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Alan Alan

Alan Alan

(Britain: fl.1940s-90s – 4th July 2014)

Stage name of Alan Rabinowitz. Popular pro escape artist for many years since the 1940s, working theater, cabaret, and circus shows. Invented the Burning Rope escape in 1948 and Sharpshooter (bullet through chosen card). In 1980s was a pro dealer-demonstrator in London (as manager of the late Tommy Cooper's "Magic Spot").

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Alan Alan
Professional Performing Advice by Alan Alan

Two volumes and amongst the most valuable to the young performer who wants really practical professional advice right from the start. Alan Alan is one of the world's most highly paid escapologists and without revealing his very closest secrets he explains how the simplest stunt or effect can be built up into a great money-making act.

An extract from Alan Alan's death defying escape from a burning rope hanging over a cage of fierce lions is also included and completely analysed detail by detail by Alan Alan. Slightly muffled sound quality but the content is worth its weight in gold for anyone...

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