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Al Stevenson

(Chicago, Illinois: September 1st, 1916 - Maesapequa Park, New York: January 2nd, 1966)

Alwyn "King" Stevenson was well-known for his handling of the Stripper Deck. He was a magician, hypnotist, and magic dealer.

New York magician-dealer (The Wizard's Shop in the 42nd Street Subway Arcade). Invented the Deck on the Ceiling (1958) and Blanka Deck (1959). Invented the process for making spongeballs by machine, later adopted by Goshman.

Wrote 75 Tricks with a Stripper Deck (1957, 48pp; 2nd ed rev, 1962, 40pp) and 75 Tricks with a Svengali Deck (1964, 40pp). Many tricks in Hugard's Magic Monthly.

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Al Stevenson
75 Tricks with a Stripper Deck by Al Stevenson

Excerpt from the preface:

It is my hope that my efforts will give many hours of pleasure to those who like to do card tricks but have neither the time nor the patience required to practice intricate sleight of hand. But: Don't sell the stripper short! Once you learn to handle it well, you may find the necessary time and patience and - combined with sleight of hand - a stripper deck will make it possible for you to do apparent miracles.

  • Preface To Second Edition
  • Introduction
  • The Tapered Deck
  • #1 The Coincidence
  • #2 The Perfect Count
  • #3 The Shuffled Setup
  • #4 Mixed Up Miracle ...
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