few more popular routines with lay people than the sponge balls, and Mark Leveridge's fast-paced sequence will provide you with a practical version that you will quickly learn and use.

1st edition 1984, PDF 11 pages.

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Paul Gordon
Killer Card Magic by Paul Gordon

25 of Paul's very best routines are fully taught. Watch and learn now.

"Visual and stunning routines ... a modern master!" - Jeff McBride

"Excellent creator and performer - so funny." - Boris Wild


  • Killer Mystery Card
  • Cheeky Acaan
  • Head To Head Poker
  • Shocked Aces
  • Easy Ace Estimation
  • Knock Em Dead
  • Swing Aces
  • Diminishing Not Likely
  • Twister
  • Hellman's Aces
  • Play It Poker
  • Worker Supreme
  • Double Gemini
  • Not Too Far
  • Cursed Gypsy
  • The Amazing Four-Card Trick
  • Elle Vate
  • Four-Ace Opener
  • Birds Of A Feather
  • Worker Ambitious Classic
  • and more ...

Plus, an addition of 11...

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Brunel White
Original Mysteries for Magicians by Brunel White

Excerpt from the introduction:

Every effect is practical, for each one has been "tried out," and works.

"Now the question arises, who will be the legitimate successor to Prof. Hoffmann? I will venture to predict that it will be another Briton, Brunel White, whose first plunge into the literary end of the business, "Original Mysteries For Magicians," in my humble opinion, with the single exception of "Modern Magic," the best book I have yet seen, and there are hundreds of Magicians who will agree with me." - Maurice Bliss

  • Introduction
  • The Appearing And Disappearing Knot On Handkerchief ...
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Bruce Elliott
Magic as a Hobby by Bruce Elliott

Tricks for amateur performers.

Excerpt from the foreword by Orson Welles:

It is entirely possible that this excellent book should never have been published - not like this; anyway, not for general sale.

There are two kinds of magic books, you know. The kind they give away with the box top off a breakfast cereal, and this kind of book, which tells explicitly and with pictures - so the reader can really get the hang of them - valuable secrets of professional magic. In brief, I'm sorry that this one is so very good but I'd be honestly sorrier if it were bad.

At the outset it should...

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Mark Stone
Third Eye Peek by Mark Stone

Read what is written on a folded business card, sealed between two credit or gift cards and secured with criss-crossed rubber bands.

This is a full card peek that is easy to do. You can prepare this in minutes. The ebook has crystal-clear visual instructions.

Routine: A spectator is asked to think of a name or number or draw a simple picture on a business card, and then fold the card. The folded business card is sealed between two credit or gift cards, secured with criss-crossed rubber bands, and then placed aside. Under seemingly impossible conditions, the performer reveals what was...

★★★★★ $20
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Ian Baxter
Twist plus Bonus by Ian Baxter

Dai Vernon's Twisting The Aces, has for decades been regarded as an all-time classic and thankfully, the new wave of 21st Century card experts still carry the torch for this perennial favourite. Over the years, new additions and presentations are published, adding even further interest to this wonderful effect.

Australian card man Ian Baxter admits to having performed TTA for sixty years, starting just three years following its publication in 1960. Up until recently, he performed it totally 'as is' from Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets Of Card Magic.

"Tampering with a Vernon treasure such as TTA, can often promote controversy" admits Baxter....

★★★★★ $8
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J. Stewart Smith
Strange Command by J. Stewart Smith

Excerpt from the Foreword:

This book is intended for those men who have made a study of card magic. To be magic, the viewers are unaware of the use of any methods ... the effect apparently just happens and the performer seems to be only an instrument of the supernatural. Certain death to magic follows any contraventions of these principles.

  • Foreword
  • It Is Certain To Happen
  • The Notorious Society
  • Nebuchadnezzar’s Nightmare
  • Occult Powers In Full Force
  • Unfriendly Influence
  • The Offensive Jacks
  • An Unexplainable Purpose
  • So Great Is Its Power
  • This Strange Mystery
  • Within The Realm...
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Percy Naldrett
More Magical Experiments: Collected Magic Series Volume 5 by Percy Naldrett

Excerpt from the Preamble:

The first volume of this never-to-be-too-much-praised series of pragmatical, pneumatical and windy problems I published for love; the second for fame, the third for a wager, the fourth from habit and this present one which you now hold in your much too shaky hands, for money.

