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Card College 1: Videos Only
by Roberto Giobbi

#1 in German (Deutsch) author


(6 customer ratings) ★★★★★

Card College 1: Videos Only by Roberto Giobbi

This is a companion DVD to the bestselling classic book "Card College 1" by Roberto Giobbi. The menu of this DVD mirrors exactly all 16 chapters of the book (English edition). For the companion DVD to volume 2 follow this link: Card College 2: Videos Only.

Each technique is demonstrated with short video clips showing Roberto Giobbi performing. There are about 100 video clips on this DVD. Sometimes a technique is shown from different angles or in slow motion.

So pop in this DVD into your player and enjoy to see how Roberto masterfully executes the techniques from Card College 1.

Please know that the video clips only demonstrate the technique. There is no verbal explanation on the DVD since all of that and much more is already in the book. It is therefore a real companion DVD to the book. Although you can use it without the book the real value is unlocked by combining DVD and book.

(The videos on these companion DVDs are the same videos used in the ebooks, Card College 1 ebook and Card College 2 ebook, however the chapter allocation to volume 1 and volume 2 is different. The companion DVDs mirror the English edition printed books, because the DVDs are meant to be used with the printed books. The ebook mirrors the German edition printed books, because that is the chapter sequence Giobbi finds best for studying. Regardless, if you get both volumes you will cover everything no matter what language edition you are working with.)

  • Chapter 1: Fundamental Techniques
  • Chapter 2: Overhand Shuffle Techniques, Part 1
  • Chapter 3: False Cut Techniques, Part 1
  • Chapter 4: Card Controls
  • Chapter 5: Force Techniques, Part 1
  • Chapter 6: Transfer Cuts
  • Chapter 7: Riffle Shuffle Techniques
  • Chapter 8: The Glide
  • Chapter 9: The Double Lift, Part 1
  • Chapter 10: The Key Card
  • Chapter 11: Hindu Shuffle Technique
  • Chapter 12: Flourishes, Part 1
  • Chapter 13: Spread Cull Techniques
  • Chapter 14: Useful Auxiliary Sleights
  • Chapter 15: Force Techniques, Part 2
  • Chapter 16: The Top Change

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