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Alan Jones

Alan is a professional motivational speaker, mentalist and mind coach.

He is an NLP Trainer and Transpersonal Therapist who has been actively involved in esoteric traditions and teachings since he was a teenager, In terms of academic background he holds a BSc in Earth Sciences and, after a change of career path some 25 years ago, has gained a PhD in psychology; professional qualifications in counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP.

He has won two innovation awards for training and teaching.

As a Mentalist, Alan has worked consistently since becoming a professional and to this work he brings his interest in mystical teachings and his experience as an ‘intuitive reader’. Unlike some magicians and mentalists, Alan is totally at ease with the idea of ‘intuition’ and the reality of what he calls ‘total sensory perception’. As he would say, “there are numerous ways of thinking about the realities we experience. There is the object/rational view wherein the focus is on consensus, measurable and empirical evidence and the subjective/personal wherein the individual creates personal meaning from their experience.” He argues that a Rational Mystic approach to life allows you to be truly open and ask better questions.

Alan is a broadcaster with a weekly show on Penwith Community Radio and syndicated radio shows in the UK, USA and Canada. As a mind coach he is an Accredited De Bono Thinking Skills Consultant and Educational Coach who works with businesses, individuals and community projects.

Proud to be a member of Psycrets, The British Society of Mystery Entertainers and contributor to Liber Mentis. Alan was invested as Knight Templar (ANOKT) in 2012 for his community work; is a member of The Magic Circle and currently UK President of the International Magicians Society.


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Alan Jones

The Fools Journey by Alan JonesThe Fools Journey is a few thoughts about the history and development of The Tarot followed by a comprehensive workbook for exploration of tarot imagery. It is based upon Alan Jones' workshops on The Tarot for Self-Development.

The focus is on using the systems for self-exploration, as Alan believe this is where the real 'power' of the imagery and metaphor lies.

This ebook would be a useful companion to Alan's Transformational Readings ebook.

1st edition 2013, 156 pages.

2013 / 4 / 16

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Alan Jones

Introduction to Numerology by Alan JonesIntroduction to Numerology is an overview of this divinatory system but with worksheets which allow the reader to create their own numerological profiles.

1st edition 2013, 53 pages.

2013 / 4 / 16

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Alan Jones

Mostly Mental by Alan JonesThe title of this ebook says it all really. It's 'mostly mental' and as such focuses on the performance of psychological illusion. It's not an ebook full of tricks and new methods, but a series of reflections and thoughts which include sections on NLP, Hypnosis, Linguistic Ambiguity, Performance Analysis, RAW Mentalism (Random Acts of Wonder) and so on. Of course there are some effects within the two-hundred or so pages and they are all drawn from Alan's working repertoire.
"I see your work as an asset to many sincere performers. Your approach is not for the mildly curious, nor should it...
2013 / 4 / 1

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Alan Jones

Transformational Readings by Alan JonesThis ebook offers a framework for psychic readings. Starting with the idea that 'readings' need to be a dialogue between 'reader' and 'client', it explores the idea of 'Transformational Readings' - that is, readings which empower and move 'clients' forward.

The Framework covers aspects of esoteric symbolism drawn from a number of traditions; the use of Tarot cards, Crystals, Colours, Numbers and even Dominoes and cards used for testing ESP (Zenner Cards). Whilst the ebook is aimed at 'readers', 'clairvoyants' and 'psychic entertainers' it nevertheless explores the use of divinatory tools...

2013 / 4 / 1

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