Alas, it is so with all enthusiasm and desire: something fades. But, I promise you, this is not the last you will hear of me. Be frolic then, and delve into and dig out from herein the information you so much desire; but I pray that you may not discover from whom I borrow my preliminary thunder. ...

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Christian Scherer
Im Fokus Nr. 18: Entfesselte Wild Dice by Christian Scherer

Eine Variante von Mark Leveridges Wild Dice, die eine völlig freie Handhabung der Streichholz-schachteln erlaubt.

Der Vorführende zeigt eine Version des Hütchenspiels mit drei Zündholzschachteln und einem weissen Würfel. Der Würfel wird unter eine Schachtel gegeben und die Schachteln werden durcheinandergebracht. Entgegen der Erwartung der Zuschauer befindet sich der Würfel immer unter der mittleren Schachtel.

Wird das Spiel senkrecht gespielt, d. h. die Schachteln aufeinandergelegt, befindet sich der Würfel immer auf, statt unter der mittleren Schachtel.

Wenn der Vorführende den Würfel...

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Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT 1964 Annotated by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

Thanks to Wesley James, M.I.N.T III, IV, V, VI, and M.I.N.T. 1963 Annotated are already available. The move toward the availability of the entire run of Marlo In New Tops material with Wesley's extensive annotations and supplemental Bonus material is well underway. The material in this volume is extraordinary. This volume includes 13 articles - something for almost everyone - with themes: Seven months are focused on technique. Two of the techniques were truly ground breaking. Both ATFUS and FUFU were revolutionary. Marlo also extends his exploration of the powerful and intriguing Incomplete Faro. One technique that...

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Timo Dante
The Show Must Go On by Timo Dante

A guide for successful marketing show business.

The Show Must Go On: A Guide for Successful Marketing Show Business by Timo Dante is the ultimate handbook for all performers looking to take their career to the next level. The ebook provides comprehensive information and practical tips for everything from planning a tour to securing sponsors and creating merchandise. The author, Timo Dante, is a successful performer himself and brings his years of experience to the topics covered in the ebook. He covers all aspects of marketing for performers, from promoting a show to funding projects. ...

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William Henry Irwin
The Confessions of a Con Man by William Henry Irwin

A wonderfully interesting confession of a con man who was a contemporary of Erdnase, and just like him operated for a time while traveling with small circuses in Illinois and surrounding states. Of particular interest is a full dialog of how an unsuspecting person on the train was lured into gambling 3 card monte. The dialog demonstrates how skillfully these operatives were and how well they understood human nature. Other cons are also described in detail.

Excerpt from the preface:

When these confessions appeared serially, friends and distant enquirers took it for granted that they were fiction;...

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Jonathan H. Green
Gambling in its Infancy and Progress by Jonathan H. Green

A dissuasive to the young against games of chance.

  • DIALOGUE I. On Playing Pins.
  • DIALOGUE II. On Playing Marbles.
  • DIALOGUE III. On Pitching Coppers.
  • DIALOGUE IV. On Matching And Tossing Coppers, Throwing Heads And Tails, &c.
  • DIALOGUE V. On Sabbath Breaking - Telling Lies - Disobedience To Parents, &c.
  • DIALOGUE VI. On The Use Of Tobacco.
  • DIALOGUE VII. On Playing Various Games.
  • DIALOGUE VIII. On Gamblers, Lotteries, &c.
  • Death Of A Boy On A Race Course.
  • Social Card-Parties.
  • The Gambler's Victim.
  • The Ruined Family; Or, A Warning To Those Who Play For Amusement.
  • The Charm Of Gambling. ...
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Biagio Fasano & Davide Rubat Remond
Wanted Twins by Biagio Fasano & Davide Rubat Remond

This is a new self-working card trick: the viewer will choose two cards, to represent the law and by means of which he will get two more cards, lost in the deck, which he will then divide into four bundles. Over the course of two separate stages, the spectator himself will insert the "sheriffs" within the deck, as arbitrarily as possible. The decks will be shuffled, cut and completed but, despite a thousand adversities, the two "sheriff" cards will succeed in tracking down and capturing the two "outlaws," generated by the combination of the first two cards, chosen at random.

