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A1 All Stars Volume 1 (for resale)

by Various Authors
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A1 All Stars Volume 1 (for resale) by Various Authors
  • John Bannon - Twisted Sisters (performance only) - one of the most popular small packet tricks ever.
  • Dave Neighbors - Pocket Coins - unique presentation and diabolical handling make this coin routine a real fooler.
  • Allan & Debbie Ackerman - A New Game - (performed by Michael Maxwell) an easy to do card miracle.
  • Michael Maxwell - The Lazyman's Prediction - a Marlo classic within the reach of everyone.
  • John Cornelius - Coin Falling Up - John's signature piece, a coin actually appears to fall UP.
  • Darwin Ortiz - Darwin's Aces - an incredible ace routine from a master cardman. The Lucky Deck - a gem of card magic.
  • Larry Jennings - A logical Conclusion - A classic routine. Peripatetic Coins - one of the most magical coin effects ever devised. The Pacoima Solution - ingenious plot and method. The Lie Detector - the ultimate in spectator participation.
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