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AIR Almost Impromptu Riser
by Dave Forrest


(3 customer ratings) ★★★

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AIR Almost Impromptu Riser by Dave Forrest

Q. Is it possible to perform the classic Rising Card effect without strings, magnets or elastic and without gaffed cards or gimmicked decks of any kind?

A. It is now! With David Forrest's A.I.R!

Effect: A spectator is asked to choose any card (no force) from a freely shuffled, completely regular deck of cards. The card may be signed if so desired. The card is then lost back into the deck. The magician places the entire deck inside the card case and, holding the deck with one hand, begins to concentrate. Very slowly, one card begins to emerge from the center of the cased deck. Little by little it continues to rise until it is over halfway out of the pack. The magician invites the spectator to remove the card completely. Sure enough the card that rose form the pack is none other than the spectators selection!

With A.I.R all you need is an ordinary deck and one minute of simple preparation. You are now set to cause any selected card to rise eerily from the center of a cased deck at a moments notice. Prepare it once, perform it again and again.

  • The rise is under your complete control.
  • The card rises from the middle of the deck.
  • The card can be removed from the deck by the spectator.
If you prefer an instant download video then look at the later released flash video version where Dave has a added a little improvement to the gimmick as well as an additional routine: Aces on Air.

1st edition 2007; 8 pages.
word count: 1408 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text