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Anthony Norman

(Britain: fl.1930s - 40s)

Stage name of Norman Binns. Wrote Basic Card Technique (1948).

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Anthony Norman
Basic Card Technique by Anthony Norman

A lovely digital reproduction of a book from England describing a range of card moves. It is profusely illustrated and very clearly describes all basic card moves and many specialties. Twenty chapters deal with subjects such as: The Pass, Location, Palming and Forcing, False Cuts, False Shuffles, False Counts, The Double Lift, Top and Bottom Change, Glide and Slip, Glimpse and Peek, Reversing Cards, Flourishes, Fanning, Front and Back Palm, etc. Learn the right way to do these sleights.

Other chapters deal with Presentation, Card Climaxes, Patter, Color Changes, Mental and Gambling Effects....

★★★★★ $4
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