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ABK by Michael Paul

Poltergeist Coins: Coins bend inside of a heavy glass vase held by a spectator... then, all of a sudden; the vase begins to move across the table as he tries to hold it in place! No magnets or threads required, and you can do this while on the complete other side of the room! This is a dream routine for meetings with media.

Un-Dead Head: A spooky looking doll's head scares the hell out of everyone when it leaps off the table at a spectator! Not in the mood to give unsuspecting spectators heart attacks? No problems... use the same gimmick to gracefully float a rose.

Silver Lining: Take a spectator back to their childhood, with this fabulous piece of mentalism. They initial and hold a foil lined gum wrapper, when it begins to move inside of their hand, and the wrinkles in the foil take on the shape of a number they are thinking of. This one is Michael Paul's walk around closer... and soon it will be yours too!

Nightlife Aces: An eye popping, three phase aces routine that ends with all of the aces vanishing and appearing in your four different pockets. No palming! In fact, the strongest phase is also the easiest!

(Here's a peek at the introduction of the ebook)

I'm not sure that introductions get read all the way through most of the time. And so, I'll keep this short and sweet. ABK represents my most creative thinking to date on the topic of real-world magic. By real world, I mean that these effects work up close and surrounded. They work in restaurants, bars, the stage, and on the street. They work for real people, in real situations. How do I know? I live and perform in the real world. I make my living (pay the bills and feed the family) by performing close up magic full time. I work in loud nightclubs, busy restaurants, and rowdy bars. I get paid to astound real people.

In this set of notes, you'll find some very powerful magic with zombie heads, with heavy glass vases, with gum wrappers... and yes, even with a deck of cards. Items held by a spectator will move, items will float, and minds will be read. Coins will bend, people will feel strange forces, and you will be considered a master with a pack of cards. But what about the methods? What will you find inside? I'm glad you asked!

You'll find easy, self-working material. You'll find new, curious methods for affecting borrowed items, and even work on the pass. We'll talk suggestion, audience control, and gimmicking a Barbie head.

So just who are these notes really for? Well, they are for hard-core card guys. They are for cutting edge street performers. They are for the hobbyist looking for self-working magic. They are for the mentalist in search of the ultimate close up theatre, and for the magician who loves inter-active, well scripted, and completely thought out magic. In short... they are for those who love our art, and want to have some fun! Enjoy.

1st edition 2009; 24 pages.
word count: 6010 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text