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Andy Cannon

I believe there is in each of us an untapped resource - of intuition and ability. I know you've released or at times experienced such a phenomena within yourself and you've felt the power and amazement of it. I want to help you experience that and have fun along the way.

I do this by using a variety skills and I do this in an entertaining, enjoyable way that makes my unique mystic and psychic flavored entertainment perfect to entertain guests and clients whilst motivating and creating a fun transformative experience they'll remember with you.

I am "Mentalist", for those familiar with the recent American TV series and strongly associated with someone with an excellent degree of intuition and an understand of people. I am fascinated by mystical, the esoteric, personalities, micro-expressions and the psychology of the mind. This interest in people and anthropology has taken me around the world spending time with some of the most remote tribes in the world and witnessed their rituals and beliefs which has helped me understand people in a very different way. I've spent time with shamanic practitioners and energetic healers.

I use these skills and knowledge I've picked up along the way coupled with an ounce or two of wit and humour to become a wonderful and captivating entertainer and performer.

I've have lectured extensively on body language and "doodle analysis" - using doodles, drawings and handwriting to learn about a persons character and the mind-body connection.

Currently 28 and living in Barcelona I perform all over Europe. My unique style of entertainment, humour and observation allows me to add to, and work with a variety of clients.

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Andy Cannon

A-C B-T: billet tear by Andy CannonA-C B-T is an unconventional instant access billet tear, that is very quick and easy and can be executed with a minimum of fumbling. Two versions are being taught. Ideal for instant access or a delayed read. There are no fiddly moves and the peek pops into view and disappears just as quick.

1st edition 2020, PDF 10 pages.

2020 / 6 / 7

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Andy Cannon

The Doodle Act by Andy CannonA complete framework for a small parlour show or intimate event with around 10 - 20 people. Primarily driven and structured around the audience's drawing it is simple to perform and execute. It has multiple effects, readings, climaxes and a little bit of showboating. Its structure is flexible including suggestions on how to use hypnosis and your own pieces inside this larger act.

1st edition 2020, PDF 8 pages.

2020 / 6 / 7

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Andy Cannon

Mtangulizi by Andy CannonAn ebook for anyone who wants to improve the way they are received by their audience whether onstage, in the bar or in casual settings and we cover a few simple things we can do right off the bat to see this change.

Many people are struggling and not getting suggestion to work. This ebook will change that! We look at what the majority of people are NOT doing that is preventing them from seeing success in their use of suggestion and normally its just one simple thing.

If you're interested in being seen as unique and different and above all look and feel real - you'll find the approaches...

2017 / 11 / 12

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Andy Cannon

Psych Five by Andy CannonEngaging, interactive and a little bit cheeky

This is Andy's multiple phased, business card routine. Like every other piece in this collection it allows for ample byplay, and a fun competitiveness and out guessing theme between you and the participant. Perhaps the coolest part about this is the psychology that allows you to do it "gimmick" free with near 100% accuracy. Although the 100% accurate version is thrown in. This is pure psychological fun.

TERASBOS bit o' business
You'll need to be familiar with the Rick Maue Classic, this simple verbiage puts the odds in your favour...

2013 / 9 / 26

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Andy Cannon

Doodleology (Non-mental) by Andy CannonAs we explore the meanings of doodles and drawings, Doodleology is the perfect ebook for someone who is interested in the way people think and would like to be able to define a person's personality based solely on their drawings and doodles.

The ebook is complete with in depth explanations of the different types and styles of doodles, mini articles, examples and sample doodle readings and ideas to profit from doodle reading.

By the time you've done reading you'll understand how to read people's drawing and doodles, how to apply the flow to create a seamless structured reading and more. ...

2012 / 12 / 30

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