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Brain Busters For The Intermediate Mentalist
by Aire Allegro


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Brain Busters For The Intermediate Mentalist by Aire Allegro

Staple Gun Roulette

Four staple guns are shown to be laid on a table in front of the audience, everyone watching is asked to think of a number from 1-4. A random member of the audience is then asked to come onto the stage and the guns are numbered 1-4 by the participant. The participant is then told to imagine that the number they chose is the loaded gun and is to leave the gun with that number on the table at all times. He/she picks up one of the other guns and holds it to the mentalists eye and is told to pull the trigger...Click the gun is safe. The participant is then asked to repeat this with another gun.....Click the gun is safe. It is now down to a 50/50; the participant picks up another gun, holds it to the mentalist’s eye, is asked to slowly count to three and pull the trigger. 1.............2...............3 Click Arghhhhhhhhhhh the performer screams and blood squirts out of his eye! The audience panic and then the mentalists looks up and smiles, he waits till the audience calm and then asks the subject to pick the last gun up and hold it to a balloon and pull the trigger....BANG the balloon bursts.

Three Deadly Sins

A balloon is on stage throughout an entire performance, inside there are clearly 3 billets. Throughout the entire performance of a stage show the mentalist writes events that have taken place randomly on a whiteboard (it could be a headline prediction if desired). 3 participants (chosen at random) are asked to stand and all add up random numbers and events that happened to them using their mobile phones. (They remain seated)

A participant comes up onto the stage and the Balloon is popped; Three billets fall out, inside billet one is a little bit of writing regarding the time the balloon was inflated with a witness signature on. Inside billet two there are three 4 digit numbers, they are called out and the participants who are standing are asked to take a seat if their numbers are on the paper. Two of the participants take a seat and the third remains standing. She is asked how many the performer was off by in regards to her number and she replies “1”. The third billet is opened and reads; “For all standing participants I predict I will be off by 1, you can now sit. Please turn over this slip of paper”. The slip is turned over and on the other side of the paper are all the random events that have taken place throughout the night (or the headline). The mentalist never touches the billets at anytime.

Cellular Mentalism

This is something you can do in a situation you do not have a pen, pad or billet.

The mentalist asks a participant if he/she has a mobile phone, he takes the phone of the participant writes a word down as a text message and hands it to the participant to keep it face down. He then asks the person to choose the word ‘outside’ or the word ‘inside’, as this will tell the mentalist how the participant thinks. The participant selects outside, this tells the mentalist they pick up on suggestions using their eyes and proceeds to ask them to close their eyes. They are asked to imagine sitting in the back of a car, feel the interior of the seat with their hand, they can smell the air freshener and they glance casually out of the window. They are asked to open their eyes and name what they see outside, the subject responds ‘A TREE’ the phone is turned over and the prediction matches!

Which Hand Is The Object In?

A rubber ball is introduced, a participant is asked to place the ball behind their back and place it into any hand they desire. They then bring their hands around their front and after a few seconds the mentalist can guess which hand the ball is in. This can also be done with a coin.

Simple Drawing Duplication

A participant is asked to draw an image on a slip of paper (it doesn’t matter if anyone sees it); they are then asked if he/she believes the image was their own choice to which they testify it is. The mentalist claims he influenced the participant the drawing and to prove it he removes an envelope from his pocket opens it, on the business card there is the drawing the subject selected.

3 Person Book Test

The mentalist asks 3 participants up onto the stage, he asks one person to state a number from 1-200, the second person a number from 1-25 and finally the third person 1-10. These numbers are written down, for example the first chose 162, the second 9 and the third 8. The first participant is asked to walk up to a table and select any book they like and turn to page 162 (as that’s the number they chose) go down 9 lines and across 8 words and remember that word. The second picks up a different book and does the same and so does the third. The mentalist picks up a pad and looks at each participant in turn and writes 3 different words. The pad is turned and each subject verifies the mentalist has correctly predicted their word and the participants take a seat.
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