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by Dee Christopher

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Article3 by Dee Christopher

Article3 is Dee Christopher's take on the classic "Three Article Test", which has previously been approached by the likes of Gene Grant (Phantini), Jack Miller and Eddie Joseph; however, all of the previous solutions have involved unjustified actions and often complicated crib sheets and processes. In Article3, all of the issues have been destroyed, leaving you with a perfect method for a wildly impressive demonstration of psychometry.

The basic effect is that three participants each hide one of three items (For instance; a coin, a ring and a watch) in their pocket while the mentalist is turned away or out of the room. Upon returning, the mentalist can name the item that each person has in their pocket.

With Article3, not only can you replicate this, but you also have the opportunity to give a reading to each participant that ties into the item they have chosen. You can also borrow each item, should you wish to, all you need to carry is a small stack of innocent looking 9 plastic cards (supplied) in your wallet or pocket.

Unlike every other solution for the 'Three Article Test', you can also perform Article3 for a single participant, in which you will have them merely think of one of the three items; the items don't even need to exist, they can simply be spoken, yet you will still get what object they're thinking of every single time.

  • No forces.
  • No peeking.
  • No unjustified process.
  • Nothing is written down.
  • The items can be borrowed, and you can use any items you like to work with your routine.
You will get a zip file of all the artwork and the ebook, alongside instructions on where and how to print your cards.

1st edition 2018, 35 pages plus print files.