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A Nice Choreography
by N.I. Pectus

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A Nice Choreography by N.I. Pectus

This nice choreography utilizes some basic moves and concepts to create an appearance of something real. It feels that the implications of the effect are real.

First the spectator examines a card, a Joker lets say, and it remains face up on the table. Afterwards the deck is spread face up in front of him and he is asked to move his finger, pointing always vertically towards the cards, from one end to the other. The spectator stops where he wants. The selection is determined - the four of clubs.

Not knowing what the reason for it might be, the spectator is advised to examine the Joker from the beginning one more time. Surprisingly he notices a detail he has missed before. A revelation is mentioned on the card and indeed it is the spectators selection - his heart stops.

1st edition 2017, 20 pages.
word count: 2186 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text