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Anthem Flint

Anthem & Aria are the nations rising stars of magic and Mind-Reading. Anthem & Aria use their magic to reveal the power in your own mind! Anthem and Aria are unlike anything you’ve seen. Combining Music, Magic, And Mind Reading into a unique and memorable experience that we predict you’ll be talking about for years to come. Anthem & Aria are well acclaimed for their talents winning a plethora of awards including the prestigious MAES Mentalist of the year award, the Lance Burton award of excellence, and first place at several national and international magic competitions. Anthem And Aria are one of the worlds only Mentalism duos, and are the only duo that combines their magic with singing and music.

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Anthem Flint

Psychic Symphonies by Anthem FlintWhat are you chasing? When you look at your show, are you leaving an indelible impression on your audience or just impressing them? Finally after years of waiting, Anthem Flint releases his personal routines that accomplish both.

Anthem is known for his Empowertainment and ability to remind audiences of their own inner power. This ebook will show you how to achieve this for your audiences and leave them smiling. But there is more than just motivational magic ... inside you'll find the inner secrets of ...

The Second Sight Act: how to develop, practice, and perform this act with a partner....

2019 / 7 / 6

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Anthem Flint

Pendulums by Anthem FlintThis is Anthem Flint's first ebook. It covers the art of using a pendulum in the real world and in performance. Anthem Flint begins by teaching you how to make decisions using the pendulum. Then, he shows how to help others make decisions with the pendulum. From there he moves onto jaw dropping and emotionally powerful routines that will stick with you wherever you go. Anthem teaches hard-hitting mentalism with emotional undertones, an unwritten Q&A, and mental magic routines that will leave your audience floored. Anthem has been fooling even the most learned magicians with his 1 in 52 routine....
2018 / 8 / 10

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