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Arthur W. C. Brumfield

Arthur W. C. Brumfield

(Indianapolis, Indiana: 12th October 1890 - 1st October 1944)

Dealer (The Welworth Company) in Indianapolis 1920s-30s in partnership with Charlie Maly. Published and edited (and actually wrote) Jack Merlin's ... and a Pack of Cards (1927-28). Collector of magic books.

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Arthur W. C. Brumfield
Perfection One-Man Mindreading Act by Arthur W. C. Brumfield

This is the act that duplicates the effects of Dunninger, perhaps the world's most famous mentalist. And best yet, no assistants are required.

EFFECT: Performer offers $1,000 to anyone who will prove he uses assistants or confederates. He states that he will pass among them slips of paper and envelopes on which they are to write phone numbers, dates, addresses, questions, etc. He states he will allow them to keep the slips in their own possession and nevertheless be able to tell what was written. He then passes the slips and envelopes and returns to the stage, asking them to place the envelopes under...

★★★★ $8
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