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Bob Dunn

Bob Dunn

(USA: March 5th, 1908 – January 31st, 1989)

Illustrator. Amateur magician. Wrote Magic for All (1947; repr as Make Magic, 1957, 160pp), a collection of his syndicated comic-strip tricks for King Features. Often stooged for Dunninger in 1950s. He is considered the inventor of the knock-knock joke featured in Knock Knock: Featuring Enoch Knox. He starred in two early TV shows: Face to Face (NBC, June 1946 to January 1947); Quick on the Draw (DuMont local show beginning May 1950, and on the DuMont network January to December 1952), a celebrity panel show first hosted by Eloise McElhone and later by Robin Chandler. Dunn drew cartoon charades that celebrities would try to figure out.

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Bob Dunn
Magic for All by Bob Dunn

Bob Dunn was an illustrator by profession and this work is full of illustrations making each trick easy to comprehend and learn. From the introduction:

With a few exceptions, the tricks in this book can be performed by any reader without any other equipment than is to be found in an average home. Complicated apparati have been utilized by a great many magicians in winning a reputation for themselves, but the best of modern magic is performed without gadgets, by sleight-of-hand artists completely surrounded by audiences and working with familiar objects - cards, coins, handkerchiefs, cigarettes,...

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