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Ben Robinson on Synchronicity

by Ben Robinson

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Ben Robinson on Synchronicity by Ben Robinson

This is a unique CD released in 2001 originally by Metro Video Productions, and now under exclusive license to The studio-recorded 63-minute CD comprises 30 true stories told by Master Magician Ben Robinson on the role of synchronicity in his life. Coming on the heels of family upheaval in 1990, Robinson's dreams, he claims, became prophetic. Given that dreams seemed to be manifesting in the material world, he sought counsel first from psychologists, and then when that counsel failed, parapsychologists.

The introduction and subsequent interview is conducted by Dr. Joanne D. S. McMahon, a licensed parapsychologist. Carl Jung defined the term "synchronicity" as a "meaningful coincidence" which was brought about by an "acausal principle" in nature. Wildly debated for nearly 80 years, the concept has found its ways into the writings of Joni Mitchell, two songs by the rock group The Police and numerous films. Jung himself was not only mystified by this dreamlike language played out in life, but, he sealed his notes for 20 years to study his journals from 1930 to 1952, when he first delivered his research in public. This is the perfect modern complement to Jung's famous essay, "On Synchronicity." Robinson's discussion not only shows the archetype magicians provide for the phenomenon, but also provides thematic content for many magician presentations. For the accurate illusory presentation of this phenomenon, this disc is a MUST. This copious research will be appreciated by psychologists, psychiatrists, physicists, occultists, writers, mentalists and magicians seeking something definitely offbeat.

  1. Introduction
  2. On Mountains & Under Buildings
  3. Disappearing Ink
  4. Introduction to Smelling Pennies
  5. Smelling Pennies
  6. Study Notes and Background
  7. Dan S.
  8. GHOST
  9. A Funny Thing Happened in the Theatre
  10. Connecticut College Goes to Atlanta
  11. Kennedy & Lincoln
  12. The Hawaiian Postcards
  13. Swing Street Synchronicity
  14. Victor Brauner's Eye
  15. The Cat's Cufflink
  16. Stubby Goes to LaGuardia
  17. It's All Happening at the Zoo
  18. Ganesha - Remover of Obstacles
  19. Isleford in New York
  20. Howle's Buffalo Fur Houdini Card
  21. Asian Synchronicity
  22. Trauma, Psi & Synchronicity
  23. Victor Lustig
  24. Death Friends
  25. Explanation
  26. Red Heads & Black Vests
  27. Christmas Courage
  28. Betrayal
  29. Questions Answered
Recorded at Clearcut Recording, Saddlebrook, NJ
Engineered by Max Caselnova
Produced by Karl Petry
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