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Andrew Galloway

Andrew Galloway

(Benwhat, Ayrshire, Scotland: 12th May 1940 - )

Learned in 1949 from tricks in a boy's annual. Student of John Ramsay since 1956. Golf club maker. Amateur close-up magician. In late 1980s had 3 fingers of right hand crushed by a hydraulic vise.

Wrote The Ramsay Legend (1969, 62pp; repr 1975; 2nd revised ed 1985), The Ramsay Classics (1977, 108pp), Diverting Card Magic (1980, 56pp), and The Ramsay Finale (1982). Articles in Abra, Pabular, and Magic Circular. Video (1985; reissued 1989).

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Andrew Galloway
The Ramsay Legend by Andrew Galloway

John Ramsay was known for his clever use of misdirection. Probably his most famous quote is

"I work alone, but I have an invisible assistant—Miss Direction."—John Ramsay

His use of misdirection was so good that he often badly fooled his fellow magicians. Ramsay was a sleight-of-hand master with coins and thimbles, but worked essentially with all objects including cards, ropes and cups and balls. Lots of clear line drawings by Ralph O. Evans.

1st edition 1969 Goodliffe Publications; 2nd printing 1975 by Magic, Inc., comb-bound, 63 pages; 1st digital edition 2013, 93 pages. ...

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