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Almost Hyp
by Scott Xavier


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Almost Hyp by Scott Xavier

This ebook is a collection of 10 years of performing hypnosis in some of the worst bars and backyard parties through out the midwest. These are hypnosis seeming effects that you can do anywhere to create the illusion that you CAN control minds for real! These are the ideal pseudo hypnotic effects that can put almost any audience deeper into REAL hypnosis as well by allowing audiences to go deeper with these convincing effects. In fact no hypnosis is necessary to perform any of these magic and mentalism effects.

This is a collection of effects that will allow you to add 20-30 minutes of pseudo-hypnosis to your show. This manuscript mixed with some real hypnosis will make an amazing way to impact audiences. If you are a magician wanting to hit a new market, or a hypnotist needing strong and devastating effects to insulate your hyp show, you will love this collection of pseudo-hypnotic effects. All hypnotists have at one time or another hit that one audience that will not go under. Now you'll have a collection of the strongest pseudo hypnotic effects to perform.

  • You will regress a volunteer to childhood and steal their ability to read
  • Take the most trained mind and rob his ability to remember a playing card
  • Steal a spectators ability to remember a PIN code
  • Rob a spectators strength
  • And other hypnosis tricks

1st edition 2015, 22 pages.
word count: 3299 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text