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C. C. Allentini

During the start of Allentini’s career as a writer, several publishing opportunities presented themselves but the options were often not in the author’s best interest to accept. He found it tempting to dwindle in and out of information technology, chasing a declining dream of climbing the corporate ladder in environments that really had no answers for him. Falling short of the high expectations he had set for himself after receiving a Masters in Technology from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Allentini occasionally found himself distantly suspended from the possibilities and opportunities in the corporate workplace.

One day in the hot summer of July 2006, he received a call of approval that accessing a print run of 15,000 copies of his novel was feasible but he would have to change the seasoning of his writing and become more “urban.” Understanding this marketing concept, Allentini politely turned away. If he had gone with the suggestion, this meant he would have to completely change to something different than what he had so skillfully perfected over the years. Considering that he was awaiting the moment when his life would spin out of control in the preliminaries of a slowly approaching divorce, it was probably best to put the venture on hold anyway. In the upcoming years, Allentini found himself in the midst of a prolonged break up, divorce hearings, strenuous corporate litigations and the heartbreaking death of his mother who he lost to cancer in 2008. During this era of his life, he couldn’t properly function for the world if he wanted to.

In the beginning - Autumn of 2001, C.C. Allentini landed into an intensive book tour campaign for his first suspense-thriller, Body Disposal which was briefly interrupted by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Nominated for the Golden Pen Award and Jezebel Magazine’s Who’s Who of Atlanta, Allentini steadily approached a highly competitive career in writing. And just after the Malls shut down during 9-11, the merchants reopened weeks later. Allentini reconfirmed scheduled dates for his book tour that consisted of more than 50 cities. The commitment was a demanding one. However, it was well worth it, landing at the end of an amazing journey in Austin, Texas 2002. Originally, it was supposed to end in Newnan, Georgia on a cold Christmas Eve 2001. Even then, he could foresee a changing world for himself but he had not fully optioned out of corporate to become a full time writer. This would mean he would experience pivotal moments in order to do so and they would surely arrive in due time.

Allentini had to search long and hard for his following – an audience that compared him to prominent writers such as John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell even Jerry B. Jenkins who writes in a totally different genre, but a strong southern writer he is and this is where C.C. Allentini would continue his career.

Along with the challenges, Allentini embarked on some of the greatest opportunities he could have imagined – lecturing at Auburn University, University of Alabama, University of South Alabama, and University of North Carolina. After the tour officially ended in Austin, Allentini taught classes at Georgia Perimeter College. Still, he made occasional appearances all over the Midwest and Southeast. It wasn’t too long before he published his 2nd novel Dead of Winter in 2004. Now, C.C. Allentini is embarking on becoming Dr. Allentini in the sunrise of his latest Thriller Midnight of Dead Roses. With these major credentials, he is able to carry on his legacy in the academic and literary community. One of the most distinguished writers presents his third and one of the most anticipated novels – Midnight of Dead Roses.

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