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Blank Card Surprise
by Wolfgang Riebe

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Blank Card Surprise by Wolfgang Riebe

Wacky, incredibly visual and totally impossible. Only a few words can describe this reputation maker. Ever wondered what to do with those double blank cards you've collected over the years? Here's the ultimate trick for you.

A spectator can chose any 4 double blank cards from a deck, or you can hand out 4 cards for inspection. Any one card is signed and placed aside. The remaining 3 cards all change to the spectator's signed card and can be clearly shown one at a time. In the end, they all become blank again and the spectator keeps his original signed card as a souvenir.

A packet card trick with normal blank cards. Ideal for table hopping. The video instructions include:

  • Two full performances of the entire routine
  • Use your own double blank cards
  • A full, clear explanation on how to perform the trick
  • Card sleight difficulty level - 5 out of 10
  • 20 years of refinement explained
  • Logical easy to follow routine
  • Every move finely tuned
  • Create a reputation builder
  • Perform this routine anywhere
  • A small card trick with massive impact
  • Maximum entertainment
  • Global appeal

1st edition 2018, length 11 min

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