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Alexander George

Alexander George

Alexander George, born and bred in Manhattan, was educated at Columbia, Harvard, and Oxford. He now teaches philosophy at a liberal arts college. With his left hand, he dabbles in magic. In both pursuits, he is interested in the mind's strange ways.

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Alexander George
Flip and Tell by Alexander George

An impromptu piece of close-up mentalism that uses no gimmicks in which you demonstrate clairvoyance (or mind-reading), then your participant does - and then you finally show that you had predicted everything!

The effect: You and your participant each have a collection of coins before you on a table. You and she take turns secretly flipping over your own coins until she is completely satisfied that neither of you could possibly know the heads-tails orientation of the other’s coins. You now cover a coin of yours and she covers one of hers. Yet you are able to tell the orientation of her...

★★★ $6
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