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CAN 21 by Raphaël Czaja

The magician spreads a shuffled deck in front of two spectators. Spectator 1 selects one card and remembers it. Spectator 2 does the same. Both of them thoroughly shuffle the deck and cut it in two halves. The magician loses one card in each pile and gathers the deck. While the spectators cut the deck multiple times, the magician writes a prediction and tables it face down, in full view. For the first selection, the magician says he was inspired by the 21-Card Trick. He deals the cards in three piles and asks Spectator 1 to give him the pile where his card lies. The magician removes one card from the pile. It is Spectator 1's card! For the second selection, the magician says he was inspired by the Card At Number effect. He reveals the number he wrote as a prediction - 16 - and deals down to the 16th card. It is Spectator 2's card!

Easy to do. The deck is regular. No gimmick. No duplicates. No marking. No peeking. No false counting. Unlike the original 21-card trick, the cards are dealt in three piles only once. The magician does not know Spectator 1's card until he has to look for it. Spectator 2 can deal the cards by himself at the end.

1st edition 2023, PDF 6 pages.
word count: 1254 which is equivalent to 5 standard pages of text