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Against All Odds
by Rachel Colombini


(5 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Against All Odds by Rachel Colombini

This is the second DVD featuring Rachel Colombini. It includes a special guest appearance by the one and only Patrick Page. This is great magic and easy to do.

Here are the routines:

  • SIGNED, SEALED AND DELIVERED (Rachel Colombini): A torn and restored card routine that will floor your audience.
  • AGAINST ALL ODDS (Aldo Colombini): Five cards cut in two and two dice. The spectators select how to use the dice and the dice match up the cards.
  • DIGITAL DIAMONDS (Karl Fulves): A routine that can be done over the phone!
  • X-RAY DECK (Rachel Colombini): A freely selected card is the only card with a big X. The effect can be repeated with a different card.
  • KON-KING (Rachel & Aldo Colombini): A spectator deals the deck into four packets and picks the top card of one (free choice). Say it is the KD. You show a jumbo card to be the KD. On top of the other three packets the other three Kings appear.
  • NO SECOND CHANCE (Aldo Colombini): Two grids with numbers and pips. A spectator chooses a number and a suit forming a card. You predicted that card.
  • THE DISCOVERY PACK (Peter Duffie): A thought-of card has written on its back the name of another cut-at card. Easy and unbelievable.
  • BLIND DEAL (Aldo Colombini): Three selected cards are revealed by the deck. This is comedy at its best.
  • AMARA RISES AGAIN (Ryan Matney): A story of a buried Queen with a surprise ending.
  • JUNGLE JAM (Aldo Colombini): A spectator cuts the deck to find two cards at random. These two cards find the four Aces.
  • Special Guest Appearance by Patrick Page who teaches a great idea with cards.

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