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by Jim Krenz

Anagramation by Jim Krenz

The performer displays a stack of business cards which each have a magical logo and the phrase "For Astonishment..." on them. The spectator initials the top card of the stack and a playing card is also selected, but not yet revealed. The performer flips through the stack of cards and the printed letters move slowly at first, then begin careening all over the card, bouncing off the edges and each other. As the letters slow down, they are seen to be forming into new words in an "anagramic" way. When they are finished moving, they read "Nine Of Hearts!" When the spectator's selected card is revealed it is, indeed, the Nine of Hearts! The top card still has the spectator's initials on it. It may be examined... Neither the initials, nor the "Nine of Hearts" will rub off or smear. Comes complete with enough business cards for nearly 50 performances!

The supplied cards can be turned into your business cards because they are blank on the back and can therefore be customized to show your contact information. With a stamp, label or real print job you can turn this into a marketing tool like no other. Combines the out-to-lunch principle with a flip-book animation.

Priced lower than retailers or distributors can purchase this. We have a box too many of them.

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