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Bottled Bill
by Arthur Setterington

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Bottled Bill by Arthur Setterington

A borrowed and signed bill vanishes from a spectator's hands and it is found in a bottle with a screw cap, that was inside a sealed envelope.

An Arthur Setterington original that's a sensation ... clean, easy, visual magic that has impact.

The magician draws attention to a stapled envelope hanging from two clips in a nicely lacquered wood and metal skeleton frame, in complete isolation. He requests the loan of a bill a $1, $5, $10, $100 - a £1, £5, £50 - it doesn't make any difference. A spectator is asked to note the number on the bill or he can place any identifying mark he wishes on it. The note is rolled and wrapped in the folds of a borrowed handkerchief. Suddenly the magician snatches the handkerchief away from the spectator and immediately tosses this back to the person from whom he borrowed it. The handkerchief is empty, the note has vanished!

The envelope which you will remember has remained in full view throughout the whole of the presentation, is now removed from the stand. Attention is drawn to the fact that the top of this is heavily stapled. Envelope can be banged against the front of your table or a spectator can feel inside it. Inside it there is a solid article. Envelope is torn open, this article is removed and shown to be a clear glass bottle, capped with a screw plastic stopper. Inside the bottle is the actual vanished bill.

The screw stopper is unscrewed. The spectator himself dips into the bottle with a pair of tweezers to remove the bill. There is no substitution or anything of that sort involved. It is the actual borrowed bill.

Points to remember:

  • The envelope hangs in full view from the very commencement of the effect, and even prior to the note being borrowed.
  • The envelope is heavily pinned or stapled at the top. Only one envelope and one glass bottle are used. They are not switched.
  • An effect which is truly in the miracle class.
  • Everything can be left with the audience to examine and ponder over. There is nothing for them to discover.
  • Easy to perform. No sleights .... A truly great little mystery.
These are the original instructions sold with the trick by Supreme that permit you to easily build the simple needed apparatus. We added extra information on how to easily prepare and use an impromptu stand.

1st edition 1974, PDF 5 pages.
word count: 1783 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text