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Bernard Zufall

Bernard Zufall

(6th June 1894 - ?)

Born in New York City, NY. Began interest in mnemonics and magic in 1908. Semi-pro Giant Memory act, billed as 'The Human Encyclopedia'. Also billed as 'The Mental Magician'.

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Bernard Zufall
Zufall's Memory Trix by Bernard Zufall

Back in 1940, a performer named Bernard Zufall ("The Mental Magician") put out a series of six booklets titled, Zufall's Memory Trix. These six booklets are here combined into one ebook. They cover memorizing feats such as calender memorizing, memorizing a deck of cards, the knight tour, memorizing facts and figures, a.s.o.

  1. Magazine Memorizing
  2. Mental File Index
  3. Calendar Memorizing
  4. Memorizing A Deck of Playing Cards
  5. Memorizing Numbers
  6. Memorizing Facts and Figures
★★★★ $12
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