The legend...

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Biagio Fasano & Davide Rubat Remond
Wanted Twins (Italian) by Biagio Fasano & Davide Rubat Remond

Questo è un nuovo effetto cartomagico, completamente Automatico: lo spettatore sceglierà due carte, a rappresentare la legge e per mezzo delle quali si ricaveranno altre due nuove carte, disperse nel mazzo, che dividerà poi in quattro mazzetti. Nell’arco di due distinte fasi, gli “Sceriffi” saranno inseriti dallo spettatore stesso all’interno del mazzo, nel modo più arbitrario possibile. I mazzetti saranno mescolati, congiunti, tagliati, divisi e, nonostante le mille avversità, le due carte “Sceriffo” riusciranno a rintracciare e catturare i due “Fuorilegge”, generati...

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Percy Naldrett
Collected Magic Series Volume 6 by Percy Naldrett

Excerpt from the introduction:

Remember, I beg of you, as you read this book, that one man’s meat is another man’s poison, and have hope within you, that you may discover herein the very item your frousty programme lacks. Believe me, the age of miracles has not ceased.

And you, critics, reviewers and turnip-munchers, bestir your jaded parrots in praise of this book, but whether you boom it or burst it, consider also this: that all the secret subtleties, the cute little, quaint little moves, the tricks of affectation and of style, all the glory and delight of accidental discovery,...

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Hal Saxon
21st Century Threads by Hal Saxon

The 21st Century Threads is an amazing effect that utilizes imaginary super elastic, incredibly strong, invisible threads to pull a silk from one hand, instantly around the performer's back and into the opposite hand. Swoooosh! It’s lightning fast. Most people see nothing, some people may see a blur of the silk as it flies.

This tutorial will show you my amazing Trademark Vanish that I know will become your everyday favorite vanish.

Imagine a king-size Vernet hard tip that can be vanished instantly. Bare hands, no rings, short sleeves and no watch. Absolutely angle-proof and lightning-fast....

$30 $22.50
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Bob Farmer
Bammo Gaffus Maximus Addendum 1 by Bob Farmer

Bob Farmer's Bammo Gaffus Maximus book has a five-star rating from verified purchasers. Now there is an addendum with even more amazing, gaffed decks you can make easily at home.

The effects are brand new and like nothing you've seen before: two astounding predictions, "Stoned," and "The Turn of a Card," involving Chinese mysticism and Las Vegas gambling - themes that are catnip for audiences.

No sleights. Automatic working. No rough and smooth. Instant reset. No angles.

If you have Gaffus Maximus, you'll need this addendum. If you don't have Gaffus Maximus, then this is your chance to sample the quality...

★★★★★ $12
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Edward Marlo & Wesley James
MINT 1963 Annotated by Edward Marlo & Wesley James

After releasing M.I.N.T III, IV, V, and VI, Wesley has set about to complete the full run of Marlo In New Tops material with extensive annotations and supplemental bonus material. This is the first installment of the years from 1963 through 1979. 1964 - 68 are already well underway. Beyond the eight major articles in this, the first year of Marlo’s material in New Tops, there are innovative and ground-breaking plots, sleights, and subtleties, that have been largely unavailable since the run of the New Tops ended, notwithstanding the flat text of L & L’s MINT I and MINT II. If those books had been...

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Gregg Webb
Triplets 2 by Gregg Webb

In this second installment of Triplets, which is an all-cards issue, Gregg describes a new variation of a card change of Jimmy Groppo's. Jimmy was the glad-hander of one of the casinos in Vegas and would do very direct magic effects for the customers.

Next are some very strong tips and additions to a trick called the Repeat Card to Pocket. At the end, Gregg explains how to do this feat with a signed selection.

Lastly, Gregg explains how to solve some of the common problems of a move called The Misdirection Palm. Many beginners make the same mistakes with this move and miss the point....

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Judge Publishing Co.
Judge's Library No. 79 by Judge Publishing Co.

Judge's Library was a satirical periodical published in the USA from 1881 to 1947. It was a rival magazine to Puck founded among others by cartoonist James Albert Wales, dime novels publisher Frank Tousey and author George H. Jessop.

