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Alexander May started performing magic from a young age when he was still in school. He became a full time professional performer in 2008 and works mainly in the corporate market as a mentalist, magician and MC.

He specializes in close-up magic and also has a keen interest in mentalism.

He currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa.


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Alexander May

(Menta)Lists by Alexander May(Menta)Lists is a revolutionary system that allows the mentalist to predict the outcome of a game of word association.

Everybody is familiar with the game of word association. One person thinks of a word, then the next person says another word that can somehow be associated with it, and so it continues. For example: Frog - Green - Apple - Tree - Squirrel etc.

(Menta)Lists gives you the power to accurately predict the final word that will be named!

With (Menta)Lists they can now select their own words. That's right - they can think of ANY random words that come to mind... and you are...

2015 / 5 / 22

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