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After Dinner Tricks
by Walter Gibson

#2 Gambling author
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After Dinner Tricks by Walter Gibson

This is a lovely collection of simple tricks, puzzles, brain teasers and other similar items. Each one is explained with text and an illustration.

  • Tricks With Matches
    • Strike Safety Matches Without Box
    • Levitation of a Match Box
    • The Leaning Match
    • A Light That Failed
    • Which End Burns First?
    • Balancing a Match
    • The Mystic Matches
    • A Puzzle With Matches
    • A Square by Moving One Match
    • Self-Serving Match Box
  • Tricks With Coins
    • Mysterious Sounding Money
    • The Changed Coins in Hand
    • Chosen Coin Picked Out
    • Coin Appears in Empty Box
    • A Puzzle With a Coin
    • Coin Balanced on Tumbler
    • To See Both Sides of a Coin at Once
    • Disappearing Coin in Box
    • Coin Dissolves Into Air
  • Tricks With Cards
    • The Rejected Soldiers
    • Telling Cards from Backs
    • The Three Aces
    • Finding a Selected Card
    • Separated Cards - Joined
    • The Leaping Calling Card
  • Tricks With Tumblers
    • Tumbler From Pocket
    • Magnetizing a Tumbler
    • Balanced Glass of Water
    • The Tuneful Tumbler
    • Spiritualistic Glass of Water
  • Tricks with Paper and Pencil
    • Disappearing Bit of Paper
    • A Divination
    • A Feat of Strength
    • The Magic Paper Bands
    • Magnetized Paper
  • Tricks with String and Elastic
    • Jumping Rubber Band
    • Finger and String
    • Disappearing Elastic
  • Tricks with Cigars and Cigarettes
    • Adhering Cigarette
    • Anti-Gravity Cigarette
    • The Magic Cigar Band
    • The Magnetized Cigar or Cigarette
    • Find a Marked Cigarette Paper
  • Tricks With Numbers
    • To Find a Total of Secret Figures
    • Rapid Addition to Make 100
  • Tricks with Dice and Dominoes
    • The Magnetized Dice
    • To Foretell the End Numbers in a Game of Dominoes
  • Miscellaneous Tricks
    • Hypnotizing an Apple
    • Illuminating Lump Sugar
    • Here's a Magical Sex Indicator
    • Mysterious Spots on a Knife
    • To Tell if Number on Dollar Bill Is Odd or Even
    • The Changing Postage Stamp
    • Changing an Orange to an Apple

1st edition 1921, 29 pages; PDF 39 pages.
word count: 6320 which is equivalent to 25 standard pages of text