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Alexander Kiss

Alexander Kiss

Alexander Kiss was born on October 2nd, 1921 into a family of circus performers. He began to perform early when he was merely 4 years old. At twelve Alexander joined the Bor-Kiss Juggling Troupe, which was founded by Alexander's father, Nikolai, and Boris Borisow. Later Kiss performed with his younger sister Violetta a duo act until 1966. Alexander became famous for his numerous amazing and never before seen tricks, by some count a total of 40 new tricks. His most famous one is a five club back cross. In 1969, Alexander Kiss won the prestigious Rastelli Trophy crowning him as the best juggler in the world. Alexander Kiss passed away on November 18th, 1990, leaving behind sons Nikolai Kiss and Alexander Kiss.

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Alexander Kiss
If You Are a Juggler ... by Alexander Kiss

Alexander Kiss wrote, If You are a Juggler in the USSR in 1970. Now that it finally has been translated into English, we can all learn from this Russian circus icon and master juggler. In 1969 Alexander won the Rastelli Award, given to the top juggler in the world.

In this ebook, Alexander Kiss shares his life's work while also offering insights to jugglers and other performers alike. From stories of juggling greats to descriptions of their famed tricks, this is a collection of valuable information to all who read it.

Learn Alexander's thoughts about proper practice technique, how to...

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