This issue No. 79 of Judge is all about poker. It provides a wonderful glimpse into how ubiquitous poker was in the US that such a successful periodical would dedicate an entire issue to it.

Also noteworthy, particularly for Erdnase scholars, is the fact that pretty much all the funny dialogs in this issue are in various national slang and ebonic. Thus the few lines...

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Douglas William Jerrold
The Hand-Book of Swindling by Douglas William Jerrold

A humoristic manual about swindling, how to become a successful swindler, as well as why it is such a good thing - featuring the late captain Barabbas Whitefeather.

  • Preface Of The Editor
  • Chapter I. The Reader Is Introduced To Captain Whitefeather's Relations.
  • Chapter II. Captain Whitefeather Takes An Enlarged View Of Swindling - Social Evils And Their Remedy.
  • Chapter III. Of The Face Necessary To A Swindler - (An Incidental Speculation On The "Division Of Property") - And Of The Use And Abuse Of Mustachios.
  • Chapter IV. Of The Parentage And Name Of A Swindler - Of His Equipage - Of His...
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Zaw Shinn
Just Play by Zaw Shinn

Show an individual play card, wave your hand in front of it, and have it vanish. Then in the same fashion, it reappears. The gimmick is super easy to make. Watch your angles.

1st edition 2023, video 5:57.

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MP4 (video)

Card Cheating Exposed by unknown

A complete revelation of the cheaters' work at Bridge, Nap, Solo, Bluff, Banker, Baccarat, Faro, etc.

Published by Coe & Co. A rare booklet offered at the first 2023 Ricky Jay auction with an estimated price of $500-$800. Excerpt from the introduction:

In introducing this little book to the public it is my intention and desire to expose the multiplicity of ways by which cheating at cards is accomplished. The average honest player is little suspicious of the enormous amount of cheating that is done, but what would astonish him still more would be to learn the simple tricks used by even the...

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Graham Hey
The Big Story! by Graham Hey

A book test, a 3-card trick, and a 5-envelope impossible selection routine - all self-working.

A prediction envelope is placed on the table, along with the performer's favorite novel. The spectator is handed a magazine that has had the staples removed and is asked to select any one of the double pages she likes. It's a free choice. She is then asked to add all the page numbers together. Let's say the number totals 170. She turns to page 170 in the novel ... and the prediction reveals which city is mentioned, the make of car which is talked about, and the unusual word on line 4! In fact,...

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Percy Naldrett
The Magical Miscellany: Collected Magic Series Volume 7 by Percy Naldrett
  • Divertisement
  • The Magic Spell
  • New Patter for the “Trouble-Wit”
  • The Sympathetic Cubes
  • The Card Discs
  • “Shoo!”
  • A Production Banner
  • The “How-on-Earth” Tube
  • The “What-do-you-call-it”
  • The Enclosure
  • Tubomania
  • A Silken Series
  • Vice Versa
  • Conjurer’s Quoits
  • “By”
  • The Penetrating Tumbler
  • Magnetised Thought
  • The Lady of the Rose
  • The Sympathetic Star
  • L’Envoi

1st edition 1926, 96 pages; PDF 63 pages.

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Larry Travis
Ivy by Larry Travis

Here are six card magic routines, plus variations on two of them. All are truly impromptu, meaning they can be done with a borrowed, shuffled deck of ordinary cards. Some sleight-of-hand is required.

Synaptic - you reveal their thought-of card by "tuning in" to their senses

Maybe - an in-the-hands Open Prediction

Sweep - they choose a card through a visualisation process, but you knew their choice beforehand

Little Sympathy - impromptu sympathetic cards

Royal - a variation of Little Sympathy

Silver - they choose every card for two hands of poker, and you reveal a photographic...

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Gary Jones
Life's a Beach Volume 2 by Gary Jones

Gary is one of those performers who is equally at home presenting magic to lay people or to a room full of magicians, and his creative output reflects those two requirements. Some of the magic in this collection is designed to intrigue and fool magicians, while other effects are fast, direct and perfect for working under almost any commercial conditions.

What all the magic has in common is that the methods have been constructed to extract the maximum effect for the minimum of fuss. Some of Gary's handlings do require some sleight of hand - he is very fond of palming cards, for instance...

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