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Adventures of a Ventriloquist
by John Manley

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Adventures of a Ventriloquist by John Manley

The magic of the voice with many hints for beginners.

From the Introduction:

For nearly the whole period of the present war I have lectured to and entertained many tens of thousands of members of H.M. Forces—men and women—in Camps, Sites and Barracks of every type, including Military Hospitals, Institutions and a multitude of children.

It is at the repeated requests of these men and women in the Forces that I am writing this little book of my ventriloquial experiences collected over a lifetime, and I am hopeful that it will act as a tonic and give encouragement to all who may be attracted by this interesting and amusing Art. During my long and varied career I have always found time to place my amateur ventriloquial services at the disposal of all with but little reservation. So long as I bring a glow to the minds and faces of my audiences I feel that I am amply repaid. In these refreshing interludes the cares and worries of the day appear to vanish from the thoughts of those who share with me a healthy sense of humour.

    • The Why And Wherefore
    • How It All Began
    • I Join "The Press Gang"
    • Adventures As A Newspaper Reporter
    • Irish Memories
    • The Knowing Horse
    • Lakes Of Killarney
    • Hearing Our Own Voices
    • Farewell To Ireland
    • The Old Music Halls
    • Down To The Sea In Ships
    • Soldiering And Entertaining
    • Royalty
    • The First Auxiliary Fire Brigade
    • Experiences Among The Deaf And Dumb
    • The Crystal Palace
    • Initiation And Emulation
    • Some Amusing Adventures
    • "Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese"
    • The Zoo
    • Madame Tussaud's
    • Napoleon's Tomb
    • Was It Foul Play?
    • The Children
    • Tower Of London
    • Staging A Come-Back
    • Reviving My Ventriloquial Voice In The Present War
    • Shelter Shows During The Battle Of Britain
    • The "Brains" Trust
    • The Alert Paratroop
    • Amusement In The Fog
    • The "Doughboy"
    • Purely Instructional
    • Many Hints For Beginners
    • Full Description Of Your Figure Polyphonism Pronouncing Words With Examples
    • The Two Voices
    • Vowels
    • The Distant Voice
    • Indication
    • Sawing
    • The Clutching Hand
    • Women, Children And Hospitals
    • Birds, Fishes And Insects
    • Public Libraries
    • The Human "Dummy" Alternative
    • Vocal Machinery
    • Conclusion

1st edition 1941, 32 pages; PDF 36 pages.
word count: 15705 which is equivalent to 62 standard pages of text