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Cards of the Covenant
by Mystic Alexandre

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Cards of the Covenant by Mystic Alexandre

This is an exercise in pure performance and psychological effectiveness. Easy to do and it works. Not to mention the fact that by performing it you will become a better overall performer in all the other effects you choose to perform. A great effect for beginning mentalists who want to get good fast, bold, awesome.

A deck of cards is brought out, removed from its case and the performer demonstrates what the spectator is to do in a moment by spreading the deck face-down on the table and randomly removing a card. The deck is then quickly shuffled. The 52 card deck is again spread face down on the table. The performer walks away asking the spectator to slide one card out and not look at it just yet. Once the card is removed, the performer asks the spectator to please square the deck and place it back in the box.

Now you can reveal in a bunch of interesting ways:

  • A laminated card is placed next to the spectator's choice. When this card is turned over it contains the picture of 52 cards on it. One is crossed out: the spectator's freely selected card.
  • You stare into the spectator's eyes, you tell her that you are creating a connection, once this occurs you will ask her to look at her card as you look away and immediately send that thought to you as she looks into your eyes. You name the card.
  • While still turned away and the deck safely tucked away by the spectator, you write on a pad of paper the spectator's card.
  • The wizard is truly psychic. You call a psychic friend on the phone and ask the spectator to ask your friend, any way they choose, what card they selected in this very fair procedure, and your psychic friend reveals the correct answer.
  • You ask your spectator to click on your cell phone, and there is a picture of you holding the selected card before the event took place.
  • An envelope has been present the entire time, you open it to reveal a letter from an old witch explaining the significance of the card you happened to have selected.
And many more fantabulous ideas! Get creative!

It is so simple, but yet psychologically effective, that it has gotten by some smart Magicians and Mentalists!

You will need to build a special deck for this that you may or may not already have at home as this is not done with an ordinary pack of cards, but believe me, it's strong! And it's guaranteed to improve your performances if you apply the psychological details and perform it often.

1st edition 2009, 4 pages
word count: 1671 which is equivalent to 6 standard pages of text