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by Deepak Mishra

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Capsoul by Deepak Mishra

Turn a cap into a magic prop and have cards appear and change. For example, you can use it for a kind of 'card stabbing' routine where you spring the cards and catch one card in your cap. Or have one card visually change into another. To make the gimmicks requires some arts and crafts, but nothing too complicated and no supplies you wouldn't likely already have.

The separate effects are:

  • Flick
  • Stabbed
  • I-tap
  • Spinner

Not all gimmicks can be incorporated into the same cap and thus not all effects shown could be done with just one cap.

Deepak also explains a lovely linking effect where he magically links a necklace to the cap. This is so easy and so visual that you will love it.

1st edition 2015, video 29:37

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