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Alberto Sitta

Alberto Sitta

(Ferrara, Italy: 14th December 1919 - 31st July 1989)

Music teacher in Bologna and amateur magician with a famous pseudo-Chinese act as "Chun Chin Fu". Specializes in silk magic. Invented Sitta's Rope Trick and Sitta's Leopard Silk. Founding-editor of Magia Moderna 1954-89. President, Club Magico Italiano, 1957-89. FISM jury 1979, 1988. FISM President 1988-89, his term to have run to 1991 but interrupted when he died in a fire at home. Wrote The Colorful Magic of Alberto Sitta (52pp).

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Alberto Sitta
The Colourful Magic of Alberto Sitta by Alberto Sitta

Alberto Sitta specializes in commercial magic that you can use in your stage, cabaret and close-up shows. His Leopard Silk is perhaps his most famous effect and has been performed and copied by magicians all over the world. In this ebook Alberto reveals more of the mysteries that have gained him a reputation as one of Italy's most creative performers.

There are no pipe dreams here. All the magic has been regularly used by Alberto Sitta in his professional performances and lectures throughout Europe. Practical, colorful and commercial these are the hallmarks of Sitta's creations and here are